Mistress Hunter: A Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

Mistress Hunter tells the story of Jackie, a housewife, who thinks her husband might be stepping out on her. When she hired the Mistress Hunter to get the goods on him, she gets more than she bargained for.

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Jackie has been getting the feeling that something is not right with her husband, Karl (Martin Copping, Zombie Hunter, Hand of God), for he keeps telling her that never has time for lunch. One particular day, Jackie calls Karl’s job (I forget the reason) but learns that he has an appointment during lunch he’s had set for a while. Jackie decides to go to his job and follow him to see where he’s going and follows him to an apartment building in which a woman greets him at her door. This crushes Jackie.


Jackie is at Valerie’s house (played by Laura Plaxco, Superstore, Shameless), where another friend of hers, Melanie is there as well (played by Christy Meyers, Black-ish, Scandal). Jackie begins pouring her heart out to her friends about Karl stepping out on her and she’s not sure how long this has been going on and so forth. Valerie suggests she hires the mistress hunter to get more information on Karl. Jackie is a bit skeptical, mostly because the word ‘hunter’ in mistress hunter sounds a bit harsh. Valerie explains that’s just her handle, but that she’s the best in town. Melanie, on the other hand, is not to keen on the idea. Jackie wants to think about it.


Remember Karl has been telling Jackie that he’s been stuck at the office and not able to take a lunch. Jackie, being suspicious, and even more suspicious since she caught him, calls his office (I forgot the reason why, but it was a ploy) to which she is told he’s out to lunch that he’s had booked for some time. That evening when Karl comes home, she tells him she called the office only to learn he’s at lunch. He states some clients come into town at the last minute and therefore, the lunch was last minute. LIE! After this blatant lie, Jackie decides she wants to hire the mistress hunter and asks Valerie for her contact information.


The mistress hunter Hannah (Lydia Look, Deadpool, Rush Hour, General Hospital) has an office in the warehouse but does not provide a phone number, only an address. Jackie arrives to find Hannah’s office in the back of the warehouse. Jackie tells Hannah her story to which Hannah gives her some advice and some disclaimer’s, some of which require Jackie to do some snooping herself. Jackie feels if she’s going to snoop at well why hire Hannah. But Hannah gives her more information and tells Jackie she can either hire her or not. After thinking about it Jackie decides to hire Hannah.


Hannah is the type of person who will find you when she needs to and this throws Jackie off a bit for Hannah shows at odd places at odd times dressed as various professions. Jackie starts getting a little spooked about this but is told by Hannah that this is how she does business. During these encounters, Hannah provides Jackie with information she’s seeking but also asks Jackie to acquire certain physical information for Hannah. It’s during of these expeditions (by Hannah) that Jackie learns that her husband has been stepping out on her with a number of women. Not at the same time, mind you. He gets rid of one and has another one waiting in the wings. His current is a lady named Beth, who doesn’t know he’s married and has a child.


The more Hannah has Jackie do the more Jackie starts becoming a different person, and goes for the juggler herself, starting with Beth. And the more she does the more Melanie starts to see a difference in Jackie and is not comfortable with everything going on. It’s at this point that Melanie decides to distance herself from both Valerie and Jackie. Jackie, too, feels she’s gone to drastic measures to get the goods on her husband but feels she’s justified in doing so and continues on, with the support of Valerie.


I really enjoyed this movie. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Lifetime has been coming through with some pretty good movies lately. Some still lack the acting chops, the writing and execution of these movies are really good, and Mistress Hunter does not disappoint at all. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning for I thought this was going to another perdictable movie. But once she hired Hannah, the movie picked up and so did the twists.

I loved Hannah. She was sarcastic and brutal at times, but she got the job done. The way she acted at times, I thought there was something dodgy about her, but she turned out to be on the up and up. She provided her backstory to Jackie and how she got into the mistress hunter business. After hearing her story, you understood her actions better.

It was the friends, Valerie and Melanie, that had me a bit suspicious on their motives for why they did what they did. Why did Valerie suggest the mistress hunter to Jackie and why did Melanie not support Jackie, even when she was she was going hardcore? When a murder takes place and Jackie is on the top of the suspect list, things get even more interesting.

Mistress Hunter is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network. Check your local listing. I highly recommend this movie.

A Sister’s Nightmare [Movie Review]


A Sister’s Nightmare (2013) centers around Cassidy who has spent 15 years in a mental institution. When her regular doctor has a stroke and takes an early retirement, the replacement doctor feels Cassidy is well enough to enter society, after consulting with her regular doctor. With no place to go and other alternative reasons, Cassidy seeks out her sister Jane, a cop, with a live-in boyfriend and a high school daughter who suffers from a nightmare of drowning.


