Wentworth, Gold Fish and Joan Ferguson’s Relfection [Opinion]


There’s a show called Wentworth which is set in a fictitious women’s prison in Wentworth, Australia, currently running on FOXTEL (new season to begin in May). In this drama, there is a character named Joan Ferguson (but you can all her Governor). If the name sounds familiar it’s because there was a series (soap opera) on some thirty years ago called Prisoner: Cell Block H in which there was a screw (guard) of the same name played very well by Maggie Kirkpatrick. Joan Ferguson is synonyms with evil and manipulation and anything else you can think of, yet, she’s a fantastic character, both in Wentworth and Prisoner because the character is more than what we see on the surface, but to keep reminding us of our pain, sorrow, anguish, we choose not to look too deep and just enjoy the antics that is Joan Ferguson.


In Wentworth, Ferguson is played by Pamela Rabe who does an excellent job of becoming evil personified, yet I am fascinated with her (the character, that is) and most don’t know why and for me to explain would be difficult. In a nutshell, I see more than just evil lurking in the eyes of this character. I see hurt and anguish in which there is no outlet. It’s something we all can relate to if we take the time to look past the antics of the character and look at the character. The writers did a great job in taking Ferguson to the next level by reminding us that loss is the most painful thing we can experience, and loss can haunt us for years if we let it.

But Ferguson’s pain goes deeper than just the loss of someone she loved. Her pain and anguish also stem from a year of verbal, and possibly, emotional abuse by her father. Although Ferguson is a fictional character, all characters are created from someone’s truth that soon becomes out the truth. This is why we, at times, grab on to fictional characters. I tend to gravitate towards troubled characters; those that the world would soon turn it’s back on rather than try to understand. Someone else’s truth, sometimes, becomes my truth.


The picture below was captured by me while watching S3:E8 (titled Goldfish). I feel this is an extremely important episode in the whole series and there were a few scenes that played into my thought, this one is one of them. It depicts Ferguson in her office staring at her reflection (I captured the picture when she turned from her reflection). You see her turning from side to side watching her reflection do the same. Then she turns from her reflection to walk away but her reflection remains standing.

It’s also interesting this episode was named Goldfish:

In Buddhism: The golden fish symbolizes the auspiciousness of all living beings in a states of fearlessness, without danger of drowning in the ocean of sufferings, and migrating from place to place freely and spontaneously, just as fish swim freely without free through the water.

I added the poem tonight because this particular picture kept staying with me in my mind and as an artist, I had to write it’s tale through my eyes.

Joan's Reflection for instagram


My reflection stares
though I can’t comprehend
The meaning behind my eyes
and a heart that won’t mend.

A master controller
has invaded my space
Bringing me closer
to my dead-end race.

Memories are lacking
behind my cold gaze
My soul is entangled
in my homegrown maze.

I stand face to back
on this bleeding leading ledge
Always planning my demise
with this dull razor’s edge

I know of no solace
from the destruction, I did comprise
For my reflection can’t comprehend
the soul that has since left my eyes.

(c) 2016 by Nikki Hoskin
All rights reserved.

Wentworth S1-5 is on Netflix. S6 premiers on 6 April 2018 on Showcase (a division of FOXTEL).

All 692 episodes of Prisoner: Cell Block H can be viewed on YouTube. Look for Episode 1 and enjoy.

Framed By My Fiance [Movie Review]


A man (Daniel played Jason Shane-Scott, Shrieker, Until Death, Caught and Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss) who is on the top of the list to be the next judge is hell bent on keeping his nose clean in order to get the job even if it means setting his fiancé up for a car crash which caused the death of another driver. To add insult to injury, the dead person was someone important and thus the charges will be harsh. Now the fiancé (Jenny played by Katrina Bowden 30 Rock) must prove she wasn’t driving the night of the accident. On top of all that, the dead man’s man wife (Mrs. Langford) has lost their unborn baby.

