Twin Betrayal – Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

Jessica Klint is a single mother in the middle of a divorce from her lawyer husband. She has a conference she needs to attend for work in Texas over a weekend. While in Texas she sleeps with Harry Gordon, a man she met while standing in line at the front counter of the hotel. I should give a quick back story on their meeting

When Jessica approached the counter to check in, the hotel clerk said she didn’t have a room in her name registered. Jessica asks the lady to look again to which the lady gave the same story. Harry Gordon overhears the conversation and comes to Jessica’s rescue. Through his persuasion, he’s able to get her a room for the weekend. They go out to dinner and end up sleeping together.

The next morning, Harry is dressed but Jessica is still in bed. Harry places his hand on her hips to wake her up. Jessica tells Harry she’s going through a divorce and has a son she’s trying to get custody of and everything that has happened between them needs to stay that way. She asks if he understands. He says it’s her who doesn’t understand. All of a sudden Harry’s Texas accent is gone and we learn that Harry was hired by Lars, that’s Jessica’s soon-to-be ex-husband to sleep with her and tape it. Not only did she sleep with him but she took some pills too. Dumb! Harry then proceeds to tell her if she doesn’t come up with $70k by the end of the week, he will give the video to her husband.

PROBLEM: Jessica doesn’t have $70k and really no way of getting it.




Jessica reaches out to her father but he refuses to help her. It’s at this point we learn she has a twin sister who he has disowned and says he will cut Jessica out as well.

Then we meet the sister.

Alessandra Banks is sitting at a bar when Jessica’s best friend Madeline mistakes her for Jessica. Through this meeting, Alessandra, also known as Ally, asks Madeline to pass on a message that she’s sorry for what happened and to have Jessica give her a call.

Fast forward to Jessica and Ally in Ally’s house. Jessica asks Ally for the money but Ally doesn’t have it and it will take time to get it. However, Ally says she will do Jessica a favor but Jessica will owe her. Jessica agrees. Ally wants Jessica to be sure she’s up for owing Ally before she agrees. Jessica again agrees to Ally’s deal.

Ally is able to take care of Jessica’s issue with Harry and blackmail and now it’s time for Jessica to do Ally a favor.

As to not ruin any part of the movie, I am not going to say what the favor is. But I will say that Jessica does the favor with a hitch. Now it’s time to pay the piper!


As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I have really enjoyed the movies on Lifetime Movie Network and LifetimeTV, though movies are rare in the latter. Since getting a DVR I have recorded the movies and saved a few for re-watching. Basically, creating my own Lifetime Movie Club movie list.

Jen Lilley does an excellent job portraying both Jessica, the good girl, and Alessandra (Ally), the bad girl. I liked the bad twin better. Not only were her looks great when being devious, but her walk, talk added to the persona. Her portrayal of good twin Jessica came off smooth as well. And how she played off herself in scenes when good twin and evil twin were together really showed the diversity Liley has as an actress.

There were plenty of twists and turns in this movie. Even to the final frame of the movie.

Twin Betrayal is currently streaming on Lifetime Movie Network.

Right, bad twin Ally, Left, good twin Jessica. Both played by Jen Liley

Stalked By a Reality Start – Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

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Kendra, a high school student, and her mother, a nurse, spend their Thursday nights watching a bachelor type show. The star of the show is Brad, a very good looking man who is in search of the perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with.

Misha, Kendra’s friend, has tickets and fake ID’s for them to get into the hottest party in town where producers and agents will be attending. And with both Misha and especially Kendra, wanting to be actresses, this is the perfect opportunity for them to meet some of the powers that be. The only problem is, the party is on a Thursday, and Kendra is already in trouble with her mother for sneaking out the house before. In addition, it’s their TV watching night. With Kendra being in trouble with her mother, she will be unable to attend the party.

It’s now Thursday. Kendra and her mother are watching their show when they get into an argument. The argument sends Kenda dashing to her room where she texts Misha to say she wants to go to the party. Misha said she’ll pick Kendra up in 30 minutes.


