Wentworth Season 6 Episode 2 – The Boxer YouTube Recap/Review

Fight Club, Revenge, Secrets, and Shots Fired

The onset of the show exposes us to the underground Fight Club that was created with the help of Officer Miles, aka Smiles. We can surmise that Juice is the creator of the club based on how she takes bets from everyone. The fights are also being streamed live to the dark web by a few women who have iPhones.

Sonia returned to Wentworth determined to exact revenge on the person who tried to poison her. She thinks it’s Boomer due to Boomer being charged with attempted murder and put in Slotter. However, after a few minutes speaking with Boomer, Sonia confirms her suspicions that it was Liz that tried to kill her.

Connor tells Ally about Mitchell’s medical condition that was the result of a car accident and asks Ally to look after her.

While trying to get information Zoe Taylor, Iman Farah’s psychiatrist, about the murder of Pinici, Franky puts herself in danger of getting caught when Zoe pushes the panic button.

Here is my recap and review of Wentworth Season 6 Episode 2 – The Boxer


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