Match Game Nervous Contestant

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I grew up watching Match Game and now I watch reruns on BuzzrTV (channel 169 for me – San Francisco Bay Area Xfinity). This is one game show that doesn’t get old no matter how many times I watch it. The main reason is it’s host Gene Rayburn (pictured left on above picture).

I must say I was little when I watched this show, therefore,I don’t remember a lot of the contestants and some celebrities guests (minus the regulars like Brett Sommers, Charles Nelsen Reilley and Richard Dawson and few others) that were on the show, but I remember the format and some other things related to the show.


Watching re-runs I’ve been introduced to the most nervous game show contestant I’ve ever seen, past and present. Her name is Evie Phineas. You have to watch the entire show below. I must warn you, you will be rolling over Evie. I have a feeling this lady was the nicest person on earth.


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