Welcome To My Blog

My name is Nikki and I enjoy both reading and watching TV/movies/ and documentaries. Lately, I’ve been into the classic game shows playing on Buzzr TV (check local listings for the channel in your area).I started blogging off and on in 2013, focusing mostly on movie and documentary reviews and random thoughts that popped into my wittle head. Of late, I have been focusing, still on movies and such, but more-so¬†on doing a review of books.The type of books I’m interested in and read are:

  • Mystery / Thriller
  • Crime Suspense
  • True Crime
  • Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult (coming-of-age stories)

I don’t read love stories, fantasies or science fiction books, but that’s not to say I won’t if an author reaches out to me and asks me to review their books.

My reviews are honest and at times, brutally honest. If a book is good, I will write the like review. If the book is great, I will write a raving review. But if a book is just plain horrible, I will let it be known in the review. But as with all dark clouds, there’s a silver lining, and I will include it in my review. I feel just because I didn’t like a book others shouldn’t read it, unless I really don’t like a book, then I’m definitely not going to have others suffer as I did.

I thank you for stopping by, reading my posts and leaving feedback and comments.

If you wish to reach out to me, you may do so via the contact form.

All my best,