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When Cassidy first shows up at Jane’s house it’s Emily (Jane’s daughter) who greets her, not knowing she Jane’s sister. When Jane introduces Cassidy as her sister, the daughter blurts out, “You told me your sister died.” This was the first instance of this kid being a complete ass. Then comes a series of strange things happening around the house. For instance is a knife ends up missing from the knife block in the kitchen.


The second instance is Jane catching Cassidy in the kitchen getting water to drink, and the third is Cassidy climbing into Emily’s room to wake her from her nightmare. Yes, I said climb. Because of Cassidy being in the house, Jane has put locks on her daughter’s room as well as her (Jane’s) room. Due to Emily’s door being locked, the sister climbed in through the window. Now, if that doesn’t scream weird and troubling, I don’t know what does. Yet, Emily didn’t find anything off about that, but Jane does and soon she’s having bars installed on her daughter’s bedroom window. At this point, I’m not sure whose more off their rocker, Jane or Cassidy.

Through flashback of Jane and Cassidy as kids, we come to understand the volatile relationship these have had for all their lives.

When Cassidy decides to take Emily camping, without the consent of Jane, all the buried secrets and lies come to the surface.


I enjoy anything Natasha Henstridge is in when she’s playing the stalker, the killer or any bad person, and this movie is no exception. I became a fan of hers since Species (1995).

The daughter, Emily, played by Peyton List, was annoying to me. When the bars were on her bedroom window she didn’t notice them until she was sitting on her bed listening or looking at something on her tablet. I’m not sure how she missed them when the window is right next to her bed.

The live-in boyfriend, Phil (played by Matthew Settle) was middle of the road. He neither added anything or took away anything from the movie itself. It was like they just needed Jane to have a boyfriend. I feel if you’re going to have a male in the picture, at least have him contribute something to the movie.

Jane, played by Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl) was enjoyable to watch. Even during her paranoia states when she was adding locks to rooms and bars on windows, she was still enjoyable to watch. She’s one of those people that can hold a movie on her own. This is also how I feel about Henstridge, she can hold a movie on her own.

But the twists and there were a few, happened in the middle of the movie and rest towards the end. I didn’t see any of it coming, which is always the case in a Natasha Henstridge movie. And the final scene of Jane and Cassidy as kids bring everything together.

If you get a chance to see this movie I highly recommend it.

Other Henstridge movies to look out for are Inconsivable (2016) and Cold Spring (2013). If you find Species streaming somewhere it’s worth the time. I haven’t seen Species II and III for sequels can never be done right.

Movie Review of Cocaine Godmother Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones


As most of you know, I love me some Lifetime Movie Network and basically live on that channel on the weekends, starting on Friday nights and ending Sunday evenings.

Of late, they have had some good movies and more biographies such as The Two Coreys about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim and the alleged sexual abuse they endured for a number of years. Lifetime’s (shown on LifetimeTV) recent biography Cocaine Godmother told the story of Griselda Blanco, the most ruthless drug lord known to the world.


Most people know of Pablo Escobar or El Chapo (I, for one, don’t consider El Chapo a drug lord and hold him in the same category of Escobar and Blanco). What people don’t know, and Lifetime explored this, is that Blanco was helping Escobar before he became the drug lord he is remembered for today. She was the one he was getting his supply from. They didn’t go into details of how they became business partners. As a matter of fact, they didn’t go into detail of much, and this was what left me a bit befuddled after viewing the movie.


It was either 1954 or 1959 (bad memory, but the exact year doesn’t matter) in which 9-year-old (I’m also terrible with ages) Griselda is seen walking to someone’s house. A few minutes later Griselda is sitting on a bed pulling up her dress strap, but the man, has to be in his 30’s is buckling his belt on his pants.  Griselda doesn’t have a look of distraught on her face, which threw me for a loop. She does witness a gun the man has. This last statement will come into play in a few minutes.

Griselda heads home and she tells her mother the man said he will pay her later. The mother berates Griselda for not getting the money up front. There’s a point when her mother slaps her so hard it splits her lip and tells Griselda to get out, as in leave and never come back. There’s a point to these details.

Griselda leaves her house and heads back to the man’s house, who is not in his bedroom watching TV. Griselda sneaks in, go to the dresser she saw him put the gun in and retrieves it. In the process, the man hears her and as he’s approaching her she shoots him twice and kills him. Afterwards, she steals the gun along with about two or three wads of money and leaves.


The next time we see Griselda it’s in New York in 1972. Errrr, so what happened between her killing the man and her making it to New York. We know she had money and a gun, but the money never explained (unless I missed it) how she got into passport making, drug laundry, and selling. Basically, how did she become the esteem, err, rather, skilled criminal we are seeing in 1972?

