Wentworth Season 7 Episode 3 Atonement: New Screw, New Inmate and Whole Lotta Trouble


Kaz Proctor is Slotter and flashes back on the time she helped Ally through her drug issues. She has requested to see Jackson but he refuses to see her. Once he does visit her in Slotter he tells her their partnership is over.

A new inmate has entered Wentworth named Narelle Stang. Narelle knows that Rita Connors is a cop, but Connors tries to tell her she’s not. Connors informs her that she killed an inmate and is looking at 15 years if she’s lucky, but the Narelle doesn’t believe her. And to keep her secret, Narelle blackmails Connors into getting gear (drugs) for her.

Through conversations with her, the women learn that Narelle’s brother, who is mentally disabled was beaten up by The Red Right Hand for something he didn’t do. Ally, who was part of the group, hears this and warns Kaz.

Wentworth has a new screw named Sean Brody from Warford (I think that’s what Jackson said. The Australian accent makes it hard to understand what they are saying sometimes). When Stewart sees Brody it’s apparent those two have history, but Brody keeps a straight face when they are introduced.

When Stewart and Brody are left alone, they have a short conversation, but nothing is revealed about how they know each other.

Smiles is sweet on Sean Brody, but I have a feeling Brody is bad news to both Smiles and definitely to Stewart.


Bennett feels that Kaz should see Dr. Miller due to her past and current behavior of violence against the women in Wentworth. Reluctant to see him Kaz gives in. Dr. Miller is trying to understand why Kaz has this need to protect Ally. Hoping it might help Kaz with her deep-seated issues, Miller has Ally join one of the sessions which doesn’t go well for either Ally, who no longer wants to see Kaz and Kaz, who just wants to protect Ally from Winters.

Liz Birdsworth’s bucket list has a new entry and that’s a conjugal visit. Boomer asks Ally if she can get someone in for Liz but Ally only knows women. Being told Liz doesn’t want a woman, Ally says she may know a guy.

Kaz gets out of Slotter, much to Bennett’s chagrin. Bennett feels that Kaz is a danger to the women. To come to terms about her behavior, Kaz has been doing the 12-step program where she confesses her sins to those she’s hurt, physically, mentally, and/or emotionally. As I’ve mentioned in past posts about Winters does nothing good without a hidden agenda, I feel the same way about Kaz. Part of her may want to atone for her actions, but there’s that other side of her. And she may feel her intentions are for the greater good, but malice isn’t far behind.


Narelle has already asked Connors to get her gear in exchange for keeping her secret, but we also learn that Costa and Narelle have a history with each other. A little bit is revealed about those two which I feel is going to come to a head towards the end of the season. And I feel this clash is going to involve key players, which may set up a great cliffhanger for Season 8. But I digress; sort of.

On her atonement trip with bags fully packed (figuratively, not literally,), Kaz confesses to Narelle of her involvement in Narelle’s brother’s beating. With this information, Narelle has a new mission for Connors which is to kill Kaz.

At the end of the episode, Kaz witnesses something with Winters, she’s definitely going to be able to use against her and another person.


Connors doesn’t have any beef with Kaz, but she does with Winters. Therefore, her killing Kaz just to keep her secret of being a former cop, I don’t see Connors doing. I’m not sure if Connors will be able to turn the tables on Narelle or she’ll just confess she’s a former cop, but I don’t see Connors confessing. So how will Connors get out of this one?

Now that Kaz has confessed to Narelle who she is, this should make for a good showdown. My only issue with Narelle is she doesn’t look threatening. Not even a little bit. I have a feeling Narelle’s bark might be more dangerous than her bite, but time will tell.

Bennett is still acting more like a Govana than a desk person and Jackson has gotten himself in quite a fix, but he doesn’t know it yet.

Birdsworth is on medication prescribed by Dr. Miller that’s causing her legs to cramp and to wet her bed at night. I feel this medication is going to have a dire effect on Birdsworth. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I think Miller is not a good guy.

Episode 3 was pretty good. It was more dialogue than action, but I’m OK with that. I like things to build up, even it might be a slow walk up a steep hill because once we get to the top, the view is going to be magnificent.

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  1. I always enjoy your recaps Nikki! Btw, idk about you but, I miss Frankie or maybe it’s the actress I miss!

    • Hi Gwen,

      Thank you for reading and being a loyal follower here and in the Wentworth groups.

      For me, it’s the character I kinda miss. I’ve seen DeSilva in another show and she does nothing for me. The only actress from Wentworth I feel is just a great actress is Danielle Cormack. I’ve seen her in other programs/movies and she becomes that character that you forget she was Bea Smith. Whereas there are actors/actresses you see in something else but you always see them as a certain character. For instance, I always see Frankie with DeSilva. I see Ferguson with Rabe. But with Cormack, I see the character she’s playing.

      On the same note, I’m glad they’ve brought in characters and reimaged characters from Prisoner Cell Block H. There’s so much you can write for a particular character, in my opinion.

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