My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend, Narcissism At It’s Best

courtesy of Lifetime Movie Network (A&E Networks)
courtesy of Lifetime Movie Network (A&E Networks)

Nicole Weston is a successful food blogger and contributes content to a well-known magazine Chef To Table. Jonathan is a literature instructor at a college. They meet at a bar-b-que hosted by one of Nicole’s friends named Carrie and her husband Jim. Their first date consists of Jonathan taking Nichole out on his boat. The name of the boat is Heart Throb. That name alone should have told Nicole who she’s dealing with. The next day, when Nicole return home, she finds a lot of daisies waiting for her. Why would Jonathan send Daisies and not roses? Because Nicole told him she likes Daisies. Jonathan is doing all the right things in the eyes of Nicole. Nicole’s son, Connor, could care less. But he is a 16-year-old boy, so there isn’t much they care about save for being left alone.


When Jonathan comes to the house to pick up Nicole, who isn’t ready, of course, he tries to engage in conversation with her son, Connor, which goes nowhere fast. The next time we see Jonathan he and Nicole are playing scrabble when Connor comes downstairs to get his backpack. It’s here that Jonathan presents Connor with tickets to a famous local band that Connor was unable to get tickets for. Jonathan has Nicole snowed and he thinks he has her son snowed, but time will only tell.


Their first official date was supposed to be at a fancy restaurant, but it turned out to be booked for the night. They end at a pub which is fine with Nicole because she prefers burgers and fries. When they first arrive and find a table, Jonathan presents Nicole with a gift of a pair of earrings. He says he had them specially made for Nicole by a woman he met in the market. What’s interesting about this scene is the music that comes in when he tells her about the earrings. Music is already playing in the pub, so we can surmise these earrings are going to play a big part in Nicole and Jonathan’s relationship down the line. At the moment, because Jonathan his working his magic on Nicole, their relationship seems to be going great.


After a homemade meal dinner, Nicole and Jonathan are in the kitchen. Nicole is cleaning dishes at one end while Jonathan is looking at a family photo of Nicole, her son, and her ex-husband at the other end. Nicole asks Jonathan to take out the trash which he does, along with the family photo. It isn’t until later in the movie does Nicole notice the photo missing but doesn’t seem all that upset it, which I found very odd.


Jonathan concocts a story about his house being flooded due to some kitchen appliance breaking and asks if he can store some of his belongings at Nicole’s house, to which she says yes. The conversation soon turns to her asking Jonathan to move in while his house is being cleaned up and he agrees. It’s during this time that Jonatha’s lies, rude comments to both Nicole and her son, Connor, start to come out and the earrings, that Jonathan said he had specially made for Nicole, come into play.

Nicole tells Carrie about an incident that happened the prior night but Carrie makes light of it and tells Nicole not to worry about. Later in the movie, Nicole tells Carrie of a few more things that have taken place and how Jonathan reacts to them that’s Carrie realizes that Jonathan might be narcissistic. Have given her something to think about Nicole begins reading about narcissists and attending a support group that deals with narcissisms, unaware that Jonathan has followed her.

There are a ton of other things that take place before Nicole wakes up to herself about Jonathan, and definitely after she wakes up, that I don’t want to give away. They are all subtle yet effective.


The movie opens with a lady at home getting a drink. When she turns around she sees Jonathan and becomes scared. She drops her drink and runs for her car, trying to escape Jonathan. It’s during this escape she gets into a head-on crash with another car and dies.

The movie picks up one-year later when Jonathan and Nicole meet.

The introduction of Jonathan in that manner sets us up for a number of things. Who is the lady, why was she so scared of Jonathan? How will this come into play later down the line? We are also introduced to a student of his twice in the movie. The first is after class when thanks for helping her out during class and the second is when Jonathan and Nicole at the pub again and the student is their server. The student plays a vital role later in the movie. All our questions are answered throughout the movie for they did a great job of weaving his past into his current situation, giving us an insight into how deranged Jonathan is and lengths he would go to to protect his status, rather his dreams of grandeur.


This movie is definitely one of my favorites Lifetime Movie Network movie. Jonathan’s narcissism would seep out, just enough to give us a taste, but not too much where, as the movie progresses, we become overpowered by too much narcissism. If this were to happen we would wonder if the writer of the film, Vivian Rhodes, was narcassitic herself.

Damon Runyan (Gangland Undercover, Star Trek: Discovery) gives a very convincing performance as a narcissist. He’s already good looking, has the charm and knows exactly what to say and do to reel someone in, as he did with Nicole, her son Connor, to a certain degree, and definitely Nicole’s friends Carrie and Jim Knolls.

Amber Goldfarb (Bellevue TV series, Bad Blood TV series) as Nicole Weston, also gives a fine performance as someone who could be anyone’s friend, has a lot going for herself, which she does, and willing to give someone a benefit of the doubt, although she knows she shouldn’t.

The chemistry between Runyan and Goldfarb is definitely there. They played well off each other and brought out the other’s acting chops a bit more. And although Sam Ashe Arnold (Nicole’s son Connor Weston) scenes were plenty but short, they were memorable. I feel if this kid stays on the right track, doesn’t get caught up in the Hollywood scene, he will be around for a long while. I hope to see him in more LMN movies.

My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend 2019 (aka The Narcissist) is currently showing on Lifetime Movie Network.
Written by Max McGuire and Directed by Vivian Rhodes.
Production Company: Marvista Entertainment 

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