Misha and Kendra arrive at the party with fake ID’s in hand and hit the bar immediately to order a dirty martini. I’m not sure who thought a dirty martini would scream classy when writing the script, but it screamed desperation. Moving on.

Misha goes to talk to a producer, leaving Kendra at the bar alone, but not for long. Soon Brad, from her favorite reality show, shows up and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. While they are talking Brad’s manager gets him to mingle with some people she feels will help his career. When he leaves, Kendra is feeling guilty about sneaking out the house and wants to go home, but she can’t find Misha. It’s during her search that Brad catches up to her and they begin talking again. It’s not long afterward that Brad offers to take her home. What Brad doesn’t know is that Kendra is really a 17-year-old high school student.


Brad and Kendra go on their first date and his true colors start coming out. Being the cautious person she is, Kendra takes note and keeps it filed in the back of her head. After dinner, Brad takes Kendra backs to his place where he begins to come on strong to her. The more she asks him to stop the more he doesn’t stop. Kendra is finally able to break free and leave but not before she blurts out she’s really 17. Her age doesn’t seem to faze Brad and he comes to her even stronger.  Kendra is finally able to break free and leave and this is the beginning of the stalking by Brad.


I really enjoyed this movie. This was the second good Lifetime Movie Network movie I saw on Saturday. The first being Her Dark Past, which I will do a review on. The acting by both Emily Bader as Kendra and Robert Scott Wilson as Brad were very believable. Asia Jackson as Misha annoyed me a little and as did Zach played by Jordan Doww. With latter two mentioned aside, the movie was well put together. Wilson’s portrayal of someone not playing with a full desk was scary. He had some menacing looks that were believable and definitely didn’t seemed forced. I hope to see more of Doww and Bader in Lifetime Movies.

Here’s something I noticed. As mentioned, Kendra and her mother watched a bachelor type reality show on Thursday nights. On LifetimeTV (akin to Lifetime Movie Network) there’s a show called UnREAL which is a drama about what goes on behind the scenes of these bachelor reality shows. One of the main characters in the show is Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby. What I found odd is Bader (Kendra) looks a lot like Appleby (Rachel from UnREAL).

Left, Emily Bader from Stalked by a Reality Star and on the right is Shiri Appleby from Unreal

Stalked By a Reality Star is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network and worth watching.

I give it four out of the five stars.

Party Mom – Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review


Lifetime Movie Network’s Party Mom, tells the story of Brittany (Elise Luthman), 15, who comes from a modest background and lives in a modest house in Beverly Hills, has a friend, Ashely (Amber Frank), who lives in a big house that has a gate with an intercom whose mom, Jackie (Krista Allen) is always throwing parties for her. Feeling inadequate to her friend’s lifestyle wants to be part of the in-crowd. Being the typical teenager, she feels her mother doesn’t understand what’s it like to have to keep up with the Joneses.

One particular night, Brittany tells her family she’s going to stay in her room, instead, she sneaks out her bedroom window to another of Ashley’s parties, which is really her mother’s party.


While at the party, Brittany meets up with an older boy named Travis who convinces her to leave with him and friends to another party nearby. Brittany asks Ashley to go with her but Ashley can’t because of her own party. Brittany leaves without Ashley.

One of the boys is not fit the drive but convinces his friends his OK. On their way to the party, they stop so the boys can relieve themselves. It’s during this time that Brittany tells Travis she wants to go back to Ashley’s party is not ready for sex. But Travis has other plans. And refuses to take Brittany back to Ashley’s party.

Everyone gets back into the car but the driver, not being coherent enough to drive, crashes into another car.


Brittany’s parents, after learning she’s not in her room, head to Ashley’s house to see if she’s there, but is told by Ashley that Brittany left to go to another party. This is when Brittany’s parents see the type of person Jackie for she’s hammered. They leave Ashley’s house in search of the other party and on their way they encounter the accident, not realizing, at first, Brittany is one of the victims. Gary, Brittany’s father, calls 911 and it’s while she’s on the phone, her mother discovers her on the side of the road, not moving. While this is going on, Ashley’s mom is being arrested for providing alcohol to minors. It’s not clear on who called the cops.