Griselda has three sons in 1972 and married to a real winner. But, as mentioned, she had skill in creating fake passports and this brought in money for the family. It’s not long before Griselda is on her own with her three boys, but continues her drug business.


Griselda starts out in NY and splits her time between NY and Medellin, Columbia, the same place Escobar is from and operates. Later she moves to Miami and continues to grow her business and recruiting her sons to join the ‘family business’. She also hires a hitman who stands by her side, even in the wake of being caught and questioned by the DEA.


I was really looking forward to this movie for two reasons. 1. I was hoping to learn more about Griselda Blanco, and 2. I was really curious as to how Catherine Zeta-Jones was going to pull off playing Griselda when, what I knew of Griselda, was not a good-looking woman, especially in her later years. But I’ll get to that later.

Related image

Isabella Rossellini as Lady Columbia in Empire (2002)

I felt the movie lacked a lot, especially the grit I would expect from Griselda Blanco. I just think Zeta-Jones lacked the ability to pull off mean and cruel. Her good looks and demeanor made me want to like Griselda. Even when she was supposed to be mean and cruel, she came off likable. I feel that Isabella Rossellini should have placed her for she played a wicked drug dealer in  Empire, starring John Leguizamo.

I remember the few minutes Rossellini was on screen as La Colombiana was enough for me and I thought her character was based off Griselda Blanco. It could very well be, but I haven’t found anything to sustain that theory.

Zeta-Jones just don’t have the look nor the attitude, for me, to come off cruel and devious. And because of this, I felt I wasn’t getting the full Griselda Blanco story.


I didn’t care for the movie as a whole. I feel it should have been a four movie, spanning two nights, to really delve into Blanco’s life, especially from the 1950’s to 1972. It’s obvious she worked her way up the crime ladder, but how did she get started outside of her first kill at age 9 or 11 (if that was her first kill).  I found The Two Coreys  (blog to come soon) more put together than this movie.

I, at first, thought the movie not worth watching, but after talking about to a friend of mine, I think it is worth watching. If for anything, the tragic life Blanco had, especially her beginnings.

Since the movie just premiered on 20 January 2018, you should still be able to watch it. If not, and you’re smart enough, you should be able to find where to view it.

If you’ve already viewed, what are your thoughts? Do you think Zeta-Jones pulled it off? Do you feel 2 hours was enough for the life and death of Griselda Blanco?

Image result for griselda blanco young

Catherine Zeta-Jones on the right, as Griselda) Griselda Blanco on the left

Family of Lies [Movie Review]


In Family of Lies (2017) a mother and father going on a road trip are murdered before reaching their destination.Their death leaves three siblings on their own.
The oldest sibling, Emily, being of age, becomes the legal guardian of her brother and sister. In the midst of a bad week, Emily gets a call about a job she forgot she applied for. The problem, the job is in Louisiana.  Hoping for a fresh start and to get away from the trouble Emily has been sensing since the murder of her parents which includes someone peering into their windows at night, Emily agrees to relocate her and her siblings to Louisiana, much to the chagrin of her brother and sister. 


In their new home in Lousiana, the siblings continue to experience someone peering into their windows at night. All the while, Emily begins investigating why her parents were murdered. When the truth is revealed it may not set Emily free but rather put her and her siblings in more danger.


I really enjoyed this movie which premiered on Lifetime Movie Network on Saturday, 30 December 2017. The movie was well written and kept you guessing until the very end. The twist was something I didn’t see coming and would not have guessed. I watched the movie again Sunday night to see if I missed anything the first go round and nothing stood out to me.

Of late, Lifetime Movie Network has been playing some good movies and this is definitely one of them.

If you get a chance to see Family of Lies, I highly recommend you do. If you’ve seen the movie already, what are your thoughts?
FAMILY OF LIES stars John Schneider as David (Dukes of Hazards, The Have and the Have Nots), Christa B. Allen as Emily (Revenge), and Peyton Wich as Ethan (Stranger Things)
Currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network (check your local listing for the channel in your area.


Cocaine Godmother [Movie Trailer]


I’m interested in the criminal underbelly for some reason. The mob and high profiled drug dealers were my main interest. But if the criminal is a female, I’m even more interested. It’s because women are gentle and caring for the most part. Or at least that’s what we’re taught.


I don’t remember when I first heard of Griselda Blanco. But I do when I saw her I thought she was awesome and scary at the same time. Awesome because she was a women kingpin in a man’s world. Scary, well, she’s a scary looking person.

I began watching shows about her and learned how ruthless she was. She’s known to have killed 200 people, and I wouldn’t doubt that number. The number might be higher.

