Soul Crushing Jobs: Follow Your Calling or The Phone Will Just Stop Ringing


Most of us have aspirations. Some want to be singers (me), and some want to be songwriters (me again). There are those who want to be models, actors, directors, etc., etc.. But we are told we need to have a job with steady income. What if we don’t make it to our set goals? Shouldn’t we have something to fall back on? The latter puts doubt into most our minds. There are those who refused they wouldn’t make it in whatever career they choose. But then there are people, like myself, who made sure to have a backup plan just in case.

My back up plan led me to be content with the job at hand and partially giving up on the dreams. Any job you take that is not in line with what you really want to do will become a soul-crushing job, no matter how much you enjoy the job. I’ve been there plenty of times.

But as Joe Rogan (Fear Factor, UFC Commentator) and Henry Rollins (Blackflag) state, if you live your life as expected by society, you’ll never be happy. Following their video, watch Steve Harvey’s Jump, which also speaks about being happy doing in life what you want to do.


We all have doubts and fears roaming the halls of our heads. Some are able to serve them with eviction notices and carry on, while, people like me, let them reside there, rent-free. Whatever the case may be, and whatever your age is, don’t just settle. I’ve settled for anything that came along because it was income. I stopped pursuing and just started doing. Doing what was required of me at work. Come home, turn on the TV until bed. Wake up, rinse and repeat. Anyone out there doing that, we need to stop.

 If you’re in your 20’s don’t think you have your whole life ahead of you. I thought the same thing. Now I’m looking at my 20’s in the review mirror with no u-turn in sight. If you’re in your 30’s, refer to the previous sentence. If you’re in your 40’s you’re probably just waking up. And if you’re in your 50’s, JUMP!

And don’t forget what Maurice said to Buck in Boogie Nights, “Wear what you dig.”

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