Charlie Donlea’s Don’t Believe It [Book Review]

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In 2007, Grace Seabold has been tried and convicted of murdering medical student Julian Crist in St. Lucia. She is serving time in Bordelaise Correctional Facility where she maintains her innocence.

10 year later, 2017, she has reached out to documentary filmmaker and old friend Sydney Ryan. Sydney has made a few documentaries in which wrongfully convicted people have gone free due to her investigative style and storytelling. Grace is hoping Sydney can do the same for her.

Although Sydney has produced documentaries that have set wrongly convicted people free, she’s still struggling to get her documentary film career off the ground. She has one more chance to impress the powers that be at the Network in New York, and she’s hoping this documentary will do it. Thus begins Sydney’s quest for the truth on whether Grace killed Julian or not.

Each evidence Sydney uncovers or learns about from the police and people that knew either Julian or Grace is making Grace look more and more guilty. Sydney is now wondering if Grace really did kill Julian. She’s not only conflicted, but she has a duty to her friend and to the Network. For her friend, she needs to prove she’s innocent if she is. For the network, she needs to produce a documentary that will bring it money. And she must do this while dealing with demons of her.


After finishing The Girl That Was Taken (read my review here), I was anxious for Donlea’s next book and received an advanced copy. Upon reading the first chapter I was intrigued. Reading the second chapter, it was OK. But after that, I became very bored and when Sydney showed up, I really wanted to throw the book out the window. But I couldn’t because then I would be throwing my Kindle out the window, and I can’t let that happen.

I bypassed a lot of pages because I felt the book was repeating things a lot. What Sydney learns from the police is repeated when she writes her story for the documentary. When she visits Grace in prison, she repeats what she learned from the police to Grace with Grace responding with one or two words. Once I reached the halfway point in the book, I felt it was time to stop the suffering, and I did. I stopped reading and went on to something else.

Although I didn’t care for the book, I am not going discourage anyone else from reading it. Of the 20 plus books I’ve read, there’s only been two I actually advised others not to be read. This one is not one of them. But be forewarned that the book does get repetitious at times and you may find the characters not likable or underdeveloped.

Don’t Believe It will be released 29 May 2018. Pre-orders: Amazon | Barnes and Noble


Stephen King’s A Good Marriage – Movie Review with Possible Spoiler

In the movie A Good Marriage (2014) based off a Stephen King novella of the same name (which can be found in Full Dark, No Stars) There have been four murders in which women were raped, tied up and killed. While at a party, Darcy (Joan Allen) learns of victim number 5 via a friend of hers while they are in the bathroom fixing themselves up. Victim five was killed the same manner as the others.

Darcy’s husband Bob (Anthony Lapaglia) sometimes goes away for business trips. These trips may take him away a few days to just an overnight trip.

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Darcy is at home alone when she is needing something in the garage. While searching underneath a workbench she discovers a hidden slot in which she pulls out a small box that Bob’s daughter made for him when she was in grade school. Upon opening the box, Darcy discovers a credit card and other identification. One of those identifications belongs to the last victim. Darcy has now discovered what her husband has been doing on his ‘supposed’ business trips. The rest of the movie is centered around what will Darcy do with this information? Will she use it against Bob, or will she be frightened to do anything?

When Bob arrives home, Darcy does confront him, with strong hesitation, for she’s not sure what he will do to her. But somehow she is able to muster up the courage to tell her husband he needs to stop what he’s doing. He promises her he will. The rest of the movie goes along with both of them having this secret. Bob is his normal self, while Darcy is scared out of wits and shows it when she’s alone.

I remember seeing this movie when it came out and thought it a decent movie. Here we have two people with a horrendous secret they are keeping. We can clearly see Bob has no conscious or he wouldn’t be doing the things he’s doing. As for Darcy, we see a level-headed woman who loves her family and believes in doing right. Yet, for some reason, she not only threatens Bob with is secret, but she’s able to carry this secret herself.