Now Jenny has lost her job at the hospital due to Mrs. Langford public harassing of her. When Jenny goes to confront her she explains that it was Daniel, not her, that was driving at the time of the accident. After she finally convinces Mrs. Langford she’s telling the truth, Jenny explains that Daniel has a nervous twitch when he’s confronted with something. With this knowledge in hand Mrs. Langford goes to see Daniel and when she asks him about the accident he tells her that Jenny was driving. During this period, Mrs. Langford notices the nervous twitch Daniel has. She now wants to team up with Jenny to take Daniel down. But is revenge really sweet?


I really wanted to enjoy Framed By My Fiancé, and I sort of did. However, I was hoping this was a book that was made into a movie. If there was a book I was going to read it for the movie seemed to lack a lot. The movie seemed to skip a lot of information and possible scenes. I think they should have made this into a two part movie (2 hours each) for it would feel more together. It’s hard to give examples without giving parts of the movie away.


Overall the movie was pretty good. It had a good premise and very good acting by most of the cast. It definitely showed the lengths someone would go to to protect their prospective job and the road to their success. As with any Lifetime Movie there were a few things I questioned happening, but had to remind myself this is a movie, not to mention a Lifetime Movie and they aren’t much on logic, just on plot even if if the plot has holes.

I will always be a fan of Lifetime movies whether I like the movie or not.

I recommend the movie if you get a chance to see it. Framed By My Fiancé premiered last night on Lifetime Movie Network.


Two movies will be premiering next Thursday (Psycho Wedding Crasher – 30 Nov 2017) and Friday (A Wedding To Die For – 1 Dec 2017). You see previews of both can be seen here:

Lifetime Movie Trailers

Unwritten Obsession [Movie Review]


Skye (Haley WebbTeen Wolfe TV series, Final Destination), a struggling writer needs some extra money so she takes in struggling writer Holly (Chelsea LopezForgotten Pheonix, Blood Heist), who is willing to pay her $2000 to proof read her manuscript. Everything seems good at first, but it’s not long until we learn that both have an agenda for their choices.


Unwritten Obsession (2017) is mostly set in Skye’s house where we watch the interaction between the two women. Straight away we can see that Holly is a bit strange and possibly dangerous. Therefore, we are left to wonder why would Skye risk her life by allowing this woman to stay in her house while she (Holly) works on her manuscript. As mentioned earlier, Skye does need the money, but is she so desperate for it she’s heeding the warning signs, especially when Holly starts crossing the line with Skype by going through her personal things and not respecting Skye’s privacy. Even after Skye asks her to stop going through her personal items, especially those in the attic, Holly can’t resist the urge.

But Skye has secrets of her own and sometimes your own secrets will allow you to ignore the actions of  those you normally wouldn’t forgive. And Sky’s secrets go beyond the laws of sanity but not the laws of desperation for desperation has no laws. Though Skye has secrets, it’s Holly’s secret that’s really the game changer.

This was one of those movies that I absolutely loved and can watch over and over again for there’s always something you missed the first go round. Well, when you know the outcome, you’re able to concentrate on other going ons in the movie.

If you get a chance to see this movie please do. You won’t be disappointed especially the ending. I did not see that coming. This is what makes Lifetime Movies worth watching, just when you think it’s over, it’s not.


Match Game Nervous Contestant

Image result for match game


I grew up watching Match Game and now I watch reruns on BuzzrTV (channel 169 for me – San Francisco Bay Area Xfinity). This is one game show that doesn’t get old no matter how many times I watch it. The main reason is it’s host Gene Rayburn (pictured left on above picture).

I must say I was little when I watched this show, therefore,I don’t remember a lot of the contestants and some celebrities guests (minus the regulars like Brett Sommers, Charles Nelsen Reilley and Richard Dawson and few others) that were on the show, but I remember the format and some other things related to the show.


Watching re-runs I’ve been introduced to the most nervous game show contestant I’ve ever seen, past and present. Her name is Evie Phineas. You have to watch the entire show below. I must warn you, you will be rolling over Evie. I have a feeling this lady was the nicest person on earth.


Deadly Ex aka Inconceivable [Movie Review]


For a year and a half Valerie and Gary used to date and then things ended. Gary has since married and has two kids, both in high school. Valerie, however, has not moved on and apparently been pining for Gary since their break up.

Gary has a semi successful transportation business (it’s in financial dire straights) and Valerie has a successful purse making business and I do mean successful.

