Prescription for Danger aka Second Opinion [LMN Movie Review]


In Prescription for Danger original title Second Opinion (2018), Ivy (Joanne Kelly – Zoo, The Dissappearance), a successful entrepreneur, has been suffering from migraines for about a year. On the day of her presentation in hopes of getting new clients, she faints. This incident leads her to see Dr. Mark Ryan (Shaun Benson – Gangland Undercover, Channel Zero), on the request of her regular doctor.

Mark suggests she has an MRI, which she declines. He then suggests a CAT Scan and she agrees. The test results come back and Mark tells Ivy she has a brain tumor and it’s terminal. Ivy is advised to get a second opinion, which she does and the second doctor agrees with Dr. Mark Ryan’s findings.


Mark begins giving Ivy sample pills to try and another medication that will help with her migraines he says will get more frequent as time goes on. Without questioning the medications, or Mark, Ivy takes the pills. Then Mark tells her about this medication that can help reduce the tumor, if not take it away, but it’s not on the market, and for her to get the medication, they need to meet outside his office hours. In addition, the medication is going to cost $12,000 for a 30 day supply. She agrees, yet again, without questioning him or the medication.

It isn’t long before Mark is at Ivy’s house telling her the tumor is gone. She can’t believe it and neither can I. I can’t believe a woman who has built a successful business and seems very intelligent fell for this fool’s game. After he tells her the news she kisses him and they end up in bed together. Congratulations Ivy, you played right into Mark’s hands. He’s a predator and misdiagnosing women and then telling them they are cured as his M.O. Mark is currently being sued for malpractice and sexual harassment by a few female patients, but Ivy has no idea.

Dinner and A Revelation

On one particular night, Mark and Ivy are out to dinner.  A lady named Claire storms their table yelling at Mark that he won’t get away with it. She then tells Ivy she should stay away from him. Mark gathers up Ivy and they leave as the woman is still yelling at Mark. Outside the restaurant, Ivy asks Mark about the woman. He says she’s a former patient that became obsessed with him after he started making progress with her to get her better. He reveals to her that Claire has a filed a complaint with the AMA against Mark. Well, guess who shows up dead? Claire!

Soon Mark is visited by Detective Fowler. After the detective leaves, Mark goes to see Ivy to ask her to be his alibi for the previous night. This puts Ivy in a bind because if they start looking into Mark more closely, they’ll find out about the drugs he’s been giving Ivy, which is illegal, and this could jeopardize her continued recovery. Oh what an evil web we weave when we practice the art to deceive.

Despite Claire being dead, the case against Mark is still ongoing due to other women having claims against him, as well. And one of the witnesses against him is his receptionist, Kelly. To get her to not testify against him, he brings her food with nuts, knowing she’s allergic to nuts. While in anaphylactic shock, she’s unable to find her EpiPen. Mark gets his briefcase that has the EpiPen and she’s able to give her self a shot. He then tells her he’s giving her a raise. And we know the reason he’s doing this.


It’s not long before Mark true nature is revealed. Things begin to get worse for Ivy but not before she tells Skyler (Genelle Williams – Orphan, Dark Matter TV series) about the brain tumor. Being concerned for her friend, Skyler has a background check done on Mark and learns a number of things about him, which she confronts him with. After the visit to his office, Skyler convinces Ivy to get a third opinion about her condition from someone not known to Mark and Ivy agrees. It’s not until an incident involving Skyler that Ivy finally opens her eyes to Mark and takes matters into her own hand. And the very ending was absolutely perfect.


I enjoyed the movie. It was slow but it had enough interesting things going on to keep you watching. My biggest issue is how dumb Ivy is. There were so many red flags with Mark and she picked up on none of them. One of those red flags is Mark giving her medication that’s not regulated. For all she knows, she could be taking anything and have no recourses for a lawsuit since everything was done outside of his office time and she knew she was taking non-regulated drugs.

Despite the character flaw in Ivy, but what LMN movie doesn’t have a character flaw, I’m going to add this to my list of favorite Lifetime Movie Network movies, to which the list is growing each week, sometimes, each day. Which reminds me, I need to compile a list of my favorite movies on LMN you should watch.

If you have a favorite LMN movie or movies, let me know in the comment section.