13 Reasons Why – Season 2 Trailer


13 Reasons Why is back with Season 2 beginning May 18, 2018, on Netflix. From the trailer, we can deduce it’s going to focus on the rapes going on at the school.

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The way season 1 ended with us seeing the photography kid’s footlocker full of guns and ammo, we were, or at least I was, under the impression season 2 might focus on a school shooting. But that doesn’t seem ot be the case. It does seem a shooting will take place, but by one person against another person. However, trailers aren’t always what they seem. Trailers are you to rope you in and this one does just that.

I was wondering if Hannah would be in season 2 and she is. Looks like she will be Clay Jensen’s conscious.


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Or you can read the book. But be forwarded the book isn’t anything like the show, but still worth a read.

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