Jackie’s bail hearing is the next day in which she is being charged with providing alcohol to minors as well as manslaughter for three of the four kids in the car Brittany was in died. Brittany survived but she is in bad shape. She’s not paralyzed, but will additional surgery due to her injuries.


At the bail hearing, Brittany’s mom asks the court to deny Jackie her bail, but since Jackie didn’t have a criminal record, she is allowed bail and is now free. However, Jackie is so self-absorbed she isn’t able to see the damage she’s caused others. She only sees what the arrest and possible prison time could do to her.

Jackie has her day in court and the outcome is not what anyone expected. But the outcome will produce more tragedies. But after everything that has happened, Jackie still sees herself as the victim.


I enjoyed the movie, as I do most of Lifetime Movie Network movies and the movies on LifetimeTV.  The movie does a good job showing how people’s actions, child or adult, can lead to unforeseen tragedies. And sometimes those decisions will lead to more tragedies and ruined lives.

Party Mom is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network.

Deadly Delusion aka The Lease: LifetimeTV Movie Review

Deadly Delusion (aka The Lease) sees Julia, who had a good childhood until the murder of her parents, on, what seems, a spiral downfall in her adult life. When her boyfriend gets a well paying executive job at a movie studio, she and he lease a house in upscale Los Angeles. Julia and her boyfriend Shane hopes the movie to a new place will help Julie with her issues, mainly her delusions of someone always after her.

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Julia (Haylie Duff, The Bachelor Next Door, Bad Twin, His Secret Family) has been suffering nightmare, both in sleep and waking hours, of someone after her. When she tries to tell her boyfriend Shane (Mike Faiola, Psycho In-Law, Awkward TV series, Bones TV series) he thinks she has delusions for the person she claims is after her can never be found. Shane has been supporting Julia with her delusions while Julia is seeing a mental doctor named Dr. Leary (played by Teri Polo, The Fosters TV series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).

Shane is able to obtain a nice house in upscale Los Angels through his boss while getting a promotion at work as an executive at a movie studio, as already mentioned. This house is in a new city for Julia, in which Shane hopes will allow her to focus on her job as a fashion photographer while giving her a new place to help with her recovery. Her doctor is just a video conference away, which Shane insists she contacts when she’s feeling a bit off.


The delusions, or illusions, Julia has of someone after her don’t slow down, but rather, seem to be getting worse. She constantly in video conferences with Dr. Leary and calling her husband at work throughout the day. The illusions aren’t just of people after her, but of snakes in her bathroom and noises, she hears in the house.

Shane, being the ever loving boyfriend, tries to assure Julia that there isn’t anything going on. When she tells him someone is in the house, he checks to find no one there. When Julia feels they are being watched, he proves to her that that’s not true either, even when she begins pulling the Network cable from the ceiling claiming it’s a cable to a hidden video camera. The cable, he tells her, is to the TV and he shows her. Everything Julia says or shows Shane, he is able to show or tell her the opposite


As with Mistress Hunter, this movie had a lot going on as far as twists. When Julia does some snooping on her own because she knows she’s not crazy, she discovers a lot of secrets, which only has us, the viewers, wondering what’s going on. But the more Julia learns the more we think we’re going to crazy.

The delusions or illusions (however you want to label them) are real for Julia, but not by way of her mind playing tricks on her. They are man-made illusions but the reason for the mind games is very surprising and makes you wonder about people as if I don’t wonder about them as it is.


I love me some Haylie Duff, the older sister of Hillary Duff. Ever since I saw her in His Secret Family (2015), I have watched all of her psychological movies on LifetimeTV or Lifetime Movie Network. I think she’s a fantastic actress and she doesn’t disappoint in Deadly Delusion aka The Lease. Haylie brings her characters to life to where you feel what they are feeling and want to help. When someone wrongs her in a movie you want to help her get even with that person. This is the type of actress she is.

