Deadly Matrimony aka Vows of Deceit (2018) – LMN Movie Review


Civil attorney Sara Ross (Katherine Bailess) marries Leo Friedman (Damon Dayoub) to whom she was introduced to by her best friend Parker Wyndham (Ali Corbin). Shortly after the marriage, Sara is stalked by an unknown person. It’s not long before the person phones Sara to tell her that Leo isn’t who he seems. Feeling that Sara didn’t believe her she shows up at Sarah’s house. The woman is Melinda Wells (Tiffany Hines), Leo’s wife. But when she married him he went by another name. After they were married he drained her bank account forcing her to move out of her nice home and back to her roots.

At first, Sara didn’t believe Melinda until she, Melinda, shows Sara a picture of Leo. Melinda tells Sara that she has hired a private investigator to track Leo down but she can’t afford him. Melinda gives Sara an address and time to meet Melinda if Sara is interested in joining Melinda in uncovering Leo’s true identity.


Sara discovers Leo’s car at another woman’s house when he’s supposedly out of town. When she knew he was gone she visits the woman whose name is Cindy Steele, a model for an energy drink company. Sara tells Cindy everything, even about Melinda, Leo’s first wife.

The three women with the help of the P.I. band together to find Leo. It’s not before the P.I. tells and shows the women the body of his last wife he stabbed on their wedding night while she was still in her wedding dress. The women a!so learn of the various names Leo has used as well as the number of other women he has married.

This was another Lifetime Movie Network movie with a great storyline but bad execution. My main issue was the music throughout the entire movie. Not all movies need dramatic music to go along with the scene. This movie would have fared better without music being played during each scene. Whomever the engineer was on this movie needs another job for there were times the music was louder than the dialogue.

In addition, there were times when things didn’t make sense. For instance, Sara would set the alarm at night, yet when the alarm went off she wouldn’t hear it. I will admit the alarm sounded more like an alarm on a watch than an actual house alarm, which is another thing that didn’t make sense.

The ending was off, as well. It seemed rushed to me. This is one of those movies, in the right hands, could have been really good. The right hands being better writers. As mentioned, this movie had a great premise, just executed badly and that’s what they should have done to this movie, executed it!

Deadly Matrimony (original title Vows of Deceit) is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network. Good luck.

A Daughter’s Revenge – LMN Movie Review


Elle’s (Jessica SiposDark Matter TV series) father had an affair on her mother and it broke her mother’s heart. It’s not long before Elle’s mother, Michelle (Claire RankinMolly’s Game), remarries. The trauma of her husband stepping out on her, Elle’s mother suspects her current husband, David (Linden Ashby – Teen Wolf TV series, Army Wives TV series), is doing the same. When she calls him at his hotel room and hears the distraction in his voice, she assumes he’s stepping out on her, as well. She tells her daughter that David is having an affair. Michelle, feeling doubly heartbroken by this ‘revelation’, which isn’t true, takes her own life. Elle soon finds her mother dead.

Believing her stepfather, David, is the cause of her mother’s suicide,  she seeks revenge on him. But to get the revenge she brings in an old high school friend. Enter Anna (Sierra Wooldridge12 Monkeys TV series, Anon).


Anna drives while intoxicated and is involved in an accident. To avoid a long prison sentence Anna takes a plea deal which will get her a six-month sentence, with three months off for good behavior. Elle receives a letter from Elle sending her condolences on her mother’s passing. Elle sees an opportunity in Anna, to get revenge on her stepfather, David. But Anna is unaware she’s part of a plan and not the kind heart of Elle.

Elle visits Anna in prison and offers her a place to stay, rent-free and a job at her stepdad’s business. However, because Anna has been in prison, Elle asks her to come up with another name to use. Anna picks her middle name, Georgia. Now Anna is known at the office as Georgia.


Elle, Anna, and David are in New York on business and at a party. Elle says she’s going to stay behind and asks David to give Anna a ride home, to which he agrees. On their way out the door, a photographer takes a picture of Anna and David. Step 1 in Elle’s plan for revenge.