Gary and Valerie meet up again at their high school reunion. I’m going to guess it’s their third or fourth, it depends on how often their school has these reunions. Some schools, such as mine, did it every ten-twenty years. But I digress.

As mentioned, the two meet up again at the reunion and begin talking. Gary is complaining about his wife (big mistake) and Valerie is listening tentatively like there’s going to be a big test on it later. later on during the reunion, Gary gets caught up in the moment and kisses Valerie (another mistake – this clown is full of mistakes). Valerie, on the other hand, took the kiss to mean something more.

Jess is Gary’s wife and a Yoga instructor, who seems to have a successful business of her own. Valerie makes it a point to seek out Jess and semi-befriends her. As with any stalker/obsessed ex-girlfriend, she her motives are not pure. She was, in a sense, checking out the competition, and to her, as we learn later from her own salty lips, she had no competition.


Valerie always claimed she was in town on business whenever she wanted to see Gary. Valerie was in town on business..the business of stalking, and fine job she was doing. This women found out everything about Gary, from where he lived to his business and his kids. The kids part came from a lunch her Gary had that Gary forgot to tell his wife about. I’ll get to that in a bit.


What Gary told Valerie at their reunion about his marriage she hung on to. What Gary told her about his kids, she hung on to and used it to her advantage.

During their lunch, which she initiated, of course, Gary begins talking about his kids. He tells her that his daughter is starring the school play Anthony and Cleopatra as Cleopatra. Oh Gary, why did you tell her this? I can’t remember if he told when the play was or she found for her self (I’m guessing the latter since this woman is very resourceful) but she was completing two things from this lunch: get lipstick on Gary’s collar and decided to send a gift to his daughter on the night of the play.


Towards the end of the lunch, Valerie excuses herself to the ladies room. While there she puts on a fresh coat of lipstick and then returns to the table. As they are getting ready to leave they give each other a hug and that’s when Valerie presses her lips against his collar and neck, thus leaving the infamous lipstick on the collar in hopes he wife finds it. But her plan backfired – almost.

Gary goes back to work in which his business partner comes into his office to tell him something and notices the lipstick and tells Gary who doesn’t know what to do now. When he gets home he pretends he has something in his eye and by passes everyone to get up stairs so he can hide the shirt.

The next morning, Gary retrieves the shirt and puts it in his gym bag. Well, it looked like a gym bag. What Gary doesn’t know is his wife saw him retrieve the shirt though she didn’t say anything. Later on she calls the dry cleaning place they frequent to find out if he’s brought a shirt in for cleaning and they say yes and proceed to tell her the lipstick on the collar won’t be hard to get out.

Image result for busted

Jess (that’s Gary’s wife) calls Gary at work to confront him about the shirt. My question is why didn’t she do this at home? Why interrupt his business/busy day. Perhaps because she knew he would lie about the shirt if confronted at home. By doing it her way, she was able to get the truth. Fine. Why not wait until he gets home to confront him? She’s aware his business is about to go belly up so why interrupt him trying to find a way out for his business? Who knows. Welcome to Lifetime Movies.


Remember when Gary told Valerie about his daughter’s play? Well Valerie sent his daughter a $500 purse as a gift for her role. Of course this started a confrontation between Gary and Jess because its from Gary’s ex and Jess didn’t know they had lunch together (see, Gary had to tell Jess how Valerie knew about his daughter’s play). There’s also a dinner date that didn’t end well either. There’s so much that didn’t end well in this movie, including the ending.


Valerie had sent Gary nude pictures of herself through, what seems a social media site. Gary didn’t delete the pictures and thus his son found them. The son has a big mouth and blurts it out in front of his mother and father. Another argument ensues between Jess and Gary which leads to Gary being thrown out of the house and into a hotel. Well, you guess where things went from here. Or can you?


I’m not going to give any more details of the movie, should you want to watch it. As if I haven’t given enough already. Oy vey!

I enjoyed the movie myself, mostly due to Henstridge’s performance. She’s one of those actresses that keeps you glued to the screen. I remember seeing her in Species, which was a good movie on it’s own, but she added to it. I think the acting by all was really good, save for the daughter when she was yelling towards the end of the movie. I seriously wanted drop kick her like nobody’s business.