Haylie made this movie for me. It’s one of the reasons I watched it. But when the twists started coming about and the final twist happened at the end, I put this movie on top of my list of another great movie from Lifetime. I saved this movie on my DVR, as I did with Mistress Hunter, to watch again.

Deadly Delusion aka The Lease is currently playing on LifetimeTV and must see.

Mistress Hunter: A Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

Mistress Hunter tells the story of Jackie, a housewife, who thinks her husband might be stepping out on her. When she hires the Mistress Hunter to get the goods on him, she gets more than she bargained for.

courtesy Lifetime Movie Network


Jackie (Christine ‘Cricket’ Romaloti on The Young and the Restless) has been getting the feeling that something is not right with her husband, Karl (Martin Copping, Zombie Hunter, Hand of God), for he keeps telling her that never has time for lunch. One particular day, Jackie calls Karl’s job (I forget the reason) but learns that he has an appointment during lunch he’s had set for a while. Jackie decides to go to his job and follow him to see where he’s going and follows him to an apartment building in which a woman greets him at her door. This crushes Jackie.


Jackie is at Valerie’s house (played by Laura Plaxco, Superstore, Shameless), where another friend of hers, Melanie is there as well (played by Christy Meyers, Black-ish, Scandal). Jackie begins pouring her heart out to her friends about Karl stepping out on her and she’s not sure how long this has been going on and so forth. Valerie suggests she hires the mistress hunter to get more information on Karl. Jackie is a bit skeptical, mostly because the word ‘hunter’ in mistress hunter sounds a bit harsh. Valerie explains that’s just her handle, but that she’s the best in town. Melanie, on the other hand, is not to keen on the idea. Jackie wants to think about it.


Remember Karl has been telling Jackie that he’s been stuck at the office and not able to take a lunch. Jackie, being suspicious, and even more suspicious since she caught him, calls his office (I forgot the reason why, but it was a ploy) to which she is told he’s out to lunch that he’s had booked for some time. That evening when Karl comes home, she tells him she called the office only to learn he’s at lunch. He states some clients come into town at the last minute and therefore, the lunch was last minute. LIE! After this blatant lie, Jackie decides she wants to hire the mistress hunter and asks Valerie for her contact information.


The mistress hunter Hannah (Lydia Look, Deadpool, Rush Hour, General Hospital) has an office in the warehouse but does not provide a phone number, only an address. Jackie arrives to find Hannah’s office in the back of the warehouse. Then she tells Hannah her story to which Hannah gives her some advice and some disclaimer’s, some of which require Jackie to do some snooping herself. If she going to snoop Jakie feels why hire Hannah. But Hannah gives her more information and tells Jackie she can either hire her or not. After thinking about it Jackie decides to hire Hannah.


Hannah is the type of person who will find you when she needs to and this throws Jackie off a bit for Hannah shows at odd places at odd times dressed as various professions. Jackie starts getting a little spooked about this but is told by Hannah that this is how she does business. During these encounters, Hannah provides Jackie with information she’s seeking but also asks Jackie to acquire certain physical information for Hannah. It’s during of these expeditions (by Hannah) that Jackie learns that her husband has been stepping out on her with a number of women. Not at the same time, mind you. He gets rid of one and has another one waiting in the wings. His current is a lady named Beth, who doesn’t know he’s married and has a child.


The more Hannah has Jackie do the more Jackie starts becoming a different person, and goes for the juggler herself, starting with Beth. And the more she does the more Melanie starts to see a difference in Jackie and is not comfortable with everything going on. It’s at this point that Melanie decides to distance herself from both Valerie and Jackie. Jackie, too, feels she’s gone to drastic measures to get the goods on her husband but feels she’s justified in doing so and continues on, with the support of Valerie.


I really enjoyed this movie. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Lifetime has been coming through with some pretty good movies lately. Some still lack the acting chops, the writing and execution of these movies are really good, and Mistress Hunter does not disappoint at all. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning for I thought this was going to another predictable movie. But once she hired Hannah, the movie picked up and so did the twists.