I haven’t read the book, therefore, I don’t know if the book goes into their backstory and perhaps sets up why Bob so easily lets Darcy run his life by threatening him and telling him to stop his killings. But I find it odd that Darcy didn’t leave Bob, save for the fact that Bob would possibly hunt her down and kill her. Or why didn’t Darcy go to the police? But so goes human ways. We don’t know what motivates people to do the things they do. What motivates someone to kill and what would motivate Darcy to keep this secret. Not only keep the secret but hold it over Bob’s head when she needs to.

The movie itself was good. It’s the ending that was a big let down. Because of the lackluster ending (lackluster is my new favorite word lately) I looked movie reviews to see if I possibly missed something. But I didn’t. The few posts I read did indicate the written version was a whole lot better and provided more information. The execution from word to screen didn’t work in this case, even with Stephen King being the screenwriter.

I’m on the fence on recommending this movie to anyone. Let’s just say this, if you happen to see it listed, watch it. Don’t go searching it out.

If you have seen the movie, let me know your thoughts in the comment second.

A Dangerous Date – LMN Movie Review

Synopsis: A widower’s daughter sets him up on an online dating site called RomanceMatch.

Story: Peter, 42, is a widower who is not really interested in dating. His college daughter, Julie, registers him for the online dating site called RomanceMatch. A little reluctant, Peter activates his account and immediately gets a message from Alexis.


Peter and Julie go out to dinner to celebrate her getting into college. At the restaurant’s bar, there is a lady, who seems to be on a date, possibly a blind date, with Ian. When Peter and Julie enter the restaurant, the woman at the bar keeps staring at Peter and ignoring her date. At one point, being frustrated by her date’s aggressiveness, she slaps him out of his bar stool, literally, and leaves the bar.

It’s during this dinner that Julie tells her father she signed him up or the online dating site. He’s not happy about it but he promises her he will give it a try.

When they get home, Peter activates his account and immediately gets a response from someone named Alexis. He accepts the connection but walks away from his computer, at which point a message pops that he doesn’t see.

The next morning, Julie sees the message and reads it to her father. He’s still not interested, even after Julie tells him she’s hot. He leaves for work. Julie decides to answer the message acting as her father. The background music played during this scene is very telling. Imagine Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) skipping along, but we the viewer know the rabbit hole is about to open up and swallow here. The music is a bit bouncy with a touch of creepiness and warning of danger in it.

Through the message exchange, Julie, pretending to be her father, sets up a date with Alexis. Not only does she set up the date, she picks the restaurant as well. Talk about being overbearing and pushy. Whose the parent and whose the child here?

Peter is at the restaurant waiting for Alexis when in she walks. She looks better in her profile picture than in person, but don’t we all. She’s supposedly a surgeon (doesn’t seem old enough to be one). If she is in the medical profession, which I doubt, she’s more of a resident than a surgeon. But the truth about Lexi does come out. We do learn she’s A RN – REGISTER NUTE!

Peter and Lexi, as she likes to be called, end up go back to his place and sleep together. Who would have seen that coming?

The next morning Julie meets Alexis and doesn’t care for her. Alexis offers to drive Julie to her boyfriend’s house. Julie introduces Alexis to Billy to which Alexis says to call her Lexi for all her friends do.

During an afternoon tryst, Peter tells Lexi he has to get back to work. This doesn’t sit well with her and gives him the boo hoo story of having trust issues. Peter leaves Lexi alone in his house while heads back to work. BIG MISTAKE!! Nothing really earth shattering happens in this movie you wouldn’t see coming, but I’m going to end the recap here.

ACTING: The acting by Brianna Joy Chomer (Julie) is lackluster. She really brought the movie down. Watching her was becoming unbearable, especially in her states of supposed anger. And don’t get me started on Tom DeNucci who plays Billy. He seriously overacts even when saying Hi. The extras in the movie that have lines are just as bad. I guess that’s why they are extras.