Here’s how the Biography website sums up Blanco:

Colombia-born Griselda Blanco was a high-level operative in the infamous Medellin Cartel, known for trafficking cocaine in major urban centers like Miami, Florida, and her murderous ways. She was killed in 2012. 


I remember when Blanco died. And I knew it was an assassination and not a random shooting. Blanco was too powerful.

Here’s an article on her death:


In 2002 a movie called Empire came out.

Here’s a description (not written by me)

For Victor Rosa (John Leguizamo), that blunt world-view has come to define his life. A Latino hustler from the South Bronx, Victor has worked his way up the neighborhood ladder to become a crew leader for Joanna “La Columbiana” Menendez (Isabella Rossellini). But after narrowly escaping an attempt on his life, Victor realizes that he needs to get out of the Bronx, both for himself and for his girlfriend, Carmen (Sonia Braga), the only thing more important to him than money.

When Isabella Rossellini (pictured below) came on the scene I immediately thought of Griselda Blanco. The role of La Columbiana, I felt, was based on Blanco but from what I’ve learned it wasn’t.

Image result for isabella rossellini in Empire

Isabella Rosellini in Empire


Lifetime is infamous for making biography movies of famous people and they are horrible. The most memorable was the Whitney Houston movie. But I have high hopes for Cocaine Godmother from the trailer I’ve seen (see below). Plus, Lifetime seems to make good biography movies on criminals. The Jodi Arias movie comes to mind as one that was pretty good.

I’m looking forward to the movie and feel Catherine Zeta-Jones will do a great job as Griselda Blanco.

Image result for griselda blanco - catherine zeta jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cocaine Godmother, Griselda Blanco

Here’s a trailer for the movie provided by New Trailer Buzz

My first question was how could someone as good looking as Catherine Zeta-Jones play Blanco for I only remember Blanco as this:

Image result for griselda blanco

I forgot at one time, Blanco was a good looking woman herself.

Image result for griselda blanco young

Griselda Blanco young.













I am looking forward to Cocaine Godmother which will premier on Lifetime Movie Network in January 2018. Confirmed date will posted once known.

Recommended reading:


JUST IN: Jennifer Lopez will be playing Griselda Blancho in an up coming HBO movie which is currently in production.


Deadly Ex aka Inconceivable [Movie Review]


For a year and a half Valerie and Gary used to date and then things ended. Gary has since married and has two kids, both in high school. Valerie, however, has not moved on and apparently been pining for Gary since their break up.

Gary has a semi successful transportation business (it’s in financial dire straights) and Valerie has a successful purse making business and I do mean successful.

Gary and Valerie meet up again at their high school reunion. I’m going to guess it’s their third or fourth, it depends on how often their school has these reunions. Some schools, such as mine, did it every ten-twenty years. But I digress.

As mentioned, the two meet up again at the reunion and begin talking. Gary is complaining about his wife (big mistake) and Valerie is listening tentatively like there’s going to be a big test on it later. later on during the reunion, Gary gets caught up in the moment and kisses Valerie (another mistake – this clown is full of mistakes). Valerie, on the other hand, took the kiss to mean something more.

Jess is Gary’s wife and a Yoga instructor, who seems to have a successful business of her own. Valerie makes it a point to seek out Jess and semi-befriends her. As with any stalker/obsessed ex-girlfriend, she her motives are not pure. She was, in a sense, checking out the competition, and to her, as we learn later from her own salty lips, she had no competition.


Valerie always claimed she was in town on business whenever she wanted to see Gary. Valerie was in town on business..the business of stalking, and fine job she was doing. This women found out everything about Gary, from where he lived to his business and his kids. The kids part came from a lunch her Gary had that Gary forgot to tell his wife about. I’ll get to that in a bit.


What Gary told Valerie at their reunion about his marriage she hung on to. What Gary told her about his kids, she hung on to and used it to her advantage.

During their lunch, which she initiated, of course, Gary begins talking about his kids. He tells her that his daughter is starring the school play Anthony and Cleopatra as Cleopatra. Oh Gary, why did you tell her this? I can’t remember if he told when the play was or she found for her self (I’m guessing the latter since this woman is very resourceful) but she was completing two things from this lunch: get lipstick on Gary’s collar and decided to send a gift to his daughter on the night of the play.


Towards the end of the lunch, Valerie excuses herself to the ladies room. While there she puts on a fresh coat of lipstick and then returns to the table. As they are getting ready to leave they give each other a hug and that’s when Valerie presses her lips against his collar and neck, thus leaving the infamous lipstick on the collar in hopes he wife finds it. But her plan backfired – almost.

