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I’m interested in the criminal underbelly for some reason. The mob and high profiled drug dealers were my main interest. But if the criminal is a female, I’m even more interested. It’s because women are gentle and caring for the most part. Or at least that’s what we’re taught.


I don’t remember when I first heard of Griselda Blanco. But I do when I saw her I thought she was awesome and scary at the same time. Awesome because she was a women kingpin in a man’s world. Scary, well, she’s a scary looking person.

I began watching shows about her and learned how ruthless she was. She’s known to have killed 200 people, and I wouldn’t doubt that number. The number might be higher.

Here’s how the Biography website sums up Blanco:

Colombia-born Griselda Blanco was a high-level operative in the infamous Medellin Cartel, known for trafficking cocaine in major urban centers like Miami, Florida, and her murderous ways. She was killed in 2012. 


I remember when Blanco died. And I knew it was an assassination and not a random shooting. Blanco was too powerful.

Here’s an article on her death:


In 2002 a movie called Empire came out.

Here’s a description (not written by me)

For Victor Rosa (John Leguizamo), that blunt world-view has come to define his life. A Latino hustler from the South Bronx, Victor has worked his way up the neighborhood ladder to become a crew leader for Joanna “La Columbiana” Menendez (Isabella Rossellini). But after narrowly escaping an attempt on his life, Victor realizes that he needs to get out of the Bronx, both for himself and for his girlfriend, Carmen (Sonia Braga), the only thing more important to him than money.

When Isabella Rossellini (pictured below) came on the scene I immediately thought of Griselda Blanco. The role of La Columbiana, I felt, was based on Blanco but from what I’ve learned it wasn’t.

Image result for isabella rossellini in Empire

Isabella Rosellini in Empire


Lifetime is infamous for making biography movies of famous people and they are horrible. The most memorable was the Whitney Houston movie. But I have high hopes for Cocaine Godmother from the trailer I’ve seen (see below). Plus, Lifetime seems to make good biography movies on criminals. The Jodi Arias movie comes to mind as one that was pretty good.

I’m looking forward to the movie and feel Catherine Zeta-Jones will do a great job as Griselda Blanco.

Image result for griselda blanco - catherine zeta jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cocaine Godmother, Griselda Blanco

Here’s a trailer for the movie provided by New Trailer Buzz

My first question was how could someone as good looking as Catherine Zeta-Jones play Blanco for I only remember Blanco as this:

Image result for griselda blanco

I forgot at one time, Blanco was a good looking woman herself.

Image result for griselda blanco young

Griselda Blanco young.













I am looking forward to Cocaine Godmother which will premier on Lifetime Movie Network in January 2018. Confirmed date will posted once known.

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JUST IN: Jennifer Lopez will be playing Griselda Blancho in an up coming HBO movie which is currently in production.


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