Dismissed (2017)


Lucas Ward, a transfer student from Fresno, California, excels at everything he does. His favorite subject in school is English and when he analyzes a story, he takes it to the extreme by writing a dissertation instead of a few page essay.

Mr. Butler is Lucas’s new English teacher and he shares the same love of literature as Lucas. Lucas’s first day in class provides Mr. Butler with the type of student he wants, someone who is engaging and understands the reading. They both feel they have found a kindred spirit in each other, more so Mr. Butler does in Lucas. But when Mr. Butler gives Lucas a B+ on an assignment and refuses to give him an A, as Lucas thinks he deserves, kindred spirits are broken and animosity takes its place.


Lucas begins causing havoc in Mr. Butler’s life starting with his application to be a professor at a college. Lucas is able to get a hold of the essay Mr. Butler wrote and replace it with one that makes Mr. Butler seem like he’s better than the students he will teach and better than anyone around him. However, Mr. Butler doesn’t know this until he meets with the head of the department who informs him of his essay and that he will no longer be considered for the role of professor.

At home, Mr. Butler reads over the essay and begins to notice familiar words that he wouldn’t use but Lucas would, one of which is opulent. He finds more unusual words and compares, not only the sentence structure but the words to one of Lucas essays and realizes Lucas is the one who rewrote Mr. Butler’s essay and submitted to the college.

Mr. Butler confronts Lucas who denies everything. This is just the beginning of Lucas’s revenge on Mr. Butler. Lucas’s act of revenge keeps escalating until tragedy strikes.

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The pace of the movie was perfect and you could definitely tell it is an independent film just based on the sound quality and lack of music throughout the film. This is what I love about indie films, the sound and lack of music, in addition to the low-quality film used to make the movie. Everything seems real and I find acting in indie films to be better than those of A-list actors.

Dylan Sprouse as Lucas Ward

Dylan Sprouse (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) as Lucas Ward provided the right kind of calm demeanor to the character to freak you out a bit.

My only issue with the movie was the ending. I felt there could have been more and should have been more. Because I don’t want to give the ending away, I won’t say any more about it.

I give the movie 5 out of 5 stars and will definitely give it another go soon.


Dismissed is currently streaming on Netflix and stars Dylan Sprouse as Lucas Ward and Kent Osbourne as Mr. Butler.
Director: Benjamin Arfmann. Writer: Brian McAuley

You may also purchase the movie by clicking on the link Dismissed

A Daughter’s Revenge – LMN Movie Review


Elle’s (Jessica SiposDark Matter TV series) father had an affair on her mother and it broke her mother’s heart. It’s not long before Elle’s mother, Michelle (Claire RankinMolly’s Game), remarries. The trauma of her husband stepping out on her, Elle’s mother suspects her current husband, David (Linden Ashby – Teen Wolf TV series, Army Wives TV series), is doing the same. When she calls him at his hotel room and hears the distraction in his voice, she assumes he’s stepping out on her, as well. She tells her daughter that David is having an affair. Michelle, feeling doubly heartbroken by this ‘revelation’, which isn’t true, takes her own life. Elle soon finds her mother dead.

Believing her stepfather, David, is the cause of her mother’s suicide,  she seeks revenge on him. But to get the revenge she brings in an old high school friend. Enter Anna (Sierra Wooldridge12 Monkeys TV series, Anon).


Anna drives while intoxicated and is involved in an accident. To avoid a long prison sentence Anna takes a plea deal which will get her a six-month sentence, with three months off for good behavior. Elle receives a letter from Elle sending her condolences on her mother’s passing. Elle sees an opportunity in Anna, to get revenge on her stepfather, David. But Anna is unaware she’s part of a plan and not the kind heart of Elle.

Elle visits Anna in prison and offers her a place to stay, rent-free and a job at her stepdad’s business. However, because Anna has been in prison, Elle asks her to come up with another name to use. Anna picks her middle name, Georgia. Now Anna is known at the office as Georgia.


Elle, Anna, and David are in New York on business and at a party. Elle says she’s going to stay behind and asks David to give Anna a ride home, to which he agrees. On their way out the door, a photographer takes a picture of Anna and David. Step 1 in Elle’s plan for revenge.


Cammy, an assistant in the office, asks Elle for some paperwork. Elle says she left it in the car and asks Cammy to get them, which Cammy does. While in Elle’s car she finds the visitors badge from the prison Anna was an inmate of. Cammy takes the badge, does some research and up pops Anna’ mug shot.


There are more incidents that happen, as planned and not planned, but it’s all in the scheme of things and Elle’s plan for revenge.

And through all of this, Elle is talking to her dead mother.


There was a statement made in the movie to the effect that Elle and her mother’s relationship was strange. That their relationship was beyond mother daughter. It’s made clear throughout the movie and definitely, in the end, they had a co-dependency on each other. But it’s also made clear that Elle had a mental issue. The ending, in my opinion, could start a conversation in character study and the dependency people have on one another. I know I’m probably getting too deep for a Lifetime movie, but this one was pretty deep. Despite what was happening on the surface, the deep underlying story was there.

I’m chalking this one up to one of my favorites. It got a little choppy towards the end, as in things started happening too fast and seemed out of whack, but overall, it played out well.

A DAUGHTER’S REVENGE is currently streaming on Lifetime Movie Network.