Tale of Two Coreys and Cocaine Godmother – Lifetime TV Movie Premiers

Tale of Two Coreys and Cocaine Godmother – Lifetime TV Movie Premiers

January 2018 will see two biopics from Lifetime Movie Network. The first will be The Tale of Two Coreys, produced by Corey Feldman. The second Cocaine Godmother which tells the story of Griselda Blanco, the queen of all kingpins.


Corey Feldman has made a movie of what he says he experienced as a child in Hollywood. I know he’s been making these allegations for a long while now. When I heard of the sexual abuse he claims he and Corey Haim experienced was on his reality show a few years back called The Two Coreys. I personally thought it was another ploy to get ratings for the show.  In this day and age, you never know what people will do to get themselves back into the spotlight or get into the spotlight, however, Feldman has stood by his claim. He’s even has written about about his ordeal in a book titled CoreyographyI am going to purchase a copy of it now and do a review of it in January 2018.

The Two Coreys premier 6 January 2018

Trailer courtesy of LifetimeTV and Comedy Jet Trailers


20 January 2017 Lifetime TV will premiere Catherine Zeta-Jones as Griselda Blanco in Cocaine Godmother. Read my complete post here.

Trailer courtesy of Lifetime TV

I’m looking forward to both movies. LifetimeTV will premier two more biopics next year. I will be writing a post about those shortly.

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