Wentworth Season 7: Episode 2 Payback: Old Man Crow, Makeshift Bombs, and Liz Learns the Tango


The morning after the murder of Ray, Connors is sitting out on the yard by herself when a crow lands on a nearby table. She’s really taking in the crow and gets lost in thought when Ruby tells her it’s breakfast time.

You can read more about the meaning of crows, spiritual and otherwise, here. Personally, I’ve always liked Crows and Ravens, but I digress.

Bennett tells the staff she’s stepping back as Govana and Jackson will be stepping in. Jackson presents his agenda while being active Govana as Bennett keeps interceding. In other words, she can’t let go of being Govana and just let Jackson do his thing. Jackson said he’ll interviewing people for the Deputy Govana role. Smiles throws her hat in the ring and ends up getting the job.


In the chow hall, Liz, Boomer, Kaz and an extra are sitting at a table while Liz and Boomer are working on Liz’s bucket list. One thing on there is the tango. Liz said she’s always wanted to learn. As Boomer is being her goofy self, Jake tells Kaz the Govana wants to see her.

In Jackson’s office, Jackson tells Kaz he wants to work with her again regarding all the drugs coming into the prison. After Kaz leaves the office she catches Kosta threatening a prisoner. Kaz pulls Kosta aside, in Kaz fashion, of course, and asks if she’s bringing ice in to which Kosta replies no. She adds that meth makes for bad clients. If Kosta is lying to Kaz, Kaz says she’ll make Kosta fly like she made Sonya fly.

If you remember from last season, Kaz pushed Sonya off the roof when Sonya was trying to kill Liz.


Crows can be bad luck or good luck. They can also be messengers to the person they visit, as with Connors on the yard, to help that person see the light, in a sense.

While looking at pictures of her and Ray, Connors sees the crow in her room. She remembers when Winters told Connors she was sorry for her loss. There’s something about that statement and the person saying it that doesn’t set right with Connors. Connors closes her eyes for a second to reflect and when she opens them the crow is gone.

Ruby asks Connors about training her to which Connors tells Ruby it was Winters who had Ray killed. Ruby doesn’t think it was Winters because she no longer has power. Connors believes the crow is Ray being stuck in limbo and that he’s not going to rest until she gets payback for him.

Winters is meeting with her lawyer about getting her 15-year sentence either reduced or removed. Her lawyer says there’s a law in legislation that could get her sentence reduced but it will take no less than her 15-year sentence.


Bennett is in her new office which Dr. Greg Miller (I swear there’s something dodgy about this guy) comes in. Bennett hands him the list of prospective clients for his recidivism program and Boomer is on the list.

While in a session with Miller, Boomer begins eye guzzling Miller.

In the library, Smiles tells Connors she was able to see the footage of Ray getting shot. She says one of the guys had on a biker jacket and it was rival gang The Butchers that killed Ray.


Out on the yard, Connors accuses Winters of getting Ray killed but Winter adamantly denies it. She says it’s Connors who got Ray killed by her actions. Connors begins choking Winters and is pulled off by a couple of screws.

In Jackson’s office, Jackson tries to console Connors. Because Connors killed an inmate (Zara), and almost killed another one (Winters) he needs to decide whether to put her in isolation for good or send her back to her cell. While being escorted by Smiles, Smiles tells Connors that Jackson knows a thing or two about grief. They stop for a moment so Smiles can tell another screw something, leaving Connors by herself by a window. While looking out  Connors sees a crow hit the window hard and drop. Because they are not on the ground floor, she’s not able to see if the crow is alive or not. However, this has startled Connors. We later learn that Jackson didn’t put Connors in isolation. (insert Australian accent) Good on ya, Mr. Jackson.


Out on the yard, we see the crow is in fact, dead. Liz, Kaz, and Ruby are sitting at a table when Liz makes a comment that that’s the second dead crow she’s seen this week. Kaz asks Ruby if Connors thinks Winters had something to do with Ray’s death but Ruby isn’t sure. When Kaz looks towards the dead crow it’s not there anymore, but she sees Kosta and her crew walking back inside and Kaz knows Kosta has the dead crow.

The crow was packing ice to which Kaz catches Kosta in her room retrieving from the ‘dead’ crow.  Here Kaz learns that Kosta sold the ice to Winters that she used to try to kill Kaz.


In Connor’s unit, Kaz tells her it was Winters who tried to kill Kaz. Kaz wants to team up with Connors to take Winters out, and it’s not to dinner and a movie either (insert laugh track). Connors isn’t interested and tells Kaz the club is taking care of avenging Ray’s death.

Connors learns from one of Ray’s biker friends that The Butchers didn’t kill Ray. The trigger man was Lucas. The biker guy adds he feels it payback for Connors killing Zara who was an associate of Lucas. Connors tells Kaz she wants to team up. To take Winters, Connors suggests using The Conqueror’s special; a bomb.

Having witnesses Kaz and Connors stealing cleaning supplies, Ally informs Ruby that Connors is up to something. Searching her cell, Ruby finds the makeshift bomb Connors made and is caught by Connors.


Connors has second thoughts about taking out Winters and tells Kaz. She says Ray is dead and killing Winters won’t bring him back. Kaz is not happy about this, as you can imagine.

Returning items back to the kitchen, Kaz catches Ally with the drugs Winters asked her to get. Furious at what Ally is becoming again, because of Winters, Kaz goes to Connor’s room and retrieves the makeshift bomb and heads straight to Winter’s room. She lights the bomb, rolls it in Winter’s room, shuts the door and using a door stopper she stole earlier, uses that to block Winters from opening the door. The bomb goes off.

Those are some damn good rooms in Wentworth for only Winters room caught fire from the bomb. Which makes a lot of sense as to avoid a full-fledged fire and causing more injuries and/or fatalities.


Boomer is asked to take a written test by Dr. Miller and Liz learns to tango by way of Jake Stewart and the scene was adorable. As some have mentioned in my Facebook Wentworth Spoiler Groups I run with my Deputy Govana Annie Lopes, it did show a softer side of Jake. I really hope he stays that way.


It was another good episode. Again, I feel Season 9 will be it for Wentworth if it makes it out alive after Season 8. My concern is running out of storylines. Granted, they are doing a great job of bringing in characters from Prisoner Cell Block H and mostly making them the opposite of what they were then, but even PCBH got ridiculous with storylines and characters. Especially when they had Marie Winters escaping Wentworth via her hanging on to a helicopter. Feast your eyes on this.


I feel the momentum will keep going in Season 7. The question if Ferguson is really dead or not has yet to be answered, but we’re only two episodes in.

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