However, the acting by Jillian Murray (Code Black, Murder in the First) is spot on as a devious crazy person with no soul. Need I say more? But at times, not even Jillian could save this movie.

EDITING ISSUES: There’s a scene where Peter is in his office and his assistance brings him some flowers. He tries to avoid her questions and remarks regarding the flowers by saying he has a lunch date but it looks to be evening outside. Yet, in the next scene, we clearly see it’s daylight outside. See images below. The one on the left is when he receives the flowers is trying to leave.

The image on the right is the next scene where it’s clearly daylight outside. they must have filmed the flower scene at night and the other scene during the day on different days. Or both could have been filmed the same day but at different times. Then edited them together thinking no one would notice.

Image 1, is Peter’s office during the day (this is at the beginning of the movie). Image 2, is the day he gets the flowers (this is at 48:02 into the movie) and Image 3 is the very next scene.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This movie has a good premise but a horrible execution as far as the actors chosen. Not to mention the flow of the movie. It seemed choppy and the ending came off rushed. As mentioned, the only one whose acting was believe able was Jullian Murray (crazy ass Lexi).

This is one movie I won’t recommend to anyone. Usually, if a movie is bad, I will still recommend it because the outcome is worth the suffering and constant eye rolling from us, the viewers. But in this case, I did the suffering and eye-rolling for everyone. I took one for the team. You’re welcome.

A Dangerous Game came out in 2018 and should go right back in to never be seen again. Ugh!

Twin Betrayal – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

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Jessica Klint is a single mother in the middle of a divorce from lawyer husband. She has a conference she needs to attend for work in Texas over a weekend. While in Texas she sleeps with Harry Gordon, a man she met while standing in line at the front counter of the hotel. I should give a quick back story on their meeting

When Jessica approached the counter to check in, the hotel clerk said she didn’t have a room in her name registered. Jessica asks the lady to look again to which the lady gave the same story. Harry Gordon overhears the conversation and comes to Jessica’s rescue. Through his persuasion, he’s able to get her a room for the weekend. They go out to dinner and end up sleeping together.

The next morning, Harry is dressed but Jessica is still in bed. Harry places his hand on her hips to wake her up. Jessica tells Harry she’s going through a divorce and has a soon she’s trying to get custody of and everything that has happened between needs to stay that way. She asks if he understands. He says it’s her who doesn’t understand. All the sudden Harry’s Texas accent is gone and we learn that Harry was hired by Lars, that’s Jessica’s soon-to-be ex-husband to sleep with her and tape it. Not only did she sleep with him but she took some pills too. Dumb! Harry then proceeds to tell her if she doesn’t come up with $70k by the end of the week, he will give the video to her husband.

PROBLEM: Jessica doesn’t have $70k and really no way of getting it.

Jessica reaches out to her father but he refuses to help her. It’s at this point we learn she has a twin sister who he has disowned and says he will cut Jessica out as well.

Then we meet the sister.

Alessandra Banks is sitting at a bar when Jessica’s best friend Madeline mistakes her for Jessica. Through this meeting, Alessandra, also known as Ally, asks Madeline to pass on a message that she’s sorry for what happened and to have Jessica give her a call.

Fast forward to Jessica and Ally in Ally’s house. Jessica asks Ally for the money but Ally doesn’t have it and it will take time to get it. How some ever, Ally says she will do Jessica a favor but Jessica will owe her. Jessica agrees. Ally wants Jessica to be sure she’s up for owing Ally before she agrees. Jessica again agrees to Ally’s deal.

Ally is able to take care of Jessica’s issue with Harry and blackmail and now it’s time for Jessica to do Ally a favor.

As to now ruin any part of the movie, I am not going to say what the favor is. But I will say that Jessica does the favor with a hitch. Now it’s time to pay the piper.


As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I have really enjoyed the movies on Lifetime Movie Network and LifetimeTV, thought movies are rare in the latter. Since getting a DVR I have recorded the movies and saved a few for rewatching. Basically, creating my own Lifetime Movie Club movie list.