Gary goes back to work in which his business partner comes into his office to tell him something and notices the lipstick and tells Gary who doesn’t know what to do now. When he gets home he pretends he has something in his eye and by passes everyone to get up stairs so he can hide the shirt.

The next morning, Gary retrieves the shirt and puts it in his gym bag. Well, it looked like a gym bag. What Gary doesn’t know is his wife saw him retrieve the shirt though she didn’t say anything. Later on she calls the dry cleaning place they frequent to find out if he’s brought a shirt in for cleaning and they say yes and proceed to tell her the lipstick on the collar won’t be hard to get out.

Image result for busted

Jess (that’s Gary’s wife) calls Gary at work to confront him about the shirt. My question is why didn’t she do this at home? Why interrupt his business/busy day. Perhaps because she knew he would lie about the shirt if confronted at home. By doing it her way, she was able to get the truth. Fine. Why not wait until he gets home to confront him? She’s aware his business is about to go belly up so why interrupt him trying to find a way out for his business? Who knows. Welcome to Lifetime Movies.


Remember when Gary told Valerie about his daughter’s play? Well Valerie sent his daughter a $500 purse as a gift for her role. Of course this started a confrontation between Gary and Jess because its from Gary’s ex and Jess didn’t know they had lunch together (see, Gary had to tell Jess how Valerie knew about his daughter’s play). There’s also a dinner date that didn’t end well either. There’s so much that didn’t end well in this movie, including the ending.


Valerie had sent Gary nude pictures of herself through, what seems a social media site. Gary didn’t delete the pictures and thus his son found them. The son has a big mouth and blurts it out in front of his mother and father. Another argument ensues between Jess and Gary which leads to Gary being thrown out of the house and into a hotel. Well, you guess where things went from here. Or can you?


I’m not going to give any more details of the movie, should you want to watch it. As if I haven’t given enough already. Oy vey!

I enjoyed the movie myself, mostly due to Henstridge’s performance. She’s one of those actresses that keeps you glued to the screen. I remember seeing her in Species, which was a good movie on it’s own, but she added to it. I think the acting by all was really good, save for the daughter when she was yelling towards the end of the movie. I seriously wanted drop kick her like nobody’s business.

The movie was realistic as far as you never know about people you used to date. You might think things ended well until one day at that class reunion. Beware of those class reunions and exes.


Deadly Ex (original name Inconceivable)

Cast: Valerie: Natasha Henstridge (Species, Cold Spring , Gary: Jason Gerhardtand (CSI, Mistresses, General Hospital), Jess: Marguerite Moreau (Queen of the Damned, Runaway Jury, Gray’s Anatomy)

Release Date: 1 October 2016

Production Company: Creative Arts Entertainment Group, Inc.

Writers: Christine Conradt, Chris Lancey

Where to Watch: I usually like to put places to watch the movie but I couldn’t find any. But I’m sure you creative people will find a way.

Her Infidelity [Movie Review]


As someone who enjoy Lifetime TV movies and LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) movies I’m always seeking movies I haven’t seen before. There was a time I had seen all the movies on either Lifetime channels. However, with us getting rid of DVR and me watching Saturday Night Football (college) I missed a lot of the movies. And working full time does not allot a lot of time for movie watching during the day.


Lifetime movies are not known for their great acting nor great writing and at times cheesy, but I have to admit they are good, if you can get past the fore mentioned.


This is how I select my Lifetime movies, by the premise. Well, this is how we select all our movies, isn’t it. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. And this time it didn’t at all.

The premise of Her Infidelity is this: A woman feeling down about her marriage has a one-night stand with her son’s teacher. Sounds simple right? Of course it does. And since it said “her son’s teacher” I was thinking teen age son. But noooooooooo. The son is in grade school so the teacher is probably in his late 20’s, right? Well the mother looks like she’s in her 40’s. Yeah, she looked old. There are people that look great at that age, so I’m not knocking the age at all. I shouldn’t since I’m so old I can tell you about Noah’s Ark from personal experience. But I digress.


Besides everything? The connection/chemistry between the wife and husband was off not to mention the acting between the two was just horrid. The son’s acting was even worse. He sounded like he was reading his lines instead of speaking them. The only good acting was from the psychopath teacher and that’s from facial expressions to his actual acting. The best friend in the movie was one of those you were hoping the psychopath would kill so there would be one less torturous character to have to deal with.


Yeah, I could change the channel but as mentioned these movies are good if get past everything I just mentioned. But sometimes the movie is just so bad that even the premise starts to seem like a bad idea.


I always wonder who writes these horrible movies and why Lifetime picks them up. I wonder how many stations have the writers pitched their ideas to before they went to Lifetime? I’m starting to think that Lifetime is the starting point for most writers, producers and actors/actresses. I know it may sound like I’m bashing Lifetime movies, but I’m really not. I’m just bashing this one.