The movie was realistic as far as you never know about people you used to date. You might think things ended well until one day at that class reunion. Beware of those class reunions and exes.


Deadly Ex (original name Inconceivable)

Cast: Valerie: Natasha Henstridge (Species, Cold Spring , Gary: Jason Gerhardtand (CSI, Mistresses, General Hospital), Jess: Marguerite Moreau (Queen of the Damned, Runaway Jury, Gray’s Anatomy)

Release Date: 1 October 2016

Production Company: Creative Arts Entertainment Group, Inc.

Writers: Christine Conradt, Chris Lancey

Where to Watch: I usually like to put places to watch the movie but I couldn’t find any. But I’m sure you creative people will find a way.

Charles Ray’s Frontier Justice: The Story of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S Marshal [Book Review]


Bass Reeves knows the land they call Indian Territory in Arkansas as well as the surrounding areas. And because of this, Reeves is given a job as US Marshal by Judge Fagan. Only thing is, Reeves can’t read nor write. Reeves was born into slavery and slaves weren’t allowed to learn to read or write. He was to become a run away slave after roughing up his master up a bit over a card game. Bass hid in Indian Territory among the Indians until he knew things were safe enough for him to carry on his way. He would make a life for himself and his family by cultivating a farm.
Fagan has hired Reeves as a US Marshal (or Marshall) to serve warrants to a few outlaws, but with Reeves not being able to read this might be an issue. At least to Fagan. Reeves explains to Fagan that he has a great memory and if Fagan reads the warrants to Reeves he’ll be able to do his job. Fagan tests Reeves by reading a warrant to him in which Reeves repeats all the details back to Fagan. With this, Fagan is satisfied and sends Reeves on his way to get his men.


Ray does give you a sense that you are there with Reeves and the other characters. I did have an issue with the writing itself, but as to not deter anyone else from reading the book, I won’t say what my issues were. Although, as a reviewer, I do like to give the good and the bad of a book. However, this is my foray in to the old west genre and I will need to read a few more books order to validate or not validate my thoughts on the writing.

I will say, the book had me so intrigued that I looked Bass Reeves to see if he’s was a real person and he was. You can read about Bass Reeves on the Legends of America site.

Pick up a copy of Frontier Justice: The Story of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S Marshal and let me know your thoughts. If you’re not a fan of old west stories, I would still say give this a shot.

Frontier Justice: The Story of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S Marshal 

Author: Charles Ray
Publisher: Uhuru Press
Pages: 253
Release Date: 1 February 2014
Where To Buy: Amazon


Bass Reeves


M. William Phelps Don’t Tell A Soul [Book Review]


Cherry Walker was a kind-hearted 29-year-old who matured mentally slower than the rest of us, but that’s not to say she wasn’t smart. Cherry loved everyone and everyone who met Cherry loved her. Her one joy in life, besides kids and her parents, was getting her done on Saturdays.

Cherry met Kim through an upstairs neighbor who used to watch Kim’s kids. Kim’s youngest son started being cared for by Cherry, which most thought shouldn’t be the case since Cherry is a child herself, mentally. But there was one quirk about Cherry, she loved horror movies and when I say, love, I mean LOVED horror movies. And because she wasn’t mature enough to understand, she would watch these movies with Timmy, Kim’s youngest child she watched.

Cherry would soon be the star witness in Kim’s custody hearing and the one who could expose Kim for the rotten mother and human being she was, but Kim couldn’t let this happen and would do anything to prevent Cherry from testifying. With the help, a male friend, Kim killed Cherry, burned her body and left her on the side of the road.


Kim felt she was entitled to her kids just because they were her kids. But then again, Kim always had this entitlement complex her entire life. Some make chalk it up to her being adopted and this affecting her self-esteem. But after reading this book and the despicable things Kim did to her kids and people around her who disagreed with anything she wanted to do, my bet is on Kim and no one or nothing else. Kim was just born bad and no amount of counseling would cure the evil inside of her.

