A Daughter’s Deception (aka Ties That Bind): Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

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Twenty years after her daughter is put up for adoption, Laura Parker is reunited with her. Welcomed into the family, Bree steps in as the older sister to Skyler who is being bullied at school. Her first mission is the take care of the bully and she does in grand fashion. It’s during this scene that we get a glimpse in Bree’s dark side. However, we are seeing it being used for good, right? Right! but it’s not long after that we see Bree’s dark side, but this time it’s used for bad. And the bad just keeps on coming.


The pace of A Daughter’s Deception was a steady one. It flows nicely and smoothly, which is one thing I enjoyed. Some movies on Lifetime can be clunky in the introduction or the build-up of something about to happen, but not this one. We are shown young Laura (Sydney Endicott) giving birth when she’s around 17 and the baby being taken away. Afterward, we are introduced to Laura (Jade Harlow), approximately 370years-old, since it’s 20 years later and her family, husband, Michael Parker (Rusty Joiner), and their daughter Skyler (Brianna Gage). To show how quickly, yet smoothly, this movie moved, we are soon introduced to Bree Hogan, Laura’s biological daughter. And soon things unfold in a realistic way. There was nothing contrived about any of the setups, and the executions of scenes.


Bree Hogan is played by Kennedy Tucker, and if she continues to play wicked roles, I will be a long time fan. Anyone that can pull off sinister looks like Tucker is number one in my book. Trust me, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you see the movie. I look forward to seeing Tucker in more Lifetime movies whether she’s playing the good person or the bad. I prefer bad.


The movie is definitely worth watching, down to the very end. As mentioned, it moves at a steady pace. I liked that they introduced Laura’s biological daughter right away instead of spending one hour on Laura’s past, and the last hour on Bree causing havoc.

A Daughter’s Deception premiered Lifetime Movie Network Saturday, 23 March 2019. Check your local listings for date and time

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