I loved Hannah. She is sarcastic and brutal at times, but she gets the job done. The way she acts at times, I thought there was something dodgy about her, but she turns out to be on the up and up. She provides her backstory to Jackie and how she got into the mistress hunter business. After hearing her story, you understood her actions better.

It was the friends, Valerie and Melanie, that had me a bit suspicious of their motives for why they did what they did. Why did Valerie suggest the mistress hunter to Jackie and why did Melanie not support Jackie, even when she was going hardcore? When a murder takes place and Jackie is on the top of the suspect list, things get even more interesting.

Mistress Hunter is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network. Check your local listing. I highly recommend this movie.

A Sister’s Nightmare – LMN Movie Review


A Sister’s Nightmare (2013) centers around Cassidy who has spent 15 years in a mental institution. When her regular doctor has a stroke and takes an early retirement, the replacement doctor feels Cassidy is well enough to enter society, after consulting with her regular doctor. With no place to go and other alternative reasons, Cassidy seeks out her sister Jane, a cop, with a live-in boyfriend and a high school daughter who suffers from a nightmare of drowning.


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When Cassidy first shows up at Jane’s house it’s Emily (Jane’s daughter) who greets her, not knowing she Jane’s sister. When Jane introduces Cassidy as her sister, the daughter blurts out, “You told me your sister died.” This was the first instance of this kid being a complete ass. Then comes a series of strange things happening around the house. For instance is a knife ends up missing from the knife block in the kitchen.


The second instance is Jane catching Cassidy in the kitchen getting water to drink, and the third is Cassidy climbing into Emily’s room to wake her from her nightmare. Yes, I said climb. Because of Cassidy being in the house, Jane has put locks on her daughter’s room as well as her (Jane’s) room. Due to Emily’s door being locked, the sister climbed in through the window. Now, if that doesn’t scream weird and troubling, I don’t know what does. Yet, Emily didn’t find anything off about that, but Jane does and soon she’s having bars installed on her daughter’s bedroom window. At this point, I’m not sure whose more off their rocker, Jane or Cassidy.

Through flashback of Jane and Cassidy as kids, we come to understand the volatile relationship these have had for all their lives.

When Cassidy decides to take Emily camping, without the consent of Jane, all the buried secrets and lies come to the surface.


I enjoy anything Natasha Henstridge is in when she’s playing the stalker, the killer or any bad person, and this movie is no exception. I became a fan of hers since Species (1995).

The daughter, Emily, played by Peyton List, was annoying to me. When the bars were on her bedroom window she didn’t notice them until she was sitting on her bed listening or looking at something on her tablet. I’m not sure how she missed them when the window is right next to her bed.

The live-in boyfriend, Phil (played by Matthew Settle) was middle of the road. He neither added anything or took away anything from the movie itself. It was like they just needed Jane to have a boyfriend. I feel if you’re going to have a male in the picture, at least have him contribute something to the movie.

Jane, played by Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl) was enjoyable to watch. Even during her paranoia states when she was adding locks to rooms and bars on windows, she was still enjoyable to watch. She’s one of those people that can hold a movie on her own. This is also how I feel about Henstridge, she can hold a movie on her own.

But the twists and there were a few, happened in the middle of the movie and rest towards the end. I didn’t see any of it coming, which is always the case in a Natasha Henstridge movie. And the final scene of Jane and Cassidy as kids bring everything together.

If you get a chance to see this movie I highly recommend it.

Other Henstridge movies to look out for are Inconsivable (2016) and Cold Spring (2013). If you find Species streaming somewhere it’s worth the time. I haven’t seen Species II and III for sequels can never be done right.

A Tale of Two Coreys – Movie Review


A Tale of Two Coreys premiered on LifetimeTV on 6 January 2018, and I have to say I enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was going to be much, especially with the flops such as Aliah and Whitney.


Courtesy LifetimeTV

The two Coreys were set to play in a movie called The Lost Boys, and either the director or producer that the two Coreys should meet each other. Corey Haim (Justin Ellings) phones Corey Feldman (Elijah Marcano) and that’s how the two met and became friends.