She lived in complete filth. Had four kids by four different men. She yelled at her kids and physically abused them. She was just downright to mean to her kids and degraded them any chance she got, especially the oldest boy Brian, whom she seemed to take her aggression on since he was a baby.

When Kim’s ex-husband found out Cherry was taken care of Timmy he filed for custody (it was thing along with marks he saw on the kid’s body – not from Cherry but from Kim) and paid with his life. As mentioned, Kim will stop at nothing to keep her kids from being taken away from her. She would also use people for the same purpose.


Kim needed people to be character witnesses for her so she went to her high school reunion to reconnect with a few people she was friends with in high school. After the reunion, she made sure to keep up the charade with one of her friends and in doing so, she was able to get this ‘friend’ to lie on her behalf through letters. Soon the friend was not feeling right about what she was doing, as well as realizing she could face prison time for falsifying information (she wrote what a great mother Kim was and such when the friend had never seen Kim with her kids) and stopped helping Kim. Let’s just say Kim gave the friend a tongue lashing she’ll never forget.


I’m not sure what gets into people who think killing others will make things better for them. I’ve always wondered where does the thought of causing harm and actually causing harm to others stop for us normal folks? And where is that line blurred for people like Kim? How did she think she wouldn’t get caught in the killing of Cherry Walker? Kim was so blinded by the fact that someone was going to tell her No by taking her kids away. Her thought process only focused on stopping the one person who could stop her and who wasn’t afraid of Kim.

Cherry might have had the mind of a child but she had the heart of gold and ensuring the little boy be removed from the toxic environment (both by filth and his mother) was her goal. Cherry also wasn’t afraid of Kim, which I think through Kim off her game and I think this added the need to kill Cherry for Kim.


This is another great book by Phelps. Anne Rule used to be my true crime author, but now it’s Phelps. He has a way of telling stories that keep you on the edge of your seat. His writing style puts you in the middle of everything, so much so you want to warn those to be killed or hurt.

Other books I recommend by M. William Phelps:
Dangerous Grounds: My Friendship With A Serial Killer
and his latest book Targeted: A Deputy, Her Love Affairs, A Brutal Murder (I will be doing a review of this book in about a month).

Author: M. William Phelps
Pages: 469 
Publisher: Pinnicle – 28 February 2017
Where To Purchase: AmazonBarnes and Noble, iBook

Tori Telfer’s Lady Killers [Book Review]


When people think of female serial killers, they automatically think of Aileen Wuornos. Why? Because in the day and age of television and newspapers and the media just wanting to get that piece of news out, she became well known while she was alive. But she wasn’t the first female serial killer and we may never know who was the first female serial killer by the mere fact that there were so many before her and more wicked than her.


It’s hard to phantom a female being a killer, not to mention a cold blooded killer, but that’s just what these females in the Lady Killers book by Tori Telfer were: cold blooded serial killers. Their primary weapon: poison. If you were a noblewoman back in the 16th and 17th century, or any century for that matter, then beating or torturing someone to death, mostly servants or Serfs, was the way to go. When they didn’t want the cause of death to be detected, poison, particularly arsenic, was the weapon of choice.


From reading this book, it seems the rich has always gotten a way with murder, literally, as they do today. And even when they got caught years later, they have gotten away with murder or murders. As mentioned, most noblewomen resorted to beating their servants, in the case of Erzsebeth Bathory or their Serfs in the case of Daryl Nikolayevna Saltykova. Because these women came from money and then married into money or men of noble status themselves, they were able to beat, torture and murder upwards of 50 people without being questioned. It wasn’t until they fell out of a favor of those in power or, in the case of the King that owed money to the Bathory’s, the King was no longer in their dept, the crimes of these women were investigated, found guilty and sentenced to death.
Other women of means during the same time period was Marie-Madeleine who was convicted of killing her father, brothers, attempted murder of her sister and sister-in-law among other people. Her reason for killing was simple: they either stood in her way of money or disagreed with her. Unlike her counterparts who beat their victims, Marie’s method of murder was poison.


