Wentworth Season 6 Episode 12 – Season Finale


We have reached the end of Season 6 of Wentworth and what a great ride it was. I have to say this was my favorite season outside of seasons 1 – 3. But if I were to pick a favorite season, it would be seasonĀ 2 when Ferguson showed up on the scene. But I digress.

The finale of Season 6 didn’t answer the question if Ferguson is alive or not, but it didn’t answer who the blackmailer was requesting $500k from Vera, aka Govana Bennett in exchange for the silence of “Ferguson” being buried by Jackson. I put Ferguson in parenthesis because we may have seen the body inside the crate it was never made clear if it was Ferguson or not.

Episode 9 of this season was the worst episode for me. They spent too much time on the Ferguson question, only not to answer it, where they could have spent half the episode on Ferguson’s state and the rest on the inmates. How-some-ever, it didn’t destroy seasonĀ 6 for me, at all.

Below is my recap/review of the finale of season 6 with a little of episode 11 thrown in, since I didn’t do the recap last week.

Looking forward to season 7, which the R.O.Y (rumor on the yard) is it’s the end of Wentworth. When absolute confirmation I will definitely pass it along to you. In the meantime, enjoy.



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