Cammy, an assistant in the office, asks Elle for some paperwork. Elle says she left it in the car and asks Cammy to get them, which Cammy does. While in Elle’s car she finds the visitors badge from the prison Anna was an inmate of. Cammy takes the badge, does some research and up pops Anna’ mug shot.


There are more incidents that happen, as planned and not planned, but it’s all in the scheme of things and Elle’s plan for revenge.

And through all of this, Elle is talking to her dead mother.


There was a statement made in the movie to the effect that Elle and her mother’s relationship was strange. That their relationship was beyond mother daughter. It’s made clear throughout the movie and definitely, in the end, they had a co-dependency on each other. But it’s also made clear that Elle had a mental issue. The ending, in my opinion, could start a conversation in character study and the dependency people have on one another. I know I’m probably getting too deep for a Lifetime movie, but this one was pretty deep. Despite what was happening on the surface, the deep underlying story was there.

I’m chalking this one up to one of my favorites. It got a little choppy towards the end, as in things started happening too fast and seemed out of whack, but overall, it played out well.

A DAUGHTER’S REVENGE is currently streaming on Lifetime Movie Network.

Prescription for Danger aka Second Opinion [LMN Movie Review]


In Prescription for Danger original title Second Opinion (2018), Ivy (Joanne Kelly – Zoo, The Dissappearance), a successful entrepreneur, has been suffering from migraines for about a year. On the day of her presentation in hopes of getting new clients, she faints. This incident leads her to see Dr. Mark Ryan (Shaun Benson – Gangland Undercover, Channel Zero), on the request of her regular doctor.

Mark suggests she has an MRI, which she declines. He then suggests a CAT Scan and she agrees. The test results come back and Mark tells Ivy she has a brain tumor and it’s terminal. Ivy is advised to get a second opinion, which she does and the second doctor agrees with Dr. Mark Ryan’s findings.


Mark begins giving Ivy sample pills to try and another medication that will help with her migraines he says will get more frequent as time goes on. Without questioning the medications, or Mark, Ivy takes the pills. Then Mark tells her about this medication that can help reduce the tumor, if not take it away, but it’s not on the market, and for her to get the medication, they need to meet outside his office hours. In addition, the medication is going to cost $12,000 for a 30 day supply. She agrees, yet again, without questioning him or the medication.

It isn’t long before Mark is at Ivy’s house telling her the tumor is gone. She can’t believe it and neither can I. I can’t believe a woman who has built a successful business and seems very intelligent fell for this fool’s game. After he tells her the news she kisses him and they end up in bed together. Congratulations Ivy, you played right into Mark’s hands. He’s a predator and misdiagnosing women and then telling them they are cured as his M.O. Mark is currently being sued for malpractice and sexual harassment by a few female patients, but Ivy has no idea.

Dinner and A Revelation

On one particular night, Mark and Ivy are out to dinner.  A lady named Claire storms their table yelling at Mark that he won’t get away with it. She then tells Ivy she should stay away from him. Mark gathers up Ivy and they leave as the woman is still yelling at Mark. Outside the restaurant, Ivy asks Mark about the woman. He says she’s a former patient that became obsessed with him after he started making progress with her to get her better. He reveals to her that Claire has a filed a complaint with the AMA against Mark. Well, guess who shows up dead? Claire!

Soon Mark is visited by Detective Fowler. After the detective leaves, Mark goes to see Ivy to ask her to be his alibi for the previous night. This puts Ivy in a bind because if they start looking into Mark more closely, they’ll find out about the drugs he’s been giving Ivy, which is illegal, and this could jeopardize her continued recovery. Oh what an evil web we weave when we practice the art to deceive.

Despite Claire being dead, the case against Mark is still ongoing due to other women having claims against him, as well. And one of the witnesses against him is his receptionist, Kelly. To get her to not testify against him, he brings her food with nuts, knowing she’s allergic to nuts. While in anaphylactic shock, she’s unable to find her EpiPen. Mark gets his briefcase that has the EpiPen and she’s able to give her self a shot. He then tells her he’s giving her a raise. And we know the reason he’s doing this.


