Crime Suspense

J.A. Schneider’s Shoeless Child: Book 4 in the Kerri Blasco Series [Book Review]

PLOT A five-year-old boy named Charlie witnesses the murder of his mother’s friend and the attempted of his mother. Charlie is able to escape into the cold New York night but has his mother’s blood on him and no shoes on his feet. Hense the title Shoeless Child. It’s not long before the child ends up... Read More »

Charlie Donlea’s The Girl Who Was Taken [Book Review]

Charlie Donlea’s The Girl Who Was Taken [Book Review]“The country was transfixed, not by the girl who was gone, but by the one who made it home.” The Girl Who Was Taken ABDUCTION, MEDICAL EXAMINER, AND A DEAD BODY Nicole Cutty and Megan McDonald (both seniors in high school) were kidnapped the same night but only Megan was able to escape her captor two... Read More »

Nicholas Nash’s The Girl At The Bar [Book Review]

Nicholas Nash’s The Girl At The Bar [Book Review]  CREATURE OF HABIT I’m very much a creature of habit when it comes to most things in life. This applies to the books I read as well. Not so much the genre, but the author. I usually like to read from authors I already know such as Ann Rule, Patricia Cornwell, M William Phelps... Read More »

Paula Hawkins Girl On The Train [Book Review]

Paula Hawkins Girl On The Train [Book Review]  PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER BOOKS If you’re looking for a good psychological thriller with a twist, that’s also an easy read, then Paula Hawkins Girl on the Train  is the book for you. The last good mystery book or psychological thriller I’ve read that I absolutely enjoyed was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Another good one is The Keeper of... Read More »

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