Deadly Matrimony aka Vows of Deceit (2018) – For comes marriage then a stalker

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Civil attorney Sara Ross (Katherine Bailess) marries Leo Friedman (Damon Dayoub) to whom she was introduced to by her best friend Parker Wyndham (Ali Corbin). Shortly after the marriage, Sara is stalked by an unknown person. It’s not long before the person phones Sara to tell her that Leo isn’t who he seems. Feeling that Sara didn’t believe her she shows up at Sarah’s house. The woman is Melinda Wells (Tiffany Hines), Leo’s wife. But when she married him he went by another name. After they were married he drained her bank account forcing her to move out of her nice home and back to her roots.

At first, Sara didn’t believe Melinda until she, Melinda, shows Sara a picture of Leo. Melinda tells Sara that she has hired a private investigator to track Leo down but she can’t afford him. Melinda gives Sara an address and time to meet Melinda if Sara is interested in joining Melinda in uncovering Leo’s true identity.


Sara discovers Leo’s car at another woman’s house when he’s supposedly out of town. When she knew he was gone she visits the woman whose name is Cindy Steele, a model for an energy drink company. Sara tells Cindy everything, even about Melinda, Leo’s first wife.

The three women with the help of the P.I. band together to find Leo. It’s not before the P.I. tells and shows the women the body of his last wife he stabbed on their wedding night while she was still in her wedding dress. The women a!so learn of the various names Leo has used as well as the number of other women he has married.

This was another Lifetime Movie Network movie with a great storyline but bad execution. My main issue was the music throughout the entire movie. Not all movies need dramatic music to go along with the scene. This movie would have fared better without the music being played during each scene. Whomever the engineer was on this movie needs another job for there were times the music was louder than the dialogue.

In addition, there were times when things didn’t make sense. For instance, Sara would set the alarm at night, yet when the alarm went off she wouldn’t hear it. I will admit the alarm sounded more like an alarm on a watch than an actual house alarm, which is another thing that didn’t make sense.

The ending was off, as well. It seemed rushed to me. This is one of those movies, in the right hands, could have been really good. The right hands being better writers. As mentioned, this movie had a great premise, just executed badly and that’s what they should have done to this movie, executed it!

Deadly Matrimony (original title Vows of Deceit) is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network. Good luck.

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