It’s not long before Mark true nature is revealed. Things begin to get worse for Ivy but not before she tells Skyler (Genelle Williams – Orphan, Dark Matter TV series) about the brain tumor. Being concerned for her friend, Skyler has a background check done on Mark and learns a number of things about him, which she confronts him with. After the visit to his office, Skyler convinces Ivy to get a third opinion about her condition from someone not known to Mark and Ivy agrees. It’s not until an incident involving Skyler that Ivy finally opens her eyes to Mark and takes matters into her own hand. And the very ending was absolutely perfect.


I enjoyed the movie. It was slow but it had enough interesting things going on to keep you watching. My biggest issue is how dumb Ivy is. There were so many red flags with Mark and she picked up on none of them. One of those red flags is Mark giving her medication that’s not regulated. For all she knows, she could be taking anything and have no recourses for a lawsuit since everything was done outside of his office time and she knew she was taking non-regulated drugs.

Despite the character flaw in Ivy, but what LMN movie doesn’t have a character flaw, I’m going to add this to my list of favorite Lifetime Movie Network movies, to which the list is growing each week, sometimes, each day. Which reminds me, I need to compile a list of my favorite movies on LMN you should watch.

If you have a favorite LMN movie or movies, let me know in the comment section.

Fiancé Killer – LMN Movie Review


Nicole’s (Kari Wuhrer – voice-over actress in Gotham Gaslight, Vixen) daughter Cameron (Felicia CooperBold and the Beautiful, Double Daddy) returns home from vacationing in Mexico. She brings her fiancé, Brent (Adam Huss – Power). Nicole is a bit skeptical of Brent by the mere fact that Cameron sprung this on Nicole, but also, she just has a funny feeling about him. Call it mom’s intuition.

Brent, trying to make a good impression on Nicole, arrives at her job with lunch in hand. Nicole notices the surname on the receipt is different than what Brad told her his last name is. When she questions him, he says the last name he uses now was his mother’s maiden name, and when she died he took it in memory of her. This causes even more suspicion for Nicole, who has a credit check ran on Brent. What she finds is he has filed for bankruptcy a few years back and there are four or fives years missing from his life. She shows this to Cameron who is furious with her mother for doing a background check on Brent.


Nicole, feeling bad about what she did, not the background check, but making her daughter mad, wants to make it up to her, and gives Brent a second chance, by having them over for dinner. During the dinner Brent excuses himself to use the restroom only to find his way into Nicole’s private home office. It’s not clear what he’s doing in there but Nicole catches him and asks him a few times what he’s doing in there. He says he was looking for a pen. Cameron comes in and witnesses her mother’s behavior toward Brent and is not happy. Brent again says he was looking for a pen to write Nicole a thank you note and give her a gift. The gift is a pair of pearl earrings he claims belonged to his mother. Nicole is unable to take the gift. Brent leaves the house, while another rift between Nicole and Cameron is formed.


Brent convinces Cameron they should elope and not spend a lot of money on the wedding. She agrees. Nicole’s business partner, Grace, informs Nicole that Cameron and Brent have eloped. Nicole heads to Cameron’s place, but instead of causing a stir about the elopement, she offers to throw them a reception.


Brent’s true intention is to kill Cameron, thus inheriting her three million dollars from a trust she received when she turned 25. But Brent is not alone in this scheme. There’s Lexi, who works at the law office that draws up wills and trusts went through Cameron’s papers when the trust was drawn up and hatched this plan. The plan being that Brent would make Cameron think he loves her, marry, and then kill her so he can be the grieving husband who inherits the trust.


I wasn’t that impressed with this movie. It reminded me a lot of another Lifetime Movie from either last year or 2016, but I can’t remember the name of it. The premise was the same, save it was the female who owned a business, and the scheme was to marry her, then kill her and inherit her millions. He too, had a partner in crime, waiting on the sidelines. If I remember the name of the movie, I’ll update this post.

As mentioned, I wasn’t that impressed due to seeing this premise before. I can’t speak on the acting for there wasn’t much to go on. I will say the actress who played Cameron, Felicia Cooper, had a lackluster performance, especially when she was in bed with Brent doing their thing. For you soaps fans, you will recognize Cooper from Bold and The Beautiful as Sasha Thompson.

Fiancé Killer (2018) is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network.