A good point that was brought up in either in this book or an episode of Deadly Women or both is how some feel that poison is a coward’s way to murder. That’s far from the truth. With poison, unlike beating someone, strangling someone or shooting/stabbing them, poison takes time to work. The poisoner has to be patient, but also have the coldness to watch their victim die a slow and painful death. Arsenic was readily available for some time and thus the perfect poison to use. Why? With arsenic poisoning, when given in small dosages over time causes the following:

It could play a role in the development of diabetes, cancer, vascular disease and lung disease. The Food and Drug Administration says that long-term exposure to high levels of arsenic is associated with higher rates of skin cancer, bladder cancer and lung cancer, as well as heart disease (google.com)

For a long while, arsenic was easy to get. No one questioned anyone buying arsenic, no matter how much they bought because arsenic was also used to kill rats. And back in those days in which arsenic was readily available tracking who bought it and how much was not necessary.
A famous poisoner was The Giggling Grandma Nannie Doss. She was also known as the Lonely Hearts Killer for she would find lonely older men who had money, marry them, and then kill them. Her killing spree was from the 1920’s to 1954.


Serial killers being men is the popular consensus. I think it’s because men are more brutal in their acts. Men use guns or knives on their victims.They also leave a trail of blood. But when women kill, they do it silently via poison. Even today, women use poison such as antifreeze, to kill their victims including their own children.

If the woman was good looking as in the case of Erzsebet Bathory and Marie-Madeleine no one EVER suspected them of killing anyone. But if you weren’t good looking, in the case of ahem, Wuornus, it’s still hard to accept that fact that she would murder the number of people she did. And mind you, Wuornus’s murders were brutal and bloody, like the women noblewomen of the 1600’s and 1700’s.


I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in murderers or murders. But what I really enjoyed was the diverse group of women that became serial killers and their reasons. One thing they all had in common they felt they would get away with it. And when caught they maintained their innocence. Most used their feminine wiles to try to win either the judge or jury over. I was more intrigued by those from the 1600’s and 1700’s.
I find the most brutal of them all was Kate Bender of the Bender family. She wasn’t alone in the killings but she was the most brutal.
Author: Tori Telfer
Released: 10 October 2017
Publisher: Harper Perennial sold by Harper Collins
Pages: 352



Her Infidelity [Movie Review]


As someone who enjoy Lifetime TV movies and LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) movies I’m always seeking movies I haven’t seen before. There was a time I had seen all the movies on either Lifetime channels. However, with us getting rid of DVR and me watching Saturday Night Football (college) I missed a lot of the movies. And working full time does not allot a lot of time for movie watching during the day.


Lifetime movies are not known for their great acting nor great writing and at times cheesy, but I have to admit they are good, if you can get past the fore mentioned.


This is how I select my Lifetime movies, by the premise. Well, this is how we select all our movies, isn’t it. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. And this time it didn’t at all.

The premise of Her Infidelity is this: A woman feeling down about her marriage has a one-night stand with her son’s teacher. Sounds simple right? Of course it does. And since it said “her son’s teacher” I was thinking teen age son. But noooooooooo. The son is in grade school so the teacher is probably in his late 20’s, right? Well the mother looks like she’s in her 40’s. Yeah, she looked old. There are people that look great at that age, so I’m not knocking the age at all. I shouldn’t since I’m so old I can tell you about Noah’s Ark from personal experience. But I digress.


Besides everything? The connection/chemistry between the wife and husband was off not to mention the acting between the two was just horrid. The son’s acting was even worse. He sounded like he was reading his lines instead of speaking them. The only good acting was from the psychopath teacher and that’s from facial expressions to his actual acting. The best friend in the movie was one of those you were hoping the psychopath would kill so there would be one less torturous character to have to deal with.


Yeah, I could change the channel but as mentioned these movies are good if get past everything I just mentioned. But sometimes the movie is just so bad that even the premise starts to seem like a bad idea.


I always wonder who writes these horrible movies and why Lifetime picks them up. I wonder how many stations have the writers pitched their ideas to before they went to Lifetime? I’m starting to think that Lifetime is the starting point for most writers, producers and actors/actresses. I know it may sound like I’m bashing Lifetime movies, but I’m really not. I’m just bashing this one.

For the most part, Lifetime (both channels) have some really good movies despite the bad acting. Unwanted Guest is a prime example of this.


