Stressed to Death: When Saving a Life Gets You Killed

A robbery in 2019

Maggies is an EMT (emergency medical technician) who is still suffering from PSTD after serving in Afghanistan. In 2009 she and her partner are called to attend to victims of a robbery in progress. One is a man who has been shot. The other is a pregnant lady. Inside the Smart Stop, Maggie has to choose which one to save. Mind you the robber is still there. The injured man tells Maggie to take the pregnant lady, which she does, but says she’ll come back for the man.

Once has the pregnant lady situation in an ambulance Maggie goes back for the injured man but before she can get to him he is shot by the robber.

A revenge in 2019

It’s now 2019. Maggies has been off work for 10 years but wants to go back. Her daughter, who was five at the time, is now 15, and her husband is a real estate broker. In the last 10 years he has done good for himself and making bank. And although Maggie would like to go back to work, her husband tells her she didn’t have to since he’s able to support the entire family on his own. He didn’t want her to feel like she has to rush back to work, but Maggie, being a strong willed person, feels it’s time and she misses her job.

On the other side of the fence, figuratively, not literally, the dead man’s wife, Victoria has been plotting revenge on Maggie and her family. Somehow she got a copy of the video showing the robber shooting her husband and has been watching it over the years. Also, she has a plant she feed with her husband’s ashes and named the plant after him.

As you can see, the premiere sounds good and it started out that way as well, but soon it lost it’s touch.


To me, it seemed they went from everything happening in 2009 to revenge in 2019. I feel the writers should have went five years after the incident and shown how both parties are getting along. Maggies not working and her husband working his way up the food chain at work. Also show that Victoria has been working on revenge and the steps she’s taken. Then jump to 2019 showing everything coming together.

This movie reminded me of the Lifetime TV movies back in the day where the premise was good but the execution was terrible, from the acting to the many plot holes. Also, like the Lifetime TV movies back then, you had to watch until to find out what happened or who did it. In the case of Stressed to Death, it was to see how it ends is what keeps you around.


When Maggie’s husband gets shot near his stomach area on his side, she tells him she’s stopped the bleeding but if he moves he’ll bleed out. Maggie leaves to find out where her daughter is. A few minutes later Maggie’s husband shows up at Victoria’s house. He tells Victoria what’s going on. Instead of being concerned about this guy being hurt or someone trying to kill his wife, she’s being nonchalant. She makes not effort to help him in the house. To me, that would cause concern. In my mind, I would wonder why is this person I supposedly trust and the only person I felt I could go to about this is not showing more concern about the situation. Later on, when he wakes up from passing out in one of Victoria’s room, she’s showing even less concern about what’s going on and this fool is not asking why or trying to leave and find help.

And don’t get me started on the bumbling idiots Victoria got to help pull off the revenge killing. These two were as useless as they could be. And for the amount of money Victoria was paying them, she could have gotten two guys who knew what they were doing, instead of a couple of second rate hoodlums who though themselves to be bigger and badder than what they were. When you watch the movie, you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re looking for a movie where a thinking is not involved, then this is it. It’s not one I will watch again, but it’s worth a first go-round. It’s definitely a one and done type movie.

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