For the most part, Lifetime (both channels) have some really good movies despite the bad acting. Unwanted Guest is a prime example of this.


Premise: When Amy has nowhere to go for winter break, her friend Christine insists she come stay with her family. What begins as a dream situation turns into a nightmare when Amy starts to obsess and wreak havoc on her welcoming hosts (imbd.com).

Here’s another movie with a good premise that I thought would find worth watching and it was. Again, the only good acting was done by Amy. The mother was pretty descent as was the father, but the daughter, Christine, was just awful. However, the writing and directing was well done that you overlooked a lot. If you can find this movie, it’s worth the watch.


While researching this movie I learned that the mother was played by Rachel Hunter. If that names sounds familiar it’s because she used to be married to Rod Stewart. But that doesn’t give her the right to think she can act, does it? See, now I’m being hard on the woman. She did her best with what she was given, both script wise and directing wise.


I disliked the movie. The potential was definitely there, especially given the premise. As with all Lifetime movies (both channels) it had a happy ending. This is the cheesy part of these movies, but sometimes they are done well and sometimes they are done so cheesy you quickly grab the remote and change the channel to anything.



Country: CANADA
Language: English
Release Date: 22 April 2015 (Canada)Also Known As:
Infidelity Stars: Rachel Hunter (the mother), Clayton Chitty (the teacher) and Lane Edwards (the husband)
Written By: Alan Donahue and Christine Will
Directed By: Christine Will

Even the trailer looks inviting:

Stalker’s Prey [Movie Review]


As someone who enjoys LifetimeTV movies and have become a fan of both Colin Theys and John Doolan (both involved in The Murder Pact), I was excited to learn of their new collaboration Stalker’s Prey. Stalker’s Pray aka Hunter’s Cove centers on a high school student who loses her boyfriend to a shark attack. Shortly afterwards, she is stalked by the man who saved her from being attacked by the same shark.


Laura (Saxon Sharbino – Touch [TV series]) sneaks out of house to meet a friend of hers and they drive down to the docks where her boyfriend, Nick, is supposed to meet her. Laura soon learns that her boyfriend has a surprise for her. A boat ride into the ocean.

While swimming Laura and her boyfriend feel something on their leg. Each blame the other for the antics. It isn’t until Laura sees the shark’s fin and then the shark, does she realize that they are imminent danger. It’s too late for Nick who gets attacked by the shark, but not for Laura who is rescued by a stranger.

We learn that the stranger is Bruce Kane (Mason Dye – Flowers In The Attic), the son of a politician in their town.


While in the hospital Bruce visits Laura three times, two she’s aware of, and one she’s not. Bruce visits her in the middle of the night while she’s sleeping. When he visits her at night, we learn that he’s had his eye on her for a long, long while.

While at home Bruce visits her again and asks her to a dinner party his parents are hosting. They do end up sleeping together.

Laura is at the beach when she gets a phone call from Bruce who is there as well. She tells him she needs some space and she didn’t mean for last night to happen. He complies with her wishes and head to his car. This is where we see him lose it.

At school Laura learn her substitute English teacher is Bruce Cane. We did learn earlier in the movie that Bruce not only volunteers at the hospitals pediatric unit visiting the kids, but he’s a substitute English teacher.

There’s another little thing we learn about Bruce. He used to date someone named Allison, who he refers to as Allie.

It’s not long before Bruce begins showing up wherever Laura is and physically hurts Laura’s friends Parker Lowe (Camerus Johnson – Luke Cage, OA) and Bre Hendricks (Gillian Rose – in her first role).

Bruce will go to any length to be with Laura and mean any length.


I’m not sure what history Theys and Doolan have but Theys does a great job of directing Doolan’s scripts. And if it wasn’t for Doolan’s great writing, Theys wouldn’t be able to bring it to life.  My first introduction to this team was The Murder Pact (2015). I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a LifttimeTV movie as much as I did with The Murder Pack. 

You know a movie is good when two hours go by and it didn’t feel like two hours. Stalker’s Prey holds your interest from the time Bruce shows up until the very end.

Mason Dye (Bruce Kane) is an excellent actor. I remember watching him in Flowers In The Attic and automatically thought of Ricky Schroeder. Not only his is looks but his acting as well.

As for Saxon Sharbino (Laura), I hope to see her in more dramatic movies. I wasn’t too sure about her when the movie first started, but once she got to show her acting chops against Bruce, I knew she would be someone I want to keep an eye on in future roles.


I hope we don’t have to wait two years for another collaboration from @ColinTheys and @Johnny_Doolan. These two bring out the best in each other.