You can leave your comments about the movie on the message board: Fiancé Killer


Evil Doctor – LMN Movie Review


Evil Doctor aka Snatched (2018). Dr. Natalie Barnes (Dina Meyer – Lethal Seduction, The Magicians) is an OB/GYN in the Los Angeles area. Her new patients are Matt (Coric Nemec, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Supernatural) and his wife Aubrey Lewis (Jen Lilley – Twin Betrayal [read my review here], Days of Our Lives) are expecting a child and she was recommended by one of Matt’s co-workers. Matt first meets Dr. Barnes in the lobby, unaware she’s his wife’s new doctor. They exchange hello’s very briefly. It’s in the examining room that Dr. Barnes tells Matt that he reminds her of someone she knows…her father!


Natalie, who was named Cara, was kidnapped from a hospital in 1975 by a lady and her boyfriend. Eight years later she is found and returned to her biological parents. Her kidnapper father really loved Cara (she was Cara with the kidnappers) and called her his Princess. Natalie’s biological father called her Princess, as well, but it was right before he would moleste her every night. The mother would turn a blind eye to everything and did nothing to help Natalie.


It’s not long after the first meeting that Natalie begins to have her sights set on Matt. She methodically plans all her moves in which one causes Aubrey to bleed after she and Matt have sex. Thinking she might be having a miscarriage, they go see Dr. Nutcase, I mean Barnes, who tells them that Aubrey needs to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy, which means she’s out of commission for five months. Dr. Barnes also informs them they can’t have sex and “no orgasms of any kind”. Not only does this keep Matt and Aubrey apart, but makes Matt more vulnerable to Dr. Barnes advances, to which he refuses, for a while at least.


The flow of the movie was perfect. The transition from one scene to another fit perfectly. I’ve witnessed movies, and yes on Lifetime Movie Network, in which scenes seemed out of place. Almost like they were an after thought, either while filming or in the editing room.

The acting was on spot by all involved. I became of fan of Dina Meyer after watching her in Truth and Lies (2014), another Lifetime Movie Network movie in which she played a detective whose daughter is getting threatening messages to expose her secrets and the secrets of her friends. I also became a fan of Jen Lilley after seeing her in Twin Betrayl. You can read my review here.

And my other favorite actress, I’ve recently discovered is Lindsay Hartley (All My Children, Passions, Days of Our Lives). And to get all three of them in this movie was perfect for me. Then add Coric Nemec to the mix, made the movie even better! I grew up watching Coric and remember a very short lived show he starred in 1989 in called What’s Alan Watching which lasted one season, if that. I remember how quirky it was. He would later star in another show called Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, which lasted three seasons (1990-1993).

If I were to rate this movie on a scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being the best, I would give it a 5. The reason for the rating is there were some really bizarre scenes in the movie that I found a bit odd, and that’s saying a lot. I pride myself on welcoming the bizarre, but even these scenes were a bit much even for me. However, this is what made the movie that much more enjoyable and definitely stand out from the rest.

 Evil Doctor (2018) on IMDb

Evil Doctor is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network.

If you’ve seen the movie, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Trailer for Evil Doctor


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers: Producer’s Cut Movie Review (Guest Post)

The following guest is by Street Trash Steadicam, a definite film buff in who’s Twitter @StreetTrashSteadicam, he describes himself as a “gay weirdo film buff”. He’s very passionate about films and has an eye about him that I like. This is the reason I asked him if he would write a guest post for Jabber Jaw Reviews. I allowed him to pick the topic and when he proposed Halloween, I was excited. 

I think you will find the following post very thought-provoking. Especially, if you’re a Halloween fan.



Before being rebooted with Jamie Lee Curtis’ return in Halloween H20, the plots of Halloween sequels were becoming increasingly…strange. Halloween II, needing some explanation for why Michael Myers was still looking for Curtis’ Laurie Strode, introduced the idea that Michael Myers was out to kill his family members; it also hinted at a connection to the ancient Druid origins of Halloween, but never explained it. Halloween 4 and 5 gamely attempted to continue from there, following Myers’ imperiled niece Jamie Lloyd and adding a few more references to the Druids (along with some wonderful but nonspecific speeches about evil from Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Loomis). 5 even added a mysterious man in black who arrives in town to break Myers out of jail for a cliffhanger ending.

