Wentworth S7 E1: Blood Wedding


In the opening of Season 7 Episode 1 of Wentworth, Rita Connors is released from Slotter after spending almost three months there. She is talking to her lawyer who informs her that her record as an undercover officer has been erased. The only sign of Connors being a police officer is from over a decade ago. The lawyer says she can get Connors’s sentence reduced to manslaughter for killing Zara if she pleads self-defense, but will receive a 15-year sentence.

Marie Winters was given 15 years as well. While on the van back to the prison, Winters meets a new inmate whose name we learn later on is Kylie We also learn of her crime later in the episode. Winter tells her if she needs anything to let her know. Upon her return to Wentworth, she is speaking to a very pregnant Vera Bennett. Winters tells Bennett she’s going to be on her best behavior and leaves. Not believing her, Bennett asks Will Jackson to keep an eye on Winters.

Kaz meets up with Connors who tells her that Winters got 15 years. Connors tells Kaz she’s f’ed as well.

On her way to her cell, Ruby catches up to Connors and tells her she should get herself out of Wentworth because of Winters, but Connors isn’t having any of that and says she can handle herself. Connors then tells Ruby that her stint as an undercover officer was erased. In her cell, Ruby hands Connors a stack of letters that came for her from her former boyfriend, Ray.


Liz Birdsworth is continuing to write things down due to her dementia. Boomer, thinking she’ll always around to help, feels that Liz doesn’t need to write things down. Kaz comes in asking Boomer to be the extra muscle for her due to Winter’s sentence and Kaz feeling that Winters will come after her. Later on, we see Winters and Jackson talking to which Winters calls off their relationship.

Connors has a visit from her boyfriend, Ray. During their visit, Connors tells Ray they are through for real. Leaving the visiting room, Connors and Winters pass each other in the hall with Winters giving Connors hard looks. Winters calls Lucas and says she needs to see him as soon as possible. In the same area, Boomer is helping Birdsworth with a map so Liz can get around on her own if need be. As Boomer is helping Liz, officer Smiles (Miles) tells Boomer the Govana wants to see her.

Bennett tells Boomer she has a parole hearing in two months. Not wanting to risk her early parole, Boomer tells Kaz she can’t be her extra muscle anymore. While they are talking Winters brings Liz back to her unit and Kaz is none too happy about it. Kaz lashes out on Boomer for leaving Liz alone.


Out on the yard, a game of basketball is happening when Bennett and Jackson walk out talking about the former commissioner’s, Jennings, hearing. Kosta gets a little rough tossing the basketball that he goes near Bennett who almost falls, but Jackson catches her. Jake calls off the game, but not before calling Bennett by her first name and telling Kosta she almost hurt Vera. Just then a plane flies overhead with a banner reading MARRY ME RITA.

Inside the Govana’s office, Bennett gets on Jake for calling out her name on the yard. She said it’s bad enough the staff knows who the father is but she doesn’t want the prisoners knowing.

A new psychiatrist has joined the staff, Dr. Greg Miller. There is something dodgy about this guy. Later in the show, Miller asks Bennett to put a list of prisoners that would be good for the recidivism (the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend.) program. With Boomer up for parole in two months, I think she will be on the list.

Side note: In Prisoner Cell Block H, there was a medical doctor named Greg Miller. He was an upstanding person who did the best he could for the women. What I’ve noticed about Wentworth is when they bring in a blast from the past, as they did with Rita Connors, they make the character opposite of their original selves. I think they are going to make Dr. Miller a bad person for he was a good, as mentioned, an upstanding person in PCBH.

Winters wants a commitment from Ally that she will stand by her and always be with her. Ally agrees, like the fruit loop dingus busta-a-fooligan, she is.


The next day, Winters calls Lucas again and leaves another voicemail saying she needs to see him right away. Finally, Winters and Lucas have a visit in which Lucas says that he and Winters are finished. Lucas says he was loyal to Zara and now that’s she’s dead and Winters is not getting out he’s done trying to find out who killed Winter’s son Denny. Winters is pissed about all of this but Ally tells Winters not to waste her time on him, and to let go on getting revenge on Kaz and Connors. Ally doesn’t want their lives (Winters and Ally’s) harder than it needs to be. Winters agrees, but we all know Winters is always plotting.