Haim moved to Southern California from Canada with his mother,  father, and sister. Haim seemed to come from a good family, whereas Feldman came from a broken home. Feldman lived with is drug addict mother (played by Ashley Scott, and very good, I might add) while his father was trying to be a musician.  To give you an idea of how good Scott was, I didn’t recognize her straightaway. I had to look her up to ensure who she was. I say this because it gives me a whole new respect for people when they are unrecognized able and the acting is more than what I’m used to. But I digress.

The movie follows Haim and Feldman through their teen years as teen idols while they battled demons such as sexual abuse by directors and producers, drugs and alcohol abuse.  Feldman was the first to get clean. After a few attempts, Haim would finally get clean, but in 2010 he would die at the age of 38.


Image result for corey haim artwork for sale

Corey Haim with one of his paintings

I believe Haim’s death crushed Feldman like nobody’s business. Haim was Feldman’s world and vise-versa. Before his death, Haim was getting back into his painting, which some can be seen at Fine Art America. He also was hoping to get back into acting, but it didn’t happen. Not because of his death, but because no one wanted to book him. The same was said of Feldman with regards to acting.

Image result for mc hammer and corey feldman

MC Hammer

Feldman would go on to be apart of The Surreal Life, where he met his soon-to-be wife. He was married on the show by MC Hammer.  Feldman would also star in his own reality show called The Two Coreys in which he was hoping it help Haim, professionally and personally. But not even that could help him.

Feldman would later divorce his second wife in 2014 after five years of separation. He is currently married to his third wife Courtney Ann Mitchell Core Feldman Courtney Anne

Feldman also has Corey’s Angels. Here’s a clip from Celebrity Wife Swap with him introducing his Angels Corey’s Angels on Celebrity Wife Swap


As I mentioned, I enjoyed. I find the acting by all involved made the movie that much more enjoyable. It was campy or cheesy. It tried to tell what allegedly happened to the two Coreys without making it seem less than what’s being alleged or more than what’s being alleged.

Nothing was really resolved in the movie, but I don’t think that was the point. The point was Feldman and Haim to get their story out, even if it’s by way of Feldman since Haim is now deceased.

Points of the alleged sexual abuse were made as well as the drug and alcohol abuse. The struggles of trying to be an adult actor were also brought to light. Both Corey’s struggled once they reached adulthood and both handled it differently. But in the end they loved each other, and that very evident in the film.

If you get a chance to watch the film, I recommend you do so. I don’t think you will be disappointed, especially for those of us who grew up with the two Coreys.

The Two Corey’s can be seen on LifetimeTV. Check your local listings.

Image result for the two coreys

Justin Ellings as Haim and Eljah Marcardo as Feldman in A Tale of Two Coreys

Image result for the two coreys

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim

Tribute video done by RiosMyAngel.
Song: Gold by Stevie Wonder
This video really shows the friendship these two had. Haim will be forever missed.

Framed By My Fiance [Movie Review]


A man (Daniel played Jason Shane-Scott, Shrieker, Until Death, Caught and Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss) who is on the top of the list to be the next judge is hell bent on keeping his nose clean in order to get the job even if it means setting his fiancé up for a car crash which caused the death of another driver. To add insult to injury, the dead person was someone important and thus the charges will be harsh. Now the fiancé (Jenny played by Katrina Bowden 30 Rock) must prove she wasn’t driving the night of the accident. On top of all that, the dead man’s man wife (Mrs. Langford) has lost their unborn baby.

Now Jenny has lost her job at the hospital due to Mrs. Langford public harassing of her. When Jenny goes to confront her she explains that it was Daniel, not her, that was driving at the time of the accident. After she finally convinces Mrs. Langford she’s telling the truth, Jenny explains that Daniel has a nervous twitch when he’s confronted with something. With this knowledge in hand Mrs. Langford goes to see Daniel and when she asks him about the accident he tells her that Jenny was driving. During this period, Mrs. Langford notices the nervous twitch Daniel has. She now wants to team up with Jenny to take Daniel down. But is revenge really sweet?