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It wasn’t long before this entire impossible plotline was just left behind, but first Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers attempted to tie it all together: Michael Myers is the property of a secret cult of modern Druids at the psychiatric hospital, you see, spending his life carrying out an ancient murderous ritual…except they aren’t Druids so much as mad DNA splicers trying to breed Pure Evil, but never mind. Meanwhile, a previously unknown branch of Myers’ family has moved into his old house, which he isn’t happy about. The movie climaxes at the hospital, in which many people die bloodily as the plot seems to come unglued, and after all the Druid stuff and secret conspiracies, Michael Myers is dispatched by a few swings from a heavy pipe.

Curse was very bad: choppy, uninvolving, full of flash cuts and loud banging noises someone apparently thought were either cool or frightening, but are neither. Soon after its release, however, word began to get out of an earlier version with an entirely different third act, completed before a test screening led to much recutting and refilming. Before long bootlegs of the “Producer’s Cut” were being passed around at conventions. Thought to be lost outside of poor-quality VHS screeners, the elements for this were belatedly found and released officially as the “Unrated Producer’s Cut.”

 In this original version—more deliberate, less violent and making a good deal more sense—it’s still an awfully goofy movie. Instead of the strange material about DNA, we get an honest-to-goodness Druid cult, holding torchlit rituals with sacrifices tied to stakes; as for Michael Myers, who’s survived gunshots and explosives with nary a backward glance, he’s stopped in his tracks by magical rune stones. It’s a long way from the clean plotting of ‘Halloween.’ But it’s a surprise to find there’s a version of this that halfway works: a greater amount of character material and dialogue, in the beginning, make the rest seem less arbitrary, and even some of the same scenes, with a change in music or less frenzied editing, play out more effectively.

One section of the movie that really benefits is a small recreation of the original film, in which the story is temporarily reduced to the simple situation of Myers wandering between two houses facing each other. The scenes of our latest Strode (Kara, played by Marianne Hagan) edging down dark hallways, making unpleasant discoveries and running for safety don’t do anything new, but scored by John Carpenter’s unnerving themes and given room to breathe, they still work. One moment—in which Kara witnesses a murder across the street, then sees her young son wandering into that house—is far more effective and frightening for playing out in real time, instead of the stylized, strobe-like slow motion of the theatrical version.

There’s also markedly more of Pleasence in his final performance as Dr. Loomis who has a more direct role in the proceedings and is given time to ruminate on this part he (and Pleasence) have been playing for so long. It’s a fitting sendoff—more than you can say for the truncated theatrical version, where he mostly seemed to have been invited along out of habit.

 It seems like, once a horror movie with an unkillable villain gets enough sequels, you eventually get one like this: a Curse of Michael Myers or Jason Goes to Hell that tries to pull together what earlier writers wouldn’t and ends up overstuffed with plot. The version of Curse that came out in 1995 shows how to do that indifferently and often seemed bored with itself; this one is more entertaining in the way it commits to its silliness, with Tommy Doyle in that hospital hallway arranging rune stones with fevered concentration. It’s not the stuff of greatness, but you can’t say it isn’t trying.

Stephen King’s A Good Marriage – Movie Review with Possible Spoiler

In the movie A Good Marriage (2014) based off a Stephen King novella of the same name (which can be found in Full Dark, No Stars) There have been four murders in which women were raped, tied up and killed. While at a party, Darcy (Joan Allen) learns of victim number 5 via a friend of hers while they are in the bathroom fixing themselves up. Victim five was killed the same manner as the others.

Darcy’s husband Bob (Anthony Lapaglia) sometimes goes away for business trips. These trips may take him away a few days to just an overnight trip.

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Darcy is at home alone when she finds she needs something in the garage. While searching underneath a workbench she discovers a hidden slot in which she pulls out a small box that Bob’s daughter made for him when she was in grade school. Upon opening the box, Darcy discovers a credit card and other identifications. One of those identifications belongs to the last victim. Darcy has now discovered what her husband has been doing on his ‘supposed’ business trips. The rest of the movie is centered around what Darcy will do with this information? Will she use it against Bob, or will she be too frightened to do anything?

