Wentworth Season 6 Episode 1 Clean Slate

Season 5, Episode 13

Last season of Wentworth ended with both Franky Doyle and Joan Ferguson escaping from Wentworth in crates. Neither knew the other escaped and neither was in on the escape plan together.

Franky, so far, is on the lam, while Ferguson was buried alive by the screw Will Jackson.


Season 6 Episode 1 titled Clean Slate introduced a new character by the name of Rita Connors. Rita has a connection with another inmate named Ruby Mitchel. Franky visited Brigette and almost got caught, but her visit has now put Bridget in perils, for if the authorities find out Franky was there, they can get Bridget on harboring a fugitive.

The relationship, or lack thereof, between Govana Vera Benette and screw Jake Stewart is about to get more complicated and could jeopardize Vera’s job as Govana and her career in the prison system. Side note: Ferguson was not in this episode but mentioned throughout. I’m sure Ferguson will show up this season.

The following video recaps and reviews the first episode on Season 6. It also has some reveals.

If you were able to see the first episode what are your thoughts? How do you see things playing out? Let me know in the comment section either here or on my YouTube Channel

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  1. thank you for your update. Love, love, love the show. Need to wait for release in US. Loved your commentary. So nice of you to publish.

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