I really wanted to enjoy Framed By My Fiancé, and I sort of did. However, I was hoping this was a book that was made into a movie. If there was a book I was going to read it for the movie seemed to lack a lot. The movie seemed to skip a lot of information and possible scenes. I think they should have made this into a two part movie (2 hours each) for it would feel more together. It’s hard to give examples without giving parts of the movie away.


Overall the movie was pretty good. It had a good premise and very good acting by most of the cast. It definitely showed the lengths someone would go to to protect their prospective job and the road to their success. As with any Lifetime Movie there were a few things I questioned happening, but had to remind myself this is a movie, not to mention a Lifetime Movie and they aren’t much on logic, just on plot even if if the plot has holes.

I will always be a fan of Lifetime movies whether I like the movie or not.

I recommend the movie if you get a chance to see it. Framed By My Fiancé premiered last night on Lifetime Movie Network.


Two movies will be premiering next Thursday (Psycho Wedding Crasher – 30 Nov 2017) and Friday (A Wedding To Die For – 1 Dec 2017). You see previews of both can be seen here:

Lifetime Movie Trailers

Unwritten Obsession [Movie Review]

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Skye (Haley WebbTeen Wolfe TV series, Final Destination), a struggling writer needs some extra money so she takes in struggling writer Holly (Chelsea LopezForgotten Pheonix, Blood Heist), who is willing to pay her $2000 to proof read her manuscript. Everything seems good at first, but it’s not long until we learn that both have an agenda for their choices.


Unwritten Obsession (2017) is mostly set in Skye’s house where we watch the interaction between the two women. Straight away we can see that Holly is a bit strange and possibly dangerous. Therefore, we are left to wonder why would Skye risk her life by allowing this woman to stay in her house while she (Holly) works on her manuscript. As mentioned earlier, Skye does need the money, but is she so desperate for it she’s heeding the warning signs, especially when Holly starts crossing the line with Skype by going through her personal things and not respecting Skye’s privacy. Even after Skye asks her to stop going through her personal items, especially those in the attic, Holly can’t resist the urge.

But Skye has secrets of her own and sometimes your own secrets will allow you to ignore the actions of  those you normally wouldn’t forgive. And Sky’s secrets go beyond the laws of sanity but not the laws of desperation for desperation has no laws. Though Skye has secrets, it’s Holly’s secret that’s really the game changer.

This was one of those movies that I absolutely loved and can watch over and over again for there’s always something you missed the first go round. Well, when you know the outcome, you’re able to concentrate on other going ons in the movie.

If you get a chance to see this movie please do. You won’t be disappointed especially the ending. I did not see that coming. This is what makes Lifetime Movies worth watching, just when you think it’s over, it’s not.


Deadly Ex aka Inconceivable [Movie Review]


For a year and a half Valerie and Gary used to date and then things ended. Gary has since married and has two kids, both in high school. Valerie, however, has not moved on and apparently been pining for Gary since their break up.

Gary has a semi successful transportation business (it’s in financial dire straights) and Valerie has a successful purse making business and I do mean successful.

Gary and Valerie meet up again at their high school reunion. I’m going to guess it’s their third or fourth, it depends on how often their school has these reunions. Some schools, such as mine, did it every ten-twenty years. But I digress.

As mentioned, the two meet up again at the reunion and begin talking. Gary is complaining about his wife (big mistake) and Valerie is listening tentatively like there’s going to be a big test on it later. later on during the reunion, Gary gets caught up in the moment and kisses Valerie (another mistake – this clown is full of mistakes). Valerie, on the other hand, took the kiss to mean something more.

Jess is Gary’s wife and a Yoga instructor, who seems to have a successful business of her own. Valerie makes it a point to seek out Jess and semi-befriends her. As with any stalker/obsessed ex-girlfriend, she her motives are not pure. She was, in a sense, checking out the competition, and to her, as we learn later from her own salty lips, she had no competition.