When Bob arrives home, Darcy does confront him, with strong hesitation, for she’s not sure what he will do to her. But somehow she is able to muster up the courage to tell her husband he needs to stop what he’s doing. He promises her he will. The rest of the movie goes along with both of them having this secret. Bob is his normal self, while Darcy is scared out of her wits and shows it when she’s alone.

I remember seeing this movie when it came out and thought it was a decent enough movie. Here, we have two people with a horrendous secret they are keeping. We can clearly see Bob has no conscious or he wouldn’t be doing the things he’s doing. As for Darcy, we see a level-headed woman who loves her family and believes in doing right. Yet, for some reason, she not only threatens Bob with his secret, but she’s able to carry this secret herself.


I haven’t read the book, therefore, I don’t know if the book goes into their backstory and perhaps sets up why Bob so easily lets Darcy run his life by threatening him and telling him to stop his killings. But I find it odd that Darcy didn’t leave Bob, save for the fact that Bob would possibly hunt her down and kill her. Or why didn’t Darcy go to the police? But so goes human ways. We don’t know what motivates people to do the things they do. What motivates someone to kill and what would motivate Darcy to keep this secret. Not only keep the secret but hold it over Bob’s head when she needs to.

The movie itself was good. It’s the ending that was a big let down. Because of the lackluster ending (lackluster is my new favorite word lately) I looked at movie reviews to see if I possibly missed something. But I did not. The few posts I read did indicate the written version was a whole lot better and provided more information. The execution from word to screen didn’t work in this case, even with Stephen King being the screenwriter.

I’m on the fence on recommending this movie to anyone. Let’s just say this, if you happen to see it listed, watch it. Don’t go searching it out.

If you have seen the movie, let me know your thoughts in the comment second.

A Dangerous Date – LMN Movie Review

Synopsis: A widower’s daughter sets him up on an online dating site called RomanceMatch.

Story: Peter, 42, is a widower who is not really interested in dating. His college daughter, Julie, registers him for the online dating site called RomanceMatch. A little reluctant, Peter activates his account and immediately gets a message from Alexis.


Peter and Julie go out to dinner to celebrate her getting into college. At the restaurant’s bar, there is a lady, who seems to be on a date, possibly a blind date, with Ian. When Peter and Julie enter the restaurant, the woman at the bar keeps staring at Peter and ignoring her date. At one point, being frustrated by her date’s aggressiveness, she slaps him out of his bar stool, literally, and leaves the bar.

It’s during this dinner that Julie tells her father she signed him up or the online dating site. He’s not happy about it but he promises her he will give it a try.

When they get home, Peter activates his account and immediately gets a response from someone named Alexis. He accepts the connection but walks away from his computer, at which point a message pops that he doesn’t see.

The next morning, Julie sees the message and reads it to her father. He’s still not interested, even after Julie tells him she’s hot. He leaves for work. Julie decides to answer the message acting as her father. The background music played during this scene is very telling. Imagine Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) skipping along, but we the viewer know the rabbit hole is about to open up and swallow here. The music is a bit bouncy with a touch of creepiness and warning of danger in it.

Through the message exchange, Julie, pretending to be her father, sets up a date with Alexis. Not only does she set up the date, she picks the restaurant as well. Talk about being overbearing and pushy. Whose the parent and whose the child here?

Peter is at the restaurant waiting for Alexis when in she walks. She looks better in her profile picture than in person, but don’t we all. She’s supposedly a surgeon (doesn’t seem old enough to be one). If she is in the medical profession, which I doubt, she’s more of a resident than a surgeon. But the truth about Lexi does come out. We do learn she’s A RN – REGISTER NUTE!

Peter and Lexi, as she likes to be called, end up go back to his place and sleep together. Who would have seen that coming?

The next morning Julie meets Alexis and doesn’t care for her. Alexis offers to drive Julie to her boyfriend’s house. Julie introduces Alexis to Billy to which Alexis says to call her Lexi for all her friends do.

During an afternoon tryst, Peter tells Lexi he has to get back to work. This doesn’t sit well with her and gives him the boo hoo story of having trust issues. Peter leaves Lexi alone in his house while heads back to work. BIG MISTAKE!! Nothing really earth shattering happens in this movie you wouldn’t see coming, but I’m going to end the recap here.

ACTING: The acting by Brianna Joy Chomer (Julie) is lackluster. She really brought the movie down. Watching her was becoming unbearable, especially in her states of supposed anger. And don’t get me started on Tom DeNucci who plays Billy. He seriously overacts even when saying Hi. The extras in the movie that have lines are just as bad. I guess that’s why they are extras.

However, the acting by Jillian Murray (Code Black, Murder in the First) is spot on as a devious crazy person with no soul. Need I say more? But at times, not even Jillian could save this movie.

EDITING ISSUES: There’s a scene where Peter is in his office and his assistance brings him some flowers. He tries to avoid her questions and remarks regarding the flowers by saying he has a lunch date but it looks to be evening outside. Yet, in the next scene, we clearly see it’s daylight outside. See images below. The one on the left is when he receives the flowers is trying to leave.

The image on the right is the next scene where it’s definitely daylight outside. they must have filmed the flower scene at night and the other scene during the day on different days. Or both could have been filmed the same day but at different times. Then edited them together thinking no one would notice.

Image 1, is Peter’s office during the day (this is at the beginning of the movie). Image 2, is the day he gets the flowers (this is at 48:02 into the movie) and Image 3 is the very next scene.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This movie has a good premise but a horrible execution as far as the actors chosen. Not to mention the flow of the movie. It seemed choppy and the ending came off rushed. As mentioned, the only one whose acting was believe able was Jullian Murray (crazy ass Lexi).

This is one movie I won’t recommend to anyone. Usually, if a movie is bad, I will still recommend it because the outcome is worth the suffering and constant eye rolling from us, the viewers. But in this case, I did the suffering and eye-rolling for everyone. I took one for the team. You’re welcome.

A Dangerous Game came out in 2018 and should go right back in to never be seen again. Ugh!

Twin Betrayal – Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

Jessica Klint is a single mother in the middle of a divorce from her lawyer husband. She has a conference she needs to attend for work in Texas over a weekend. While in Texas she sleeps with Harry Gordon, a man she met while standing in line at the front counter of the hotel. I should give a quick back story on their meeting

When Jessica approached the counter to check in, the hotel clerk said she didn’t have a room in her name registered. Jessica asks the lady to look again to which the lady gave the same story. Harry Gordon overhears the conversation and comes to Jessica’s rescue. Through his persuasion, he’s able to get her a room for the weekend. They go out to dinner and end up sleeping together.

The next morning, Harry is dressed but Jessica is still in bed. Harry places his hand on her hips to wake her up. Jessica tells Harry she’s going through a divorce and has a son she’s trying to get custody of and everything that has happened between them needs to stay that way. She asks if he understands. He says it’s her who doesn’t understand. All of a sudden Harry’s Texas accent is gone and we learn that Harry was hired by Lars, that’s Jessica’s soon-to-be ex-husband to sleep with her and tape it. Not only did she sleep with him but she took some pills too. Dumb! Harry then proceeds to tell her if she doesn’t come up with $70k by the end of the week, he will give the video to her husband.

PROBLEM: Jessica doesn’t have $70k and really no way of getting it.




Jessica reaches out to her father but he refuses to help her. It’s at this point we learn she has a twin sister who he has disowned and says he will cut Jessica out as well.

Then we meet the sister.

Alessandra Banks is sitting at a bar when Jessica’s best friend Madeline mistakes her for Jessica. Through this meeting, Alessandra, also known as Ally, asks Madeline to pass on a message that she’s sorry for what happened and to have Jessica give her a call.

Fast forward to Jessica and Ally in Ally’s house. Jessica asks Ally for the money but Ally doesn’t have it and it will take time to get it. However, Ally says she will do Jessica a favor but Jessica will owe her. Jessica agrees. Ally wants Jessica to be sure she’s up for owing Ally before she agrees. Jessica again agrees to Ally’s deal.

Ally is able to take care of Jessica’s issue with Harry and blackmail and now it’s time for Jessica to do Ally a favor.

As to not ruin any part of the movie, I am not going to say what the favor is. But I will say that Jessica does the favor with a hitch. Now it’s time to pay the piper!


As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I have really enjoyed the movies on Lifetime Movie Network and LifetimeTV, though movies are rare in the latter. Since getting a DVR I have recorded the movies and saved a few for re-watching. Basically, creating my own Lifetime Movie Club movie list.

Jen Lilley does an excellent job portraying both Jessica, the good girl, and Alessandra (Ally), the bad girl. I liked the bad twin better. Not only were her looks great when being devious, but her walk, talk added to the persona. Her portrayal of good twin Jessica came off smooth as well. And how she played off herself in scenes when good twin and evil twin were together really showed the diversity Liley has as an actress.

There were plenty of twists and turns in this movie. Even to the final frame of the movie.

Twin Betrayal is currently streaming on Lifetime Movie Network.

Right, bad twin Ally, Left, good twin Jessica. Both played by Jen Liley

Stalked By a Reality Start – Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

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Kendra, a high school student, and her mother, a nurse, spend their Thursday nights watching a bachelor type show. The star of the show is Brad, a very good looking man who is in search of the perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with.

Misha, Kendra’s friend, has tickets and fake ID’s for them to get into the hottest party in town where producers and agents will be attending. And with both Misha and especially Kendra, wanting to be actresses, this is the perfect opportunity for them to meet some of the powers that be. The only problem is, the party is on a Thursday, and Kendra is already in trouble with her mother for sneaking out the house before. In addition, it’s their TV watching night. With Kendra being in trouble with her mother, she will be unable to attend the party.

It’s now Thursday. Kendra and her mother are watching their show when they get into an argument. The argument sends Kenda dashing to her room where she texts Misha to say she wants to go to the party. Misha said she’ll pick Kendra up in 30 minutes.


Misha and Kendra arrive at the party with fake ID’s in hand and hit the bar immediately to order a dirty martini. I’m not sure who thought a dirty martini would scream classy when writing the script, but it screamed desperation. Moving on.

Misha goes to talk to a producer, leaving Kendra at the bar alone, but not for long. Soon Brad, from her favorite reality show, shows up and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. While they are talking Brad’s manager gets him to mingle with some people she feels will help his career. When he leaves, Kendra is feeling guilty about sneaking out the house and wants to go home, but she can’t find Misha. It’s during her search that Brad catches up to her and they begin talking again. It’s not long afterward that Brad offers to take her home. What Brad doesn’t know is that Kendra is really a 17-year-old high school student.


Brad and Kendra go on their first date and his true colors start coming out. Being the cautious person she is, Kendra takes note and keeps it filed in the back of her head. After dinner, Brad takes Kendra backs to his place where he begins to come on strong to her. The more she asks him to stop the more he doesn’t stop. Kendra is finally able to break free and leave but not before she blurts out she’s really 17. Her age doesn’t seem to faze Brad and he comes to her even stronger.  Kendra is finally able to break free and leave and this is the beginning of the stalking by Brad.


I really enjoyed this movie. This was the second good Lifetime Movie Network movie I saw on Saturday. The first being Her Dark Past, which I will do a review on. The acting by both Emily Bader as Kendra and Robert Scott Wilson as Brad were very believable. Asia Jackson as Misha annoyed me a little and as did Zach played by Jordan Doww. With latter two mentioned aside, the movie was well put together. Wilson’s portrayal of someone not playing with a full desk was scary. He had some menacing looks that were believable and definitely didn’t seemed forced. I hope to see more of Doww and Bader in Lifetime Movies.

Here’s something I noticed. As mentioned, Kendra and her mother watched a bachelor type reality show on Thursday nights. On LifetimeTV (akin to Lifetime Movie Network) there’s a show called UnREAL which is a drama about what goes on behind the scenes of these bachelor reality shows. One of the main characters in the show is Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby. What I found odd is Bader (Kendra) looks a lot like Appleby (Rachel from UnREAL).

Left, Emily Bader from Stalked by a Reality Star and on the right is Shiri Appleby from Unreal

Stalked By a Reality Star is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network and worth watching.

I give it four out of the five stars.