Jen Lilley does an excellent job portraying both Jessica, the good girl, and Alessandra (Ally), the bad girl. I liked the bad twin better. Not only were her looks great when being devious, but her walk, talk added to the persona. Her portrayal of good twin Jessica came off smooth as well. And how she played off herself in scenes when good twin and evil twin were together really showed the diversity Liley has as an actress.

There were plenty of twists and turns in this movie. Even to the final frame of the movie.

Twin Betrayal is currently streaming on Lifetime Movie Network.

Right, bad twin Ally, Left, good twin Jessica. Both played by Jen Liley

Stalked By a Reality Start – Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review

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Kendra, a high school student, and her mother, a nurse, spend their Thursday nights watching a bachelor type show. The star of the show is Brad, a very good looking man who is in search of the perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with.

Misha, Kendra’s friend, has tickets and fake ID’s for them to get into the hottest party in town where producers and agents will be attending. And with both Misha and especially Kendra, wanting to be actresses, this is the perfect opportunity for them to meet some of the powers that be. The only problem is, the party is on a Thursday, and Kendra is already in trouble with her mother for sneaking out the house before. In addition, it’s their TV watching night. With Kendra being in trouble with her mother, she will be unable to attend the party.

It’s now Thursday. Kendra and her mother are watching their show when they get into an argument. The argument sends Kenda dashing to her room where she texts Misha to say she wants to go to the party. Misha said she’ll pick Kendra up in 30 minutes.

Misha and Kendra arrive at the party with fake ID’s in hand and hit the bar immediately to order a dirty martini. I’m not sure who thought a dirty martini would scream classy when writing the script, but it screamed desperation. Moving on.

Misha goes to talk to a producer, leaving Kendra at the bar alone, but not for long. Soon Brad, from her favorite reality show, shows up and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. While they are talking Brad’s manager gets him to mingle with some people she feels will help his career. When he leaves, Kendra is feeling guilty about sneaking out the house and wants to go home, but she can’t find Misha. It’s during her search that Brad catches up to her and they begin talking again. It’s not long afterward that Brad offers to take her home. What Brad doesn’t know is that Kendra is really a 17-year-old high school student.

Brad and Kendra go on their first date and his true colors start coming out. Being the cautious person she is, Kendra takes note and keeps it filed in the back of her head. After dinner, Brad takes Kendra backs to his place where he begins to come on strong to her. The more she asks him to stop the more he doesn’t stop. Kendra is finally able to break free and leave but not before she blurts out she’s really 17. Her age doesn’t seem to faze Brad and he comes to her even stronger.  Kendra is finally able to break free and leave and this is the beginning of the stalking by Brad.

I really enjoyed this movie. This was the second good Lifetime Movie Network movie I saw on Saturday. The first being Her Dark Past, which I will do a review on. The acting by both Emily Bader as Kendra and Robert Scott Wilson as Brad were very believable. Asia Jackson as Misha annoyed me a little and as did Zach played by Jordan Doww. With latter two mentioned aside, the movie was well put together. Wilson’s portrayal of someone not playing with a full desk was scary. He had some menacing looks that were believable and definitely didn’t seemed forced. I hope to see this guy in more movies in these type of roles. I feel the same way about Bader. I hope to see her in more Lifetime movies, for just as with Ashley Scott, Jason-Shane Scott, and Dina Meyer (to name a few), she would be the reason I watch the movie.

Here’s something I noticed. As mentioned, Kendra and her mother watched a bachelor type reality show on Thursday nights. On LifetimeTV (a kin to Lifetime Movie Network) there’s a show called UnREAL which is a drama about what goes on behind the scenes of these bachelor reality shows. One of the main characters in the show is Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby. What I found odd is Bader (Kendra) looks a lot like Appleby (Rachel from UnREAL).

Left, Emily Bader from Stalked by a Reality Star and on the right is Shiri Appleby from Unreal

Stalked By a Reality Star is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network and worth watching.

I give it four out of the five stars.

Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar [Documentary Review]

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2014 February

Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar. In 2014 February, a 14-year-old Breck Bednar left his house, telling his parents he was going to his friend’s Tom’s house. While there, he informed his parents he was having a good time eating pizza and wanted to stay the night. His parents didn’t object. It was later the next day, his parents would learn that Breck was not at Tom’s house, but rather, in Essex….dead.

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Breck Bednar was a gamer, and quite a good one. He attended St. Bede’s School and had a number of close friends who were gamers as well. Each day after school they would each go to their respective houses and get online and play Minecraft, as well as Battlefield 3. This was a small group of friends until Lewis Daynes came into the picture.


Lewis prowled online games, starting with Minecraft. Minecraft was a place he could meet young boys between the age 14 and 15. The shared game among all the guys, including Lewis was Battlefield 3. Lewis claimed to own a server and made himself seem bigger than he was. The only person falling for it was Breck.

Lewis said he was 16 and owned a computer company and was a computer engineer (programmer). when in reality he was 18, unemployed and living in a not-so-good part of Essex.


When Lewis met Breck he learned that Breck wanted to be a computer programmer. This was the start of the grooming. But Breck wasn’t Lewis’s only target. Lewis had about 300 boys in his sites, but was able to quickly narrow his target to Breck, and did it quickly. For 8 months to a year, Lewis was in constant contact with Breck through online games. At first, their conversations were for all to hear, meaning Breck’s friends. But soon Lewis moved those conversations to private chats just between him and Breck.

It’s during the private chats that Lewis started alienating Breck from his friends. He began telling Breck that he overheard conversations with his friends and how they didn’t like Breck. Once he, Lewis, was able to get Breck’s friends out of the picture, he had to work on one more person; Breck’s mom.



snapshot taken from the docudrama

Breck’s mom always kept tabs on her son when he was on the computer, which was most of the time. She wasn’t meddling at all and gave him his space, but wanted to make sure her son wasn’t in any mischief. She didn’t think much of Lewis when she first met him, via chat only. But she had a funny feeling about just the same.

During one of Breck’s private chat sessions with Lewis, Breck’s mother asked him to do some chores. In Breck’s other ear was Lewis telling Breck he didn’t need to do the chores. Lewis also told Breck he didn’t need to go to church. Breck’s mother finally had a chat with Lewis telling him Breck is her son and she’ll raise him as she sees fit. After this, Breck’s mother called the police to see if Lewis Daynes was known to them and he was. Lewis was a pedophile (or as the Brits say it pee-do-file). This information was not known the Breck. Why Breck’s mother didn’t tell him, I don’t know. I don’t think it would have made an impact on Breck or he wouldn’t believe it.


As mentioned, Lewis was in constant contact with Breck, via chat or emails. The chats were either via messaging or via headphones. Lewis said everything he thought Breck wanted to hear how smart Breck is, how he would be a great computer programmer and all.

Lewis told Breck he was sick and he needed to get rid of his business. Breck was the person he wanted to give his business too. After all the compliments and confidence Lewis instilled in Breck, Breck didn’t question why a supposed 18-year-old would be giving an inexperienced 14-year-old his business. Breck was shocked and excited at this prospect. Lewis told Breck that he (Breck) needed to come see Lewis so they could finalize everything.


The day Breck said he was going to Tom’s house he was really on his way to Essex in a cab. Essex was 30 miles from where Breck lived. All that’s known of that fateful night Lewis had plans to sexual assault Breck and possibly kill him. What exactly happened is not clear, but Breck was stabbed in the side of the neck with a knife and died.

Lewis tried to get rid of evidence by put his and Breck’s phone, along with computer hard drives in a sink of water. What Lewis didn’t know was Breck had is iPad with him that was found in the bottom of his backpack. This iPad held a lot of incriminating evidence against Lewis by way of emails. The tone of the emails and the spotted grooming that was done.

Lewis would get life in prison for the murder of Breck Bednar.


