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Since I was in my early teens I studied the Holocaust. My interest came from a news story I saw in which, I’m guessing, was an anniversary and they were showing the ovens at Auschwitz. This back before social media was around. Basically, this was a real news broadcast on a television set that the basic channels. We’re talking the seventies. But I digress.


I’ve read so many books on the Holocuast I consider myself a half expert on the subject and thus, I like to answer questions on the subject based on my knowledge and opinion.


I have always enjoyed Quora by the mere fact the people who answer questions there give their honest truth or opinion based on the question. No one, I have seen thus far, give a ridiculous answer or try to come off witty. People there seem to want to help. I’m one of those people that like to help.


I’m more active on Quora this go around than ever before. I’ve had a few profiles on there in which I canceled, but this  Quora ProfileI have contributed the most with.

This post, I am going to share what I’ve been sharing on Quora. As always, I welcome comments to the questions being asked or to my response to the questions. We all can learn from each other.

What are some parallel or common stories told by holocaust survivors?


As mentioned, I consider myself an half-expert. I would not make the cut should they need an absolute expert on the witness stand, but I feel I could hold my own.

My answers above come from books and articles I’ve read and documentaries I’ve seen. To this day I continue to read books on the subject, research articles on the like and watch documentaries.

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