Premise: When Amy has nowhere to go for winter break, her friend Christine insists she come stay with her family. What begins as a dream situation turns into a nightmare when Amy starts to obsess and wreak havoc on her welcoming hosts (imbd.com).

Here’s another movie with a good premise that I thought would find worth watching and it was. Again, the only good acting was done by Amy. The mother was pretty descent as was the father, but the daughter, Christine, was just awful. However, the writing and directing was well done that you overlooked a lot. If you can find this movie, it’s worth the watch.


While researching this movie I learned that the mother was played by Rachel Hunter. If that names sounds familiar it’s because she used to be married to Rod Stewart. But that doesn’t give her the right to think she can act, does it? See, now I’m being hard on the woman. She did her best with what she was given, both script wise and directing wise.


I disliked the movie. The potential was definitely there, especially given the premise. As with all Lifetime movies (both channels) it had a happy ending. This is the cheesy part of these movies, but sometimes they are done well and sometimes they are done so cheesy you quickly grab the remote and change the channel to anything.



Country: CANADA
Language: English
Release Date: 22 April 2015 (Canada)Also Known As:
Infidelity Stars: Rachel Hunter (the mother), Clayton Chitty (the teacher) and Lane Edwards (the husband)
Written By: Alan Donahue and Christine Will
Directed By: Christine Will

Even the trailer looks inviting:

Charlie Donlea’s The Girl Who Was Taken [Book Review]

“The country was transfixed, not by the girl who was gone, but by the one who made it home.” The Girl Who Was Taken


Nicole Cutty and Megan McDonald (both seniors in high school) were kidnapped the same night but only Megan was able to escape her captor two weeks after. We meet up with Megan 14 months later as she has written a book about her ordeal and how she escaped. But we are left wondering what happened to Nicole and is there a connection between the two abductions.

Livia Cutty is Nicole’s sister and a medical examiner. When she receives what seems to be a body of a possible suicide jumper to examine she learns more than she expected. Not only that, this body will lead Livia on the hunt to find her sister with the help of a Megan. Soon, both Livia and Megan will come face to face with the truth neither expected.


The book was written in a manner that it kept you engaged. No fancy words were used or ambiguity used to where you have to read the sentence or paragraph a few times to understand what’s being said.

The characters were well written to where they didn’t come overdone or confusing. I’ve read books in which writers try to give birth to a character and over do it or give too much information about the character that could have been done within the story. Donlea does this perfectly with Nicole, Megan and Livia. Each chapter gives a bit more information about each character while continuing on with the story.


Donlea knows how to tell a story, that’s for sure. He writes in a manner as if he’s right there telling you the facts of the case. When it comes to crime suspense stories I like them to be smooth yet captivating and Donlea does that, with what seems like no effort. I’ve read books in which it seems the author was putting too much effort into their books that I grew tired of reading their work. A good example of this is Patricia Cornwell. I used to be a fan of hers when I read her first three books, but after that, her books seemed forced and not genuine.


When Donlea would speak of the past the chapters were written in italics. I found this quite unnecessary for he’s already told us at the start the chapter was going to be set one month before the abduction or two weeks before the abduction. I hope he leaves the italics out of his next book unless he’s mentioning a title of something or a quote. As mentioned, this was a minor issue I had with the book. And this is mostly a personal preference. This will definitely not stop me from reading his other books and I hope he stays consistent throughout his career.


I absolutely loved this book. It had me on the edge of my seat from the first page until the very end. Some nights I couldn’t put the book down but sleep won the battle many nights. As I was reading I thought of Nicolas Nash’s The Girl At The Bar for it kept you guessing. The difference between The Girl Who Was Taken and Nash’s book you had no ideas who was behind the abductions. The further you got into the book the harder the guesses became. With Nash’s book, you had many suspects and the further into the book you got, more and more suspects appeared. In both the reveal had me in shock. Never saw either one coming.

Please get a copy of both books and enjoy the ride.

Summer Lake is the next Donlea book I will be reading in a few weeks. I have two to read and review ahead of Summit Lake.

The Girl Who Was Taken
Author: Charlie Donlea
Pages: 320
Publisher: Kensington (25 April 2017)
Where to purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleiBooks
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