This docudrama did a great job of telling the story through Breck’s friends, his mother, father and his siblings (two sisters and a younger brother). The story was also told through re-enactments of conversations between Lewis and Breck. The re-enactments were done in a half human, half animated type fashion that made the interactions more creepier.

Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Breck Bednar (actor portrayal snapshot from the docudrama)

Lewis Daynes (actor portrayal snapshot taken from the docudrama)

The real Breck Bednar, right, and the real Lewis Daynes, Left

If you would like contribute to the Breck Bednar foundation to help bring awareness to online groomer, you can do so via their Facebook page http://The Breck Bednar Foundation

Party Mom – Lifetime Movie Network Movie Review


Lifetime Movie Network’s Party Mom, tells the story of Brittany (Elise Luthman), 15, who comes from a modest background and lives in a modest house in Beverly Hills, has a friend, Ashely (Amber Frank), who lives in a big house that has a gate with an intercom whose mom, Jackie (Krista Allen) is always throwing parties for her. Feeling inadequate to her friend’s lifestyle wants to be part of the in-crowd. Being the typical teenager, she feels her mother doesn’t understand what’s it like to have to keep up with the Joneses.

One particular night, Brittany tells her family she’s going to stay in her room, instead, she sneaks out her bedroom window to another of Ashley’s parties, which is really her mother’s party.


While at the party, Brittany meets up with an older boy named Travis who convinces her to leave with him and friends to another party nearby. Brittany asks Ashley to go with her but Ashley can’t because of her own party. Brittany leaves without Ashley.

One of the boys is not fit the drive but convinces his friends his OK. On their way to the party, they stop so the boys can relieve themselves. It’s during this time that Brittany tells Travis she wants to go back to Ashley’s party is not ready for sex. But Travis has other plans. And refuses to take Brittany back to Ashley’s party.

Everyone gets back into the car but the driver, not being coherent enough to drive, crashes into another car.


Brittany’s parents, after learning she’s not in her room, head to Ashley’s house to see if she’s there, but is told by Ashley that Brittany left to go to another party. This is when Brittany’s parents see the type of person Jackie for she’s hammered. They leave Ashley’s house in search of the other party and on their way they encounter the accident, not realizing, at first, Brittany is one of the victims. Gary, Brittany’s father, calls 911 and it’s while she’s on the phone, her mother discovers her on the side of the road, not moving. While this is going on, Ashley’s mom is being arrested for providing alcohol to minors. It’s not clear on who called the cops.

Jackie’s bail hearing is the next day in which she is being charged with providing alcohol to minors as well as manslaughter for three of the four kids in the car Brittany was in died. Brittany survived but she is in bad shape. She’s not paralyzed, but will additional surgery due to her injuries.


At the bail hearing, Brittany’s mom asks the court to deny Jackie her bail, but since Jackie didn’t have a criminal record, she is allowed bail and is now free. However, Jackie is so self-absorbed she isn’t able to see the damage she’s caused others. She only sees what the arrest and possible prison time could do to her.

Jackie has her day in court and the outcome is not what anyone expected. But the outcome will produce more tragedies. But after everything that has happened, Jackie still sees herself as the victim.


I enjoyed the movie, as I do most of Lifetime Movie Network movies and the movies on LifetimeTV.  The movie does a good job showing how people’s actions, child or adult, can lead to unforeseen tragedies. And sometimes those decisions will lead to more tragedies and ruined lives.

Party Mom is currently playing on Lifetime Movie Network.

Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 Trailer


Hulu premiered The Handmaid’s Tale last year and it was well received by both critics and viewers alike. Even the author, Margaret Atwood, approved of the series. Sad to say, I’m not one of those folks who liked it, yet I watched each episode with frustration. Why the frustration? I’ve read the book by Margaret Atwood and loved it. I like dystopia books and this was one of my favorites. I also saw the 1990 movie starring Natasha Richardson (Offred) and Faye Dunaway (Serena) and enjoyed the movie as well.