Valerie always claimed she was in town on business whenever she wanted to see Gary. Valerie was in town on business..the business of stalking, and fine job she was doing. This women found out everything about Gary, from where he lived to his business and his kids. The kids part came from a lunch her Gary had that Gary forgot to tell his wife about. I’ll get to that in a bit.


What Gary told Valerie at their reunion about his marriage she hung on to. What Gary told her about his kids, she hung on to and used it to her advantage.

During their lunch, which she initiated, of course, Gary begins talking about his kids. He tells her that his daughter is starring the school play Anthony and Cleopatra as Cleopatra. Oh Gary, why did you tell her this? I can’t remember if he told when the play was or she found for her self (I’m guessing the latter since this woman is very resourceful) but she was completing two things from this lunch: get lipstick on Gary’s collar and decided to send a gift to his daughter on the night of the play.


Towards the end of the lunch, Valerie excuses herself to the ladies room. While there she puts on a fresh coat of lipstick and then returns to the table. As they are getting ready to leave they give each other a hug and that’s when Valerie presses her lips against his collar and neck, thus leaving the infamous lipstick on the collar in hopes he wife finds it. But her plan backfired – almost.

Gary goes back to work in which his business partner comes into his office to tell him something and notices the lipstick and tells Gary who doesn’t know what to do now. When he gets home he pretends he has something in his eye and by passes everyone to get up stairs so he can hide the shirt.

The next morning, Gary retrieves the shirt and puts it in his gym bag. Well, it looked like a gym bag. What Gary doesn’t know is his wife saw him retrieve the shirt though she didn’t say anything. Later on she calls the dry cleaning place they frequent to find out if he’s brought a shirt in for cleaning and they say yes and proceed to tell her the lipstick on the collar won’t be hard to get out.

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Jess (that’s Gary’s wife) calls Gary at work to confront him about the shirt. My question is why didn’t she do this at home? Why interrupt his business/busy day. Perhaps because she knew he would lie about the shirt if confronted at home. By doing it her way, she was able to get the truth. Fine. Why not wait until he gets home to confront him? She’s aware his business is about to go belly up so why interrupt him trying to find a way out for his business? Who knows. Welcome to Lifetime Movies.


Remember when Gary told Valerie about his daughter’s play? Well Valerie sent his daughter a $500 purse as a gift for her role. Of course this started a confrontation between Gary and Jess because its from Gary’s ex and Jess didn’t know they had lunch together (see, Gary had to tell Jess how Valerie knew about his daughter’s play). There’s also a dinner date that didn’t end well either. There’s so much that didn’t end well in this movie, including the ending.


Valerie had sent Gary nude pictures of herself through, what seems a social media site. Gary didn’t delete the pictures and thus his son found them. The son has a big mouth and blurts it out in front of his mother and father. Another argument ensues between Jess and Gary which leads to Gary being thrown out of the house and into a hotel. Well, you guess where things went from here. Or can you?


I’m not going to give any more details of the movie, should you want to watch it. As if I haven’t given enough already. Oy vey!

I enjoyed the movie myself, mostly due to Henstridge’s performance. She’s one of those actresses that keeps you glued to the screen. I remember seeing her in Species, which was a good movie on it’s own, but she added to it. I think the acting by all was really good, save for the daughter when she was yelling towards the end of the movie. I seriously wanted drop kick her like nobody’s business.

The movie was realistic as far as you never know about people you used to date. You might think things ended well until one day at that class reunion. Beware of those class reunions and exes.


Deadly Ex (original name Inconceivable)

Cast: Valerie: Natasha Henstridge (Species, Cold Spring , Gary: Jason Gerhardtand (CSI, Mistresses, General Hospital), Jess: Marguerite Moreau (Queen of the Damned, Runaway Jury, Gray’s Anatomy)

Release Date: 1 October 2016

Production Company: Creative Arts Entertainment Group, Inc.

Writers: Christine Conradt, Chris Lancey

Where to Watch: I usually like to put places to watch the movie but I couldn’t find any. But I’m sure you creative people will find a way.