Friend Request by Laura Marshall – Book Review


Louise Williams arrives home from work as an interior designer to find a Facebook friend request from Maria Weston. There’s only one problem…Maria has been dead for 25 years. Or has she.  Louise was never much of a Facebook person. She could take it or leave, but this particular day will have glued to Facebook every day, all day. 


After Louise accepts the Facebook friend request from Maria her mind starts wondering to her high school days and what she and another girl did to Maria back in 1986. A secret Louise has been carrying with her 25 years. 

The friend request has Louise a bit perplexed and very concerned.  If Maria is dead then who could be on her profile page. But as Louise explorers, she becomes even more concerned that perhaps Maria isn’t dead after all as she and others have been led to believe 


Louise decides to look up some old high school classmates. One of them being Queen Bee of the school, Sophie Hannigan. Upon finding her Facebook page she finds Sophie’s page and looks it over to see what Sophie has been doing in the last 25 years.  

Sophie wasn’t Louise’s favorite person, but someone she wanted to impress in high school. Anxiety fills Louise as she debates if she should put a friend request to Sophie or not. After some thought, she puts in the request in which Sophie accepts straight away. Right after the acceptance, Louise receives a message from Sophie which seems to take Louise back to high school when she sought Sophie’s approval. From there, they begin messaging each other. A connection Louise partially wants and doesn’t want But this connection will bring up than just memories Louise had been hiding for 25 years. 


The same night Louise gets the Facebook friend request from Maria and through her messaging with Sophie Louise learns of the 25TH high school. A reunion she was not provided an invitation to. This stings Louise a bit. She finds the page about the reunion to see all who are going and surprised by the list for of the people going know what Louise did 25 years ago. 


The night Louise accepts Maria’s Facebook friend request which leads her to her reconnecting with Sophie sets off a chain of events for Louise that not only produces sleepless nights but could possibly put her successful interior design business in jeopardy. Not to mention her longtime friendship with Polly, who is also her business partner. 

Louise is getting Facebook messages from Maria and these aren’t regular messages. These are messages that tell Louise that Maria knows a lot about Louise, her son Henry who is 4, and her business. Each message Louise receives not only makes her face her demons from 25 years ago, but they also make her wonder who is really behind the Maria Weston profile for Louise is sure Maria died 25 years ago after their senior prom. But Louise begins to think more and more that perhaps Maria didn’t die on that night and the truth will come out at the high school reunion. 


Laura Marshall does a great job of keeping the reader enthralled on what’s going on. The characters are introduced within the context of something happening. Therefore, we are not overwhelmed with too many details about each character. As the characters show up throughout the book more details are given about them and their relationship to Louise. 

The relationship Louise has with her four-year-old son Henry is well written and feels real as with her relationship with her now ex-husband, Sam, whom she shares custody of Henry with. Again, without going into much detail, the reader is given insight into how Henry’s relationship with Sam and his new family affects Louise and Henry. 


Friend Request explores more than Louise getting a Facebook friend request from a supposedly dead classmate. It explores the relationship between a single mother and her child. The effects divorce has on a child. Those you thought had it all in high school really didn’t and still don’t as adults. Those you thought didn’t have had it all in high school become somebody in adult life. And it definitely explorers the affects high school have on people long after they have left, whether it’s good or bad. 


I give the book four stars for the mere fact that when the reveal, and there were two, happened I was shocked for two reasons. The first reveal was someone who wasn’t in the book enough for me to care about. If the character had been built up more I think I would have had a chin on the floor, but that wasn’t the case. 

The second reveal was someone I didn’t care for in the book. I will say this, the second reveal put a lot of things into perspective for Louise and for the reader. But the question still remained, is Maria Weston really dead?  

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Published September 5th, 2017 by Grand Central Publishing

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