Charles Ray’s Frontier Justice: The Story of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S Marshal [Book Review]


Bass Reeves knows the land they call Indian Territory in Arkansas as well as the surrounding areas. And because of this, Reeves is given a job as US Marshal by Judge Fagan. Only thing is, Reeves can’t read nor write. Reeves was born into slavery and slaves weren’t allowed to learn to read or write. He was to become a run away slave after roughing up his master up a bit over a card game. Bass hid in Indian Territory among the Indians until he knew things were safe enough for him to carry on his way. He would make a life for himself and his family by cultivating a farm.
Fagan has hired Reeves as a US Marshal (or Marshall) to serve warrants to a few outlaws, but with Reeves not being able to read this might be an issue. At least to Fagan. Reeves explains to Fagan that he has a great memory and if Fagan reads the warrants to Reeves he’ll be able to do his job. Fagan tests Reeves by reading a warrant to him in which Reeves repeats all the details back to Fagan. With this, Fagan is satisfied and sends Reeves on his way to get his men.


Ray does give you a sense that you are there with Reeves and the other characters. I did have an issue with the writing itself, but as to not deter anyone else from reading the book, I won’t say what my issues were. Although, as a reviewer, I do like to give the good and the bad of a book. However, this is my foray in to the old west genre and I will need to read a few more books order to validate or not validate my thoughts on the writing.

I will say, the book had me so intrigued that I looked Bass Reeves to see if he’s was a real person and he was. You can read about Bass Reeves on the Legends of America site.

Pick up a copy of Frontier Justice: The Story of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S Marshal and let me know your thoughts. If you’re not a fan of old west stories, I would still say give this a shot.

Frontier Justice: The Story of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S Marshal 

Author: Charles Ray
Publisher: Uhuru Press
Pages: 253
Release Date: 1 February 2014
Where To Buy: Amazon


Bass Reeves


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