What I didn’t like. The books speak of a white civilization. Those of color or non-white (if there’s such a thing) were sent to colonies. I forgot what they are really called in the book, but they are sent away. All those considered undesirables were also sent away or put to work in labor camps. If you’re white but an undesirable, you met the same fate as those of color, race, creed, so forth, so forth. Some are forced to work as prostitutes.

In Hulu’s rendition, they were not black and white worlds. You were either an undesirable or not. And if you were a woman able to still bear children, you were trained and then sent off the high powered couple’s houses to live and bear children for them.  You are to stay at the said house until you can no longer bear children or you have provided the number of children the couple wants. Some are sent to other houses due to the couple’s dislike of the Handmaid or the Handmaid did something the couple, mostly the man of the house, didn’t like.

If the Handmaid is unable to bear any more children, she is an undesirable and adds nothing to the Republic of Gilead and is suffered the same fate as the undesirables. Regardless of which side of the road you’re on unless you are a man who holds a place in the ‘government, you are doomed. You are either a Handmaid, prostitute, put into forced labor or killed.


Hulu’s series still did a great job adaption book to screen and applying it to modern times. Although I did watch the show in frustration, I still enjoyed it. No matter who is considered an undesirable, either by race, color, religion or sexual preference, the thought that any one of us could be found in the situation the people of the Republic of Gilead found themselves, is scary and real. Minus how they are targetting people in the book versus in Hulu’s production, the series is worth seeing.

Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale will be out in April. Below is the trailer for the next season. If you haven’t seen season 1, I highly recommend you catch up before viewing Season 2.

Soul Crushing Jobs: Follow Your Calling or The Phone Will Just Stop Ringing


Most of us have aspirations. Some want to be singers (me), and some want to be songwriters (me again). There are those who want to be models, actors, directors, etc., etc.. But we are told we need to have a job with steady income. What if we don’t make it to our set goals? Shouldn’t we have something to fall back on? The latter puts doubt into most our minds. There are those who refused they wouldn’t make it in whatever career they choose. But then there are people, like myself, who made sure to have a backup plan just in case.

My back up plan led me to be content with the job at hand and partially giving up on the dreams. Any job you take that is not in line with what you really want to do will become a soul-crushing job, no matter how much you enjoy the job. I’ve been there plenty of times.

But as Joe Rogan (Fear Factor, UFC Commentator) and Henry Rollins (Blackflag) state, if you live your life as expected by society, you’ll never be happy. Following their video, watch Steve Harvey’s Jump, which also speaks about being happy doing in life what you want to do.


We all have doubts and fears roaming the halls of our heads. Some are able to serve them with eviction notices and carry on, while, people like me, let them reside there, rent-free. Whatever the case may be, and whatever your age is, don’t just settle. I’ve settled for anything that came along because it was income. I stopped pursuing and just started doing. Doing what was required of me at work. Come home, turn on the TV until bed. Wake up, rinse and repeat. Anyone out there doing that, we need to stop.

 If you’re in your 20’s don’t think you have your whole life ahead of you. I thought the same thing. Now I’m looking at my 20’s in the review mirror with no u-turn in sight. If you’re in your 30’s, refer to the previous sentence. If you’re in your 40’s you’re probably just waking up. And if you’re in your 50’s, JUMP!

And don’t forget what Maurice said to Buck in Boogie Nights, “Wear what you dig.”

My Unclad Tongue [Poetry]

I have placed trust upon my unclad tongue
and tasted the bitterness it holds.
     Is anyone with me?
Tomorrow’s memories
became tunes for bears to dance to.
     Is anyone with me?
I stopped the music once
to listen to the words
and misinterpreted the winds of war for honesty.
          My muted soul saw through
          the veil of duplicity.
               Is anyone with me?
The seascape has now changed colors
and I have changed avenues.
          You are a sycophant
          and I am effigy.
               Trust is extinct
                and so are you.

(c) Nikki Hoskin
All right reserved.