Amazon Prime Original: Homecoming – When therapy is worse than the war you fought

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Homecoming stars Julia Roberts (Pelican Brief, Eric Brockovich) as Heidi Bergman, a counselor at Homecoming, a facility set up to help soldiers returning from war who either suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or have symptoms of such. But there’s a hidden agenda at Homecoming that neither Heidi nor the soldiers being treated know about. However, it’s only Heidi that finds out the truth and tries to make things right, the best she can.

2018 BUT FEELS LIKE 1950

The series is set in 2018 but the amber tint used (if I’m correct in the tint name) gives it a feel and look of 1950 or 1960, which I really liked. It could be the calm feeling you get when you look at amber.

  • Orange. Orange is a warm, inviting, and joyful color. …
  • Yellow. Yellow is the color of optimism, brightness, cheery attitude, and mental clarity. ..

I feel if the series was filmed in HD or with bright colors it wouldn’t have the effect it has or have on the viewers. We wouldn’t be able to sit through the mundaneness of the series. The tint keeps us there, the wondering keeps us glued physically and mentally and the oddness of Robert’s Heidi connects to all of us, for the most part.


Heidi Bergman has had a number of jobs over the past few years until she landed the role of counselor at Homecoming, and that job only lasts from January 2018 – May 2018, four months. She’s one of those people that will leave a job (some she was fired from) when she sees injustice, in whatever forms it comes in, taking place.

She has a boyfriend towards the beginning of the series but after about a year of being together, they part ways, mostly due to her job taking up her waking her life.

Heidi’s boss, Colin, is a micro-manager from hell. I’m not sure how she kept her sanity dealing with him, but she did until she learns the truth about Homecoming. It’s after this revelation that Heidi begins to rebel and does it in the most perfect way possible.



I love symbols in movies for it screams ‘here’s a conspiracy theory for ya’, and Homecoming doesn’t disappoint at all. The three main characters in the movie, Heidi, Colin and Thomas (the DOD agent sent to investigate Homecoming) all end up on the top of a spiral staircase in their respective buildings they work at. Each, at one point during the film walk down the stairs, which to me, symbolizes the spiral downfall that each will encounter. When all is revealed, the secret behind Homecoming, each character must account for their actions.


Heidi has a fish tank in her office that was left over from the last person to occupy the area. Heidi isn’t into fish but felt they were comforting, so she kept them. Two incidents take place. The first is when Walter, one of her patients, is asking what’s wrong with the fish because they weren’t acting right. Heidi says she’s been feeding them up to three times a day. Walter returns with you only feed them once a day. The symbolism of the fish eating too much plays into the patients at Homecoming.

Then the fish are no longer there. Walter asks where are they to which Heidi replied “I had no use for them so I got rid of them” (paraphrasing, of course). This symbolism is quite glaring as it too relates to the patients at Homecoming, especially one particular patient named Shrier.


There’s a bird outside Heidi’s window that she hears all the time but doesn’t see. It annoys the hell out of her but she does nothing about it. Then one day, as a prank on Walter’s part, the bird ends up in her office and it scares the hell out of her. This bird, as a symbol, is Colin, her micro-managing boss whom she’s seen only once but hears all the time due to incisive calls and it annoys the hell out of her.


If I’m correct, there were phone books hanging from what is known as phone booths, only the booths didn’t have doors and weren’t encased in a glass house. I found this interesting because it signified a way out (phone book has people’s names in it) but no way to get out, lack of phones.


The ending left a lot of questions and answers. The road trip Heidi takes puts everything into perspectives without giving too much away. She had someone else’s map, therefore, she was playing someone else’s rules, which she had done her whole life. The only thing she did that was her own was to go on this road trip. But not all roads lead to Rome. She gets the answer she was seeking which makes her happy and sad at the same time. She’s able to speak her heart to a familiar face without a familiar memory.

Stay past the credits on the last episode (10) for there’s an interesting scene. Than you Ruben Shaw of @TheRubyTuesday


There will be a season 2. This is one of those shows that can carry on with the same premise with new players for each new person can bring their own self to the story, and perhaps, make us see things differently while keeping the end game the same.

Homecoming is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Homecoming / released 2 November 2018 / Production: Amazon Prime, Anonymous Content

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