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Movie Review of Cocaine Godmother Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones

LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK – MY HANGOUT As most of you know, I love me some Lifetime Movie Network and basically live on that channel on the weekends, starting on Friday nights and ending Sunday evenings. Of late, they have had some good movies and more biographies such as The Two Coreys about Corey Feldman and Corey... Read More »

Cocaine Godmother [Movie Trailer]

Cocaine Godmother [Movie Trailer]THE CRIMINAL UNDERBELLY I’m interested in the criminal underbelly for some reason. The mob and high profiled drug dealers were my main interest. But if the criminal is a female, I’m even more interested. It’s because women are gentle and caring for the most part. Or at least that’s what we’re taught. GRISELDA BLANCO I... Read More »

Deadly Ex aka Inconceivable [Movie Review]

REUNIONS AND REUNIONS For a year and a half Valerie and Gary used to date and then things ended. Gary has since married and has two kids, both in high school. Valerie, however, has not moved on and apparently been pining for Gary since their break up. Gary has a semi successful transportation business (it’s... Read More »

Her Infidelity [Movie Review]

Her Infidelity [Movie Review]LIFETIME MOVIES As someone who enjoy Lifetime TV movies and LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) movies I’m always seeking movies I haven’t seen before. There was a time I had seen all the movies on either Lifetime channels. However, with us getting rid of DVR and me watching Saturday Night Football (college) I missed a lot... Read More »

Stalker’s Prey [Movie Review]

FROM THE MURDER PACK TO STALKER’S PREY As someone who enjoys LifetimeTV movies and have become a fan of both Colin Theys and John Doolan (both involved in The Murder Pact), I was excited to learn of their new collaboration Stalker’s Prey. Stalker’s Pray aka Hunter’s Cove centers on a high school student who loses her boyfriend to a shark attack.... Read More »

Cold Spring (Spoiler Alert) [Movie Review]

Cold Spring (Spoiler Alert) [Movie Review]The Plot: After losing her baby when she’s hit by a car, a couple decides to move to Cold Spring in hopes of a new start. WARNING: there are spoilers within this post. The Players: Roy: Sean Patrick Flanery (Powder, The Boondock Saints, Suicide Kings) Sarah: Natasha Henstridge (Species) Diane: Jennifer Gibson: (Maps to the... Read More »

The Murder Pact [Movie Review]

  SATURDAY MOVIES, SUNDAY VIEWINGS I just finished watching The Murder Pact on @LifetimeTV via DVR since the movie was Lifetime’s Saturday night movie (last night, 12 September 2015) and it’s Sunday. The movies are recorded for I enjoy watching them on a Sunday and last night’s movie was not exception. I absolutely enjoy this movie and these type... Read More »

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