Jake tells Jackson he needs to keep his distance from Winters because it’s starting to look suspect, but not before Jake asks Jackson if he’s screwing Winters, to which Jackson adamantly says he’s not.

Connors is visiting Ray again and tells him the truth about her identity of being an undercover cop and how she befriended him to infiltrate his club. Hurt and mad, Ray leaves the visiting room. Later that night Ruby visits Connors in her cell to console her.

Jackson tells Bennett he wants to resign. She thinks it has to do with Jennings’s hearing but Jackson says he wants to leave everything in the past and to leave in two weeks. Bennett is shocked and sad.


Kaz catches Kylie in the shower room retrieving drugs. Kaz explains to Kylie that she has a no tolerance policy for drugs and Kylie can either flush the drugs or get the steam press. Kylies pops open the balloon but before she can swallow the drugs, Kaz takes it from her hand and washes it down the sink. After Kaz and her crew leave, we see that Winters was in one of the shower stalls and witnessed the whole thing. Afterward, Winters goes to Kosta asking for a lot of ice, aka crystal meth. Kaz then takes the bag of ice to Kylie. In exchange, Winters tells her she wants Kaz Proctor, which Kylie agrees to because she dislikes Kaz too.

Hyped up on ice, Kylies goes after Kaz in her unit but is semi-rescued by Officer Smiles and another screw. While running out of the unit, Kylies runs into Bennett and takes her hostage. Out on the yard with the shiv still on Bennett’s stomach, Dr. Miller intervenes. It’s here we learn that Kylie is in for killing her baby. During the whole ordeal, all Kylie kept saying is she wants her baby back. Dr. Miller is able to get Kylie to release Bennett.

After the incident, Bennett is going to step down as Govana for a few months and wants Jackson to step in as acting Govana. Jackson, desperate to get out of Wentworth fights Bennett on her request until she has to beg him to step in. She wants to leave the women in good hands and Jackson is that person.


Ray and Connors have another visit in which he says he still wants to marry her because he knows her feelings for him were real despite her being an undercover cop in his biker club. Connors then explains that she was erased as being a cop and now’s she’s serving 15 years. Ray wants to find out who did this to Connors and have a ‘talk’ with them but Connors tells him no because both she and he would suffer repercussions. Inadvertently, Connors accepts Ray’s marriage proposal when she said, “I’d marry you if you weren’t so dumb” in a joking manner.

I’m not sure how Ray saw that as Connors accepting his proposal, but people will hear or see what they want. Connors asks Bennett if she can perform the ceremony since she’s a Govana. Later on, Bennett tells Connors she can have the wedding but someone else will be officiating.

Connors’s wedding day is here with Ruby by her side. Ray rides up on his bike but before he can get inside the gates he’s shot twice by a 12 gauge shotgun. Connors is made aware as she is standing at the altar waiting for Ray to arrive.


Episode 1 of Season 7 started out great, as did E1 of S6. I hope they solve the mystery of Ferguson’s death. If she’s dead or not, in a few scenes and then drop the subject. The whole Ferguson deal was overplayed, in my opinion, in Season 6. It could have been done in a few episodes, one of those being the end when the DNA tests came back. Then open S7 with the results of the test.

I’m really hopeful that Season 7 will be another great season as 6 was. They’ve done a great job of building up storylines and bringing in the new character Kylie, who killed her baby. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do with this issue. And with Bennett being pregnant, I have a feeling Kylie is going to try to steal the baby. I thought 7 might be the end of Wentworth, but I understand they filmed, or are filming, Season 8 and 9 back to back. With this knowledge, I think Season 9 might be the end of Wentworth.

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  1. A great review Nikki! I can not wait to watch the show in August-September.

    I think you are right about characters from PCBH being written with opposite personalities In Wentworth. Besides, with Ferguson being possibly dead, until it’s proven one way or the other, the show needs a villain! I think they are doing Liz’s dementia storyline justice. It’s so sad to watch though!

    Thank you for doing the reviews! I enjoy reading them!

    • Hi Gwen,

      You’re very welcome on the recaps/reviews. I enjoy doing them because it allows me to pay closer attention to what’s going on that I would if I just watched the show for enjoyment purposes.

      I was reading in comments in the Wentworth Spoiler group that some think Dr. Miller is going to continue being a good guy. I personally disagree. He looks dodgy as it is and it’s only the beginning of the season.

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