Survivor Season 36 Premiers in February 2018

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I have been watching Survivor since Season 2 and never missed a season. But with Survivor being on for so long you always wonder what could they do differently in the next season to make it interesting, that they didn’t do in previous seasons. But the producers of the show always find a way to keep us glued to our TVs every Wednesday night, either by the people they have on the show (conflicting personalities) or twists in the game.


Season 36 will soon be upon us and I’m looking forward to it. I would like to see a celebrity big brother or another rookies vs. vets, but the vets can’t be anyone who has won the game before.

This link gives you the names of the contestant and little information about Fiji Island.

The day Jeff Probst stops hosting the show is the day they can end it. No one can host it like Propst just like no one can host The Amazing Race like Choo Choo Charlie himself, Phil Keoghan.

Season 36 of Survivor: Ghost Island premieres Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, on CBS.