I highly recommend checking out The Murder Pack after you have viewed Stalker’s Prey. It’s currently on LifetimeTV.

Stalker’s Prey – Synthetic Cinema International

Cold Spring (Spoiler Alert) [Movie Review]

The Plot:

After losing her baby when she’s hit by a car, a couple decides to move to Cold Spring in hopes of a new start. WARNING: there are spoilers within this post.

The Players:
Roy: Sean Patrick Flanery (Powder, The Boondock Saints, Suicide Kings)
Sarah: Natasha Henstridge (Species)
Diane: Jennifer Gibson: (Maps to the Stars)

What Happened: Roy (Flanery) is a lawyer who is stepping out on his wife with Diane. While moving into a house with the help of Diane, Roy gets a phone call from his wife Diane (Henstridge). She tells him that she’s on her way home and would like for them to have lunch together. An ambulance in the background by Roy. But the ambulance also seems very close by which causes him to believe his wife is closer than he thinks. He looks out the window and see’s his wife across the street walking towards the house.

Trying to divert her from the house he asks her to get a table at a nearby restaurant for the two of them. As they are to hanging up with each other he hears her screaming as a car hits her. Fast forward a few weeks later we learn that she has lost the baby. A doctor prescribes her medication and tells her that in time she will get over the loss.


Roy moves him and his wife from New York to a small town called Cold Spring. This will allow Sarah to get the rest she needs. Cold Spring will also allow them to rebuild their lives. . Roy wants to move there to get away from Diane as well who won’t leave him alone. Since the accident, Roy has become more attentive to his wife and does not want to have anything to do with Diane.

While in Cold Spring Sarah is having dreams of a four-year-old boy as well as herself murdered. Roy thinks he’s seeing Diane around town.. Each instance is not really happening.

What’s REALLY Happening: The boy Sarah is dreaming about belongs to Diane (whom was killed by Sarah but not on purpose). The boy is not Roy’s but a child Diane had with her former boyfriend who was abusive to both Diane and the boy. The boyfriend beat the boy so bad he put him in a coma. Roy is not aware that his former girlfriend is dead until the end of the movie when the boyfriend takes Sarah hostage and lures Roy to the hideout so he can witness the boyfriend kill Sarah. It’s Diane’s boyfriend how pushed Sarah into traffic in hopes of killing her but since that didn’t happen he decided to kidnap her with the goal of killing her.

*Diane arrived at Roy’s house (when they lived in New York) and encounters his wife. She (Diane) tries to play off by saying she has the wrong place and as she’s leaving Sarah tells her not to ever come back. Diane somehow ends up in the house (I never understood how that happened) and as Sarah is running upstairs, Diane follows her and that’s when Sarah pushed Diane while telling her to get out of her house. Diane hits her head against the banister and dies. Sarah moves Diane’s body to an alley to look like she got mugged while burying her purse in a field or her backyard.


The Good: The plot and story-line were a good one. I enjoyed the mystery behind the strange dreams Sarah was having and the meaning behind the boy she kept seeing in her dreams.

The Bad: The chemistry between Flanery and Henstridge was not there at all. I really don’t think Henstridge was feeling the roll as Flanery was while Flanery’s acting was sub-par. His best work was in Powder (1995) and The Boondock Saints. The interaction between the two seemed forced and took away from the movie a bit. I got the feeling that Henstridge didn’t want Flanery near her and seemed annoyed by him. Flanery seemed to try too hard and possibly at times was overthinking his actions and movements.

The detective (whose name I don’t remember and he’s not listed in the cast credits on imdb.com) was absolutely horrible. He used the vocal fry tone when talking which is so damn annoying. I’m not sure if he thought it sounded cool or what. And if he thought it sounded cool, like he was a hip detective, I wonder where he got the idea from.
Here’s a video about Vocal Fry


The boyfriend was just as bad as the detective in his attempt to sound threatening. His threats to Sarah is overemphasized and the look on his face (meant to be mean looks) was a joke. The look on Sarah’s face seemed to be more of disgust for Flannery’s acting than his threats. The speech he was giving Sarah was something along the lines of leading a lamb to slaughter with Sarah being the lamb. Oy vey.

The cops see Roy through a window where Sarah is being held captive, yet it took them almost 10 minutes to get to him. This threw me for a loop and had me lose a little bit of what was going on because I was trying to come up with excuses on why it was taking the cops so long to get inside and rescue Roy and his wife. Obviously the delay so more dramatic interactions between Roy, the boyfriend and Sarah could be played out, but they could have done this by switching between the scenes going on inside the building and the cops racing to get there. Oy vey once again.

The Ugly: There really isn’t any ugly to this movie. It had a good storyline and plot, but the chemistry between Flanery and Henstridge just wasn’t there.


Trivia: The house in the movie is the same house used in Cold Creek Manor.

Made up towns are common in most movies. But in this case there really is a Cold Spring, NY:

“The historic Village of Cold Spring is a small community in southeastern New York that is situated on the east bank of the Hudson River only fifty miles north of Manhattan.  It is one of two incorporated Villages within the Town of Philipstown in Putnam County. The Village occupies 0.6 square miles across the river from the United States Military Academy at West Point in the most scenic region of the Hudson Highlands” (read more here-> Cold Spring, NY)


Cold Spring
Director: Sheldon Wilson –
Writer: Irvin Belateche
Starring (probably with regret): Natasha Henstridge, Sean Patrick Flanery

Drama, Mystery, Suspense

Currently showing on the Lifetime Movie Club app available for download in the Google Play store or App Store.

The Murder Pact [Movie Review]


Thank you Matthew Llewellyn (@MoreTritones) for the use of the picture


I just finished watching The Murder Pact on @LifetimeTV via DVR since the movie was Lifetime’s Saturday night movie (last night, 12 September 2015) and it’s Sunday. The movies are recorded for I enjoy watching them on a Sunday and last night’s movie was not exception. I absolutely enjoy this movie and these type of movies is the reason I watch and love movies on LifetimeTV.


The Murder Pact centers around four college friends who partake (one does) and witness (the other three do) the death of classmate atop of a roof of a building.

The friends:
Will LaSalle (Beau Mirchoff, Awkward, I am Number Four, Scary Movie 4)
Camile (Alexa PenaVega, Spy Kids 1 and 2, The Middle, Nashville)
Annabel (Renee Olstead, The Insider, The Secret Life of the American Teenager )
Rick (Michael J. Willett, Faking It, United States of Tara)

The classmate:
Heidi (Madeleine Dauer, The Cobblestone Corridor)


Will comes from money; a lot of money and he’s poised to take over his father’s business once he graduates from the prestigious college he and his friends attend. Camille is Will’s girlfriend but does not come from money. This information is important to know.

One particular night Heidi goes looking for Will. She finds him on top of a roof of a night club. When she finds Will, Rick and Annabel are there as well. Camille has yet to arrive, but does so shortly after Heidi arrives. Heidi tells Will she needs to speak to him alone, emphasizing “alone” to his friends but they don’t leave. Shortly thereafter, Heidi threaten to tell Camille that Will was stepping out on her.

Will, not wanting to lose Camille, pushed Heidi (in an attempt to keep her from leaving).  Will was not aware the railing was broken and Heidi’s death was an accident. But there’s a fifth witness. The fifth witness is Heidi’s friend and roommate, Lisa. Lisa was outside the building with her camera taking pictures of Heidi and Will and when Heidi fell. She got a picture of Camille as well who is now looking on to the pavement where Heidi is lying. It isn’t until a class that Will, Camille and Lisa are in that Will and Camille learn that Lisa was there.

The instructor of the class wanted the students speak about the feelings of what has taken place. A few people say a few words. When it’s Lisa turn she begins hypothesizing on what could have happened. Her theory is so on point, only someone who was there could imagine such a possibility. Will and Camille feel they might be in trouble. After class Will pulls Lisa aside and asks her how much does she want for the pictures. She claims she doesn’t want any money and tells Will that he can’t buy himself out of everything and walks away. Camille tells Will that she can get Lisa to change her mind and she does for Lisa shows up at Will’s house and is asking for $4 million to be transferred to an account and that’s when everything goes down hill and fast.

I’m not going to give away the rest of the movie for I really hope this was enough for everyone to want to see it if you haven’t done so already. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing and the end..well the ending you will never see coming. I don’t mean the final ending, right before the credits, but the part where everything comes to a head.


LifetimeTV does get a lot of flack for it’s movies, mainly for two things: bad acting and plot holes, and I agree at times. But I still find the movies enjoyable and I look forward to them every Saturday night and the days in between. However, LifetimeTV can put out really good ones, and as I said earlier, this one was really good. Not only did it have a good story line, nice twists, but it also had good actors and actresses.

It has been asked if this movie was based on real events and the answer is no. I can see why the question would be asked because it did play like a “based on a true story” type of movie due to the plot being so realistic.

Written by John Doolan and Directed by Colin Theys. Both Doolan and Theys worked together on Remains, Remains: Road to Reno, Dead Souls, and Banshee!!!

Download the soundtrack and movie from iTunes. Music by Matthew Llewellyn. Make sure to check out the song Deadly Romance below: