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Nicole’s (Kari Wuhrer – voice-over actress in Gotham Gaslight, Vixen) daughter Cameron (Felicia CooperBold and the Beautiful, Double Daddy) returns home from vacationing in Mexico. She brings her fiancé, Brent (Adam Huss – Power). Nicole is a bit skeptical of Brent by the mere fact that Cameron sprung this on Nicole, but also, she just has a funny feeling about him. Call it mom’s intuition.

Brent, trying to make a good impression on Nicole, arrives at her job with lunch in hand. Nicole notices the surname on the receipt is different than what Brad told her his last name is. When she questions him, he says the last name he uses now was his mother’s maiden name, and when she died he took it in memory of her. This causes even more suspicion for Nicole, who has a credit check ran on Brent. What she finds is he has filed for bankruptcy a few years back and there are four or fives years missing from his life. She shows this to Cameron who is furious with her mother for doing a background check on Brent.


Nicole, feeling bad about what she did, not the background check, but making her daughter mad, wants to make it up to her, and gives Brent a second chance, by having them over for dinner. During the dinner Brent excuses himself to use the restroom only to find his way into Nicole’s private home office. It’s not clear what he’s doing in there but Nicole catches him and asks him a few times what he’s doing in there. He says he was looking for a pen. Cameron comes in and witnesses her mother’s behavior toward Brent and is not happy. Brent again says he was looking for a pen to write Nicole a thank you note and give her a gift. The gift is a pair of pearl earrings he claims belonged to his mother. Nicole is unable to take the gift. Brent leaves the house, while another rift between Nicole and Cameron is formed.


Brent convinces Cameron they should elope and not spend a lot of money on the wedding. She agrees. Nicole’s business partner, Grace, informs Nicole that Cameron and Brent have eloped. Nicole heads to Cameron’s place, but instead of causing a stir about the elopement, she offers to throw them a reception.


Brent’s true intention is to kill Cameron, thus inheriting her three million dollars from a trust she received when she turned 25. But Brent is not alone in this scheme. There’s Lexi, who works at the law office that draws up wills and trusts went through Cameron’s papers when the trust was drawn up and hatched this plan. The plan being that Brent would make Cameron think he loves her, marry, and then kill her so he can be the grieving husband who inherits the trust.


I wasn’t that impressed with this movie. It reminded me a lot of another Lifetime Movie from either last year or 2016, but I can’t remember the name of it. The premise was the same, save it was the female who owned a business, and the scheme was to marry her, then kill her and inherit her millions. He too, had a partner in crime, waiting on the sidelines. If I remember the name of the movie, I’ll update this post.

As mentioned, I wasn’t that impressed due to seeing this premise before. I can’t speak on the acting for there wasn’t much to go on. I will say the actress who played Cameron, Felicia Cooper, had a lackluster performance, especially when she was in bed with Brent doing their thing. For you soaps fans, you will recognize Cooper from Bold and The Beautiful as Sasha Thompson.

Fiancé Killer (2018) is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network.

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  1. Am enjoying the movie! Half way through, am taking a quick break from the suspense. Glad you havn’t told the ending!

  2. I like the movie but I hate the guy had to dieI kind a wish they wouldn’t be would’ve stayed alive so they could’ve started over

  3. I like the way they match the characters because most of the time they don’t look like mother and daughter but